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Martin Donat

Etappe 3: Etna Ost – Tanz auf dem Vulkan

Etappe 3: Etna Ost – Tanz auf dem Vulkan

38,9 km
9,5 km/h
1.300 m
1.300 m
Giro gravel per esperti. Ottimo allenamento richiesto. In alcune parti del Tour potresti dover spingere la bici.


Maggiori informazioni

Include una salita con forte pendenza

Potresti dover scendere e spingere la bici.

1,66 km in total

Riepilogo Tour

Punto di partenza
13,2 km

Rifugio Ragabo

Highlight – MTB

16,0 km


Highlight – MTB

21,4 km

Refugio Citelli

Highlight – Ciclismo su strada

37,4 km

Villa Mirador

Highlight – Ciclismo su strada

38,9 km

Piazza Don Luigi Sturzo




Dati del Tour

Tipi di strada

Singletrack: 5,97 km
Sentiero: 6,86 km
Strada d’accesso: 119 m
Strada secondaria: 2,49 km
Strada: 23,5 km


Non asfaltata: 13,3 km
Pavé: < 100 m
Lastricato: 1,64 km
Asfalto: 23,8 km
Sconosciuta: 160 m

Previsioni meteo


Martin Donat ha pianificato un giro in bici da gravel.

31 marzo 2021


  • Martin Donat

    This is how a day can begin! In a wonderful Italian country estate surrounded by vineyards, it is not difficult to get that holiday feeling.The tour begins with an ascent of around 1,000 meters in altitude on the east side of the Etna. It is very different here than in the north and south. You mainly drive through the forest, but it always opens up, lets the sun through and offers great views.
    Above the forest becomes lighter and suddenly you are back in this typical, surreal volcanic landscape. Here, however, it looks much richer in contrast, because in the middle of green forests a gray strip of desolate volcanic desert simply stands out much more clearly.
    A few cars are parked at the top of the mountain café, with a bit of luck you will meet other cyclists. This route is great for cycling and seems to be relatively popular. You will find out why exactly. Because the descent back to Zafferana Etnea is calling. Pure enjoyment, even if in Italy one wishes from time to time that one or the other Italian motorist would show a little more consideration for other road users. It is best to keep your eyes open a little and pay attention to what other road users are up to.Once at the bottom in the hustle and bustle of small towns in Italy you will agree with me that this was a great descent! And it's best to do what any Italian would do now - drink a delicious espresso and take a break. You have enough time to review this great tour in this unique volcanic landscape.From Zafferana Etnea, the return journey to Catania is waiting for you. You can do that by bike, as it only goes downhill. In Catania you can reward yourself with a detour to the beach.

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    • 31 marzo 2021

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Etappe 3: Etna Ost – Tanz auf dem Vulkan