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Reiseland Sachsen-Anhalt

Radroute am Grünen Band im nördlichen Harzvorland – Radfahren in Sachsen-Anhalt

Radroute am Grünen Band im nördlichen Harzvorland – Radfahren in Sachsen-Anhalt

70,8 km
14,4 km/h
410 m
410 m
Giro in bici intermedio. Buon allenamento richiesto. Alcune parti del percorso potrebbero essere non asfaltate o difficili da percorrere in bici.


Maggiori informazioni

Comprende segmenti in cui è vietato procedere in bicicletta.

Dovrai scendere e proseguire spingendo la bici.

684 m in total

Riepilogo Tour

Punto di partenza
17,5 km

Innenstadt Osterwieck

Highlight – Cicloturismo

25,5 km

Am Kleinen Fallstein

Highlight – Cicloturismo (Segmento)

30,1 km


Highlight – Cicloturismo

41,4 km


Highlight – Cicloturismo

60,6 km

Ehemalige Innerdeutsche Grenze

Highlight – Cicloturismo

70,8 km



Dati del Tour

Tipi di strada

Singletrack: 1,17 km
Sentiero: 29,6 km
Strada d’accesso: 166 m
Pista ciclabile: 10,2 km
Strada secondaria: 11,3 km
Strada: 17,9 km
Strada statale: 495 m


Non asfaltata: 14,9 km
Sterrato compatto: 7,38 km
Pavé: 4,38 km
Lastricato: 15,0 km
Asfalto: 28,3 km
Sconosciuta: 758 m

Previsioni meteo


Reiseland Sachsen-Anhalt ha pianificato un giro in bici.

7 luglio 2020


  • Reiseland Sachsen-Anhalt

    The Green Belt Germany is a project for nature conservation, which provides a green strip up to 200 meters wide along the former inner German border, which is to be declared a complete protected area for animals and plants. It is a fine example of how negative can be converted into positive and how a space can develop from a boundary.You start your tour on the Green Belt in Ilsenburg, which can be easily reached by train, for example, via Goslar. Slightly downhill, the route leads you first in the northeast to Berßel, where you change the compass direction and drive over Osterwieck to the Kleine Fallstein.In the middle of an otherwise rather flat landscape, such a small elevation is something special. You will also get to see something special, because from the range of hills you have an excellent view of the northern Harz foothills and the Brocken, the highest mountain not only from Saxony-Anhalt, but throughout northern Germany.Hornburg, with its beautiful old town, is the perfect place to take a break before heading back south in a small arc over Börßum and Werlaburgdorf. From Schladen you now drive directly along the Green Belt along the Oker and will certainly not only be informed once about the course of the former inner German border by information sign.From Vienenburg you change your companion and join the Ecker, which also runs along the Green Belt. About Abbenrode and and past Stapelburg the round closes again in Ilsenfeld. Only a small extension of the Harz stands in your way beforehand, then you have reached your starting point again.

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    • 7 luglio 2020

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Reiseland Sachsen-Anhalt

Radroute am Grünen Band im nördlichen Harzvorland – Radfahren in Sachsen-Anhalt