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Ich wohne strategiesch gelegen in Oerlinghausen von wo man alle Möglichkeiten hat entweder sportlich aktiv durch den Teutoburger Wald zu gehen/fahren oder in die andere Richtung flach und entspannt Richtung SHS.Ich fahre leidenschaftlich gerne Mountainbike (ca.2500km/Jahr). Wobei das Bike mehr als Universallrad bei mir gilt. Ich fahre mit dem Mtb Straße, Radwege und durch den Wald. Wobei Downhill für mich nicht in Frage kommt.Ansonsten wandere ich ganz gerne, bei dieser Aktivität gehe ich meiner nächsten Lieblingsbeschäftigung nach, nämlich der Fotografie (vornehmlich Landschaftsfotografie).

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12.569 km

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1271:18 h

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  1. MrIdea ha fatto un giro in MTB

    10 ottobre 2021

    42,2 km
    15,8 km/h
    790 m
    760 m
    A Rick Mave, Marcello Dalla Rosa e altri 35 piace questo.
    1. MrIdea

      Quickly use the great bike weather and we went to Rüthen. I went hiking there recently and I liked the area a lot, so I go back to the corner with the Mtb :-)To say it in advance: RIDE THE LAP THE DIFFERENT SUMMARY! This has to do with two trails that appear on the tour. Otherwise you drive this uphill!The absolute highlights of the tour are the "trail fun at the quarry", the moated castle and the beaver valley.
      With the exception of "Trail fun ..." and "Beautiful grass path ...", about 80% of the tour is on gravel forest roads, the rest are quiet back roads and the two mentioned trails.
      Actually I would have said a "08/15" tour ... but! .... an absolutely great lighting atmosphere and the highlights mentioned at the beginning make the tour definitely recommendable. Therefore 3-4 out of 5 stars.

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      • 10 ottobre 2021

  2. MrIdea e Monika hanno fatto un giro in MTB

    9 ottobre 2021

    A Rick Mave, Micha e altri 60 piace questo.
    1. MrIdea

      After a little longer time we went back to the northern Ruhr area to Oer-Erkenschwick in Die Haard - no, don't pronounce it in English ;-)
      I think this large forest area is just fantastic for mountain biking.
      1. You hardly notice that you are actually driving up and down relatively easily all the time.
      2. There are a lot of trails there
      3. There is something for everyone

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      • 10 ottobre 2021

  3. MrIdea ha fatto un'escursione.

    2 ottobre 2021

    A Rick Mave, rts15 e altri 53 piace questo.
    1. MrIdea

      This time a hike started in Willebadessen. The starting point is a parking lot for hikers near the train station.
      The first part of the hike is one-size-fits-all - that is, forest roads.
      It gets interesting when you reach the viaduct. An imposing art structure in the landscape - okay, the one in Altenbeken is bigger, but at least it is.
      Close to the viaduct is a small extra path with a mini waterfall and a subsequent path under the viaduct until you come to the Königsstein. Here King Wilhelm inspected the viaduct in 1853 - unfortunately you don't see much of it today because everything is overgrown. Well go on ...
      A little further comes the sculpture park - a beautiful park with two? Sculptures where you can make a little detour.
      At the Vitus Chapel you have a great view of Willebadessen and you then walk down a chestnut avenue into the village.
      The actual highlight of the hike comes on the outskirts - the butterfly path. A great trail that pulls up the mountain ridge and from where you have great views - of course I didn't see butterflies in October ... What a shame ...
      Shortly before the end there was a game reserve with roe deer, deer and wild boar.
      Conclusion: A beautiful, varied hike, unfortunately without butterflies, because it was at the wrong time of year. Still 4 out of 5 stars.

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      • 2 ottobre 2021

  4. MrIdea ha fatto un'escursione.

    18 settembre 2021

    A Marcello Dalla Rosa, Monika e altri 43 piace questo.
    1. MrIdea

      As promised here is the tour description ...The start is on the edge of downtown Rüthen on parking lot P5 (this is the cemetery). There is enough parking space there.Shortly after the start, it first goes a good part of the old city wall. From there you have a great view of the surrounding area.
      You pass the old water tower (which can be visited for a small fee).
      A little later you can make a short detour to the monastery garden. But it wasn't worth it, it was made quite nicely but basically just a lot of meadow. Maybe I was there at the wrong time of year.
      After you have circled the city wall halfway, it goes out of Rüthen. You follow a quiet side road for a long time until you come to the forest.You only arrive at the Biberweg much later. There you can find little players and information everything about the wood as stations.
      At the bottom of the beaver valley is the very beautiful beaver pond. Somewhat on the outskirts of Rüthen, you continue before you come back into the forest.
      Here I have a new one ?? Found way. At least the path wasn't marked on my GPS map with an X on it. The path was great - nice and narrow and always filled with interesting rock formations.
      The rest of the hike was again asphalted but offered a lot of views of the surrounding area.
      At the end you go back to the starting point in Rüthen at the old city wall.
      Conclusion: a very nice hike. However, with a lot of asphalt - so something for the wet season. Nevertheless, I liked it very much, therefore 4 out of 5 stars!

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      • 19 settembre 2021

  5. MrIdea ha fatto un giro in MTB

    14 settembre 2021

    A Kayhtee, Schmetz e altri 55 piace questo.
    1. MrIdea

      This time I went roughly to the corner of Lemgo-Vlotho and Kalletal. A corner that I hadn't browsed so far yet.
      First of all: I didn't even know that you could collect so many vertical meters there. Now it has become an Ü1000 tour again.
      The tour was varied and technically but not very demanding. Once again, all types of trails were there (from road to field trail).On the way you always have great views of the landscape.The absolute highlights of the tour were the Bonstapel (highest mountain in the Herford district) and the nearby mystical tree circle.
      But there was also a trail with a waterfall and lost place on the tour.
      The Taller Wichtel and the Bentdorf windmill should of course not go unmentioned.

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      • 15 settembre 2021

  6. MrIdea ha fatto un giro in MTB

    8 settembre 2021

    A Rick Mave, Marcello Dalla Rosa e altri 62 piace questo.
    1. MrIdea

      A "small" round from Oerlinghausen to the Externsteinen. On the way I said hello to Hermann and Falkenburg.
      The tour itself was nothing special - 90% gravel forest roads.
      For me it was only about kilometers and above all (because this year far too few) meters in altitude.
      I can say one thing: This tour was my personal best this year (so far).
      I'm not sure, but this tour is at least in the top 3 (all time) in this combination.

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      • 8 settembre 2021

  7. MrIdea ha fatto un giro in MTB

    7 settembre 2021

    A Rick Mave, Crash Override e altri 22 piace questo.
  8. MrIdea ha fatto un giro in MTB

    5 settembre 2021

    A Max, Nicole e altri 51 piace questo.
    1. MrIdea

      This time a Mtb tour went to Horn.
      The tour offers everything there is to do:
      Roads, bike paths, forest roads, dirt roads, single trails and more.
      On the way, the types of path change very often and you always have great views of the surrounding area.
      Unfortunately the tour came to an abrupt end:
      Flat tires on the rear wheel - I was able to get back to the car by shortening the actual tour and pumping up the tire twice.
      It's a shame ... actually a nice tour and should be 48km long.
      As soon as the bike is "fit" again, the tour is repeated and then in full length.

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      • 5 settembre 2021

  9. MrIdea ha fatto un giro in MTB

    4 settembre 2021

    42,2 km
    17,6 km/h
    630 m
    610 m
    A Julian, Monika e altri 31 piace questo.
    1. MrIdea

      Small mixed tour (i.e. bike and mtb)
      The start is in the small town of Reelkirchen.
      The first about 10km are bike paths and great to drive.
      Then it's off to the forest. From then on, cycling is over and a mtb is required.
      First a nice piece of single trail and later much coarse gravel forest roads. After about 13 / 14km there is a real Kac ... stretch of the way. At first it looks great but then it starts (highlight "Waldweg Infernale"). The name says it all - a harvester didn't drive through it once but felt like 100 times. The path is completely littered with branches and has sunk extremely deep - now someone should say again that we Mtblers destroy the forest :-(
      On the way, only partially pushing and even carrying helped. Thank goodness that was only a maximum of 500m.
      Later on it was alternately cycling and MTB again.
      Conclusion: a relaxed tour with some great views. Who is there in the vicinity can follow the times anosten rather mediocre. Hence 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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      • 4 settembre 2021

  10. MrIdea ha fatto un giro in bici.

    1 settembre 2021

    A Melanie, Marcello Dalla Rosa e altri 15 piace questo.
    1. MrIdea

      A nice little rural after-work tour that serves to switch off.

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      • 1 settembre 2021

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