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    1. Bonnie24

      Today was a very nice tour on the Sieg on the program. First we went to the ruins of Windeck (Sieg). We continued to Dattenfeld to the Siegdom and to the quite new Dattenfeld Castle. Finally, the wonderful victory event at Schladern and the adjacent, avant-garde, unfortunately closed Elmores beer garden were on the program. The beer garden is housed in an old industrial complex. The Siegfall is the largest waterfall in NRW. Although created artificially by cutting a victory loop during railway construction, the Siegfall is a wonderful natural spectacle.
      Unfortunately, there was immense forest damage on the tour.

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    1. Bonnie24

      I found this tour at Dipsi, thank you Dipsi!!
      It is a very beautiful and interesting tour in the Bergisches Land with a suspension bridge over the Agger in Kastor, Castle Ehrlich and a barrage and a hydroelectric power plant on the Agger in Ehrlich. Unfortunately, the forest damage is considerable.
      Nevertheless a recommendable tour.
      KMW 86.78 2022

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  4. Elfi e Bonnie24 hanno fatto un'escursione.

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    1. Elfi

      Today I started a hike through the Kottenforst together with Bonnie24 from Friesdorf. The Bad Godesberg district of Friesdorf stretches along the eastern foot of the Kottenforst to Godesberger Allee (B9). In the west, the border runs from the open Annaberger Bach in Wiesengrund to the B9 and then along the B9 to Hochkreuz and from there to the Klufterbachtal.All around an interesting tour past the game reserve of the city of Bonn, the riding stables, the ghost beeches, the chestnut avenue and the wide meadows with the horses.
      We then went back through the Bommerichshüll tunnel, which is a bit spooky, past the tower house in search of an open cafe, but unfortunately everyone had their lunch break.
      Well then it just went back towards the parking lot next to the swimming pool.

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    1. Bonnie24

      Today I did a nice tour through the Kottenforst with @Elfi. The starting point was the still quite rural district of 'Friesdorf' in Bonn. It was fun again to get into the forest quickly and to enjoy it together with Elfi.
      Thank you @Elfi for the nice tour with you!!
      72.88 kmW 2022

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    19 gennaio 2022

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    1. Bonnie24

      After I arrived safely at home, I immediately went on a tour through the city of Godesberg. Not much has changed. The city has become a little emptier due to the fast lockdown.63.02 kmW 2022

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      • 19 gennaio 2022

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    16 gennaio 2022

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    1. Bonnie24

      That's it again in the USA. Now it's going home to Germany.
      I say goodbye to New York City. The city is currently being pinched by the corona virus. The index here is over 3000/ 7 day average based on 100000. The test capacities are quite exhausted. If you get a PCR test, you get the result after 5 days.
      I'm almost afraid that something similar is about to happen in Germany.
      59.66 kmW 2022

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      • 16 gennaio 2022

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    11 gennaio 2022

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    1. Bonnie24

      Yesterday was the coldest day in New York City for three years, it was minus 10 degrees Celsius. There was hardly anyone outside.KmW 44.65 2022

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      • 12 gennaio 2022

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    7 gennaio 2022

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    1. Bonnie24

      Now we've come back to New York City. In Bryant Park you could see very well the amount of snow that had fallen here a few days ago.KmW 2022 34.42

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      • 9 gennaio 2022

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    5 gennaio 2022

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    1. Bonnie24

      "The United States Military Academy (USMA) is a United States military academy based in West Point, New York, and a facility of the US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). It trains approximately 25% of the US Army’s junior officers.
      The USMA is housed in a former fort of the US Army on the west bank of the Hudson River in Orange County at West Point and is located about 80 kilometers north of New York City. The academy complex takes up 65 km².
      USMA is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. Graduates of the academy receive the academic degree of a bachelor's degree and are at the same time Second Lieutenant of the Army ". (Wikipedia)
      As part of an organized bus tour, you can visit the huge area. We only looked at the visitor center and the museum.
      westpoint.edu23.49 kmW 2022

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      • 7 gennaio 2022

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