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Fahre ganz gerne mal Rad.

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  1. Bufonto e Andy H hanno fatto un giro in bici.

    3 giorni fa

    53,4 km
    17,5 km/h
    500 m
    510 m
    A Jens Steckel, Uwe e altri 30 piace questo.
    1. Bufonto

      Is it possible to drive a larger lap through Berlin and use as few motorways as possible, i.e. lay the route through green strips, parks and forest paths? The test showed: It works - albeit slightly illegally. Of course, the bikes were only pushed through the parks!

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      • 3 giorni fa

  2. Bufonto e 2 altre persone hanno fatto un'escursione.

    5 giorni fa

    A Andy H, williseins e altri 7 piace questo.
  3. Bufonto ha fatto un giro in bici.

    18 novembre 2021

    A PetraEff, Ger Da e altri 4 piace questo.
    1. Bufonto

      The way back was chosen to be more straightforward and, above all, completed faster so that I can get to my destination before I get cold.

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      • 18 novembre 2021

  4. Bufonto ha fatto un giro in bici.

    16 novembre 2021

    A PetraEff, Jens Steckel e altri 2 piace questo.
    1. Bufonto

      The bicycle transporter needed service and fresh oil again. The way back was a detour via the Wall Trail. Shit, is that cold!

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      • 17 novembre 2021

  5. Bufonto e PetraEff hanno fatto un'escursione.

    13 novembre 2021

    9,20 km
    5,1 km/h
    170 m
    170 m
    A Sabine B, Jens Steckel e altri 8 piace questo.
    1. Bufonto

      So just outside the season you can enjoy the round around the Schermützersee in solitude. The autumn foliage was still shining from the trees, but their crowns had already been thinned out so far that the panoramic high path offered many fantastic views of the mirror-smooth lake.And even in the middle of Buckow you could easily find a parking space at this time of the year.

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      • 13 novembre 2021

  6. Bufonto ha fatto un giro in bici.

    9 novembre 2021

    A williseins, Andy Huber e altri 60 piace questo.
    1. Bufonto

      I never wanted to go on a trip to the northeast, because you first have to fight your way through the whole city. But now it became clear that city cycling can also be interesting. Apart from two little SUVs that forced me to use foul language when turning right, I got to know a few unknown areas.Along the Panke, the city was finally abandoned and on good, completely lonely bike paths through Bernau (city wall!), Over the gentle hills of the Barnim through Biesenthal to Niederfinow and along the historic Finow Canal past evidence of old industrial greatness to Eberswalde, the former Wuppertal of the East was called.Since the train back to Berlin had just left, I pedaled to Chorin, where I was punished with a miserably long ascent instead of a view of the monastery.Autumn forest is just wonderfully colorful, but pretty slimy below.

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      • 9 novembre 2021

  7. Bufonto ha fatto un giro in bici.

    28 ottobre 2021

    A PetraEff, Jens Steckel e altri 12 piace questo.
    1. Bufonto

      The days are getting shorter and the time for long journeys is over for now. So one last time!Early in the morning, the headlight had to be found for the journey to the train station, which was then also needed for the last few kilometers.In Doberlug-Kirchhain you should use the side streets to get an idea of how the area is being evacuated, because almost every second house there is uninhabited. If you are looking for a cheap house, but almost at the end of the world ...Otherwise, the area down there is fantastic, as are the bike paths. You crank lonely over endless fields and pastures on field and forest paths that have been paved perfectly for cyclists.The place Schlieben is worth a detour. Viticulture was and is being practiced here again. It used to be on a large scale, as evidenced by the many still-used wine cellars on Martinstrasse and the vines on Langen Berg.
      Lilllliput Castle is a not empty and very special house. Not quite like Hundertwasser, but rather a fiddly, scruffy interpretation of the great master, but just as colorful, playful and imaginative. A refreshment in the midst of monotonous facades.
      The refueling in Dahme was done in a Vietnamese snack bar, which has a billiard table in its back room full of loud voices (you couldn't see them) and brought in a few beers from time to time. Strange...Via the beloved Flämingskate, which in places was already underrooted again, I got to Rudi-Dutschke-Platz, where, after the Wurtschtbude and FDP café, a Swabian restaurant is now trying its luck in the old Schönefeld train station. It was very pleasant to enjoy a wheat beer on the old platform in the sun.
      Past the mysterious Kummersdorf test area on the new bike path to Sperenberg (the street next door was the prototype for the AVUS construction), then along the Notte Canal to Zossen and over the boring Ex-B96 and Dahlewitz towards the Wall Path. It was getting dark and the warm nest Berlin was reached.

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      • 28 ottobre 2021

  8. Bufonto ha fatto un giro in bici.

    20 ottobre 2021

    A PetraEff, Der 🐻liner e altri 78 piace questo.
    1. Bufonto

      The weather report promised one of the last beautiful days of the year with almost 20 degrees. With a tail wind I would have to go north, so the bike was saddled early and after 25km through the Grunewald and along Spandau's coasts I was able to leave the city.In Hennigsdorf you can look into the courtyard of the birthplace of many local trains, then there was only autumnal landscape and rolling hills.Unfortunately there was no tail wind and sunshine, the trip was still great and the train at 16:13 was just reached to enjoy the last beer garden beer in Lichterfelde punctually at 6 p.m.

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      • 20 ottobre 2021

  9. Bufonto ha fatto un giro in bici.

    19 ottobre 2021

    12,4 km
    19,8 km/h
    80 m
    80 m
    A Ger Da, Marchocia e altri 5 piace questo.
    1. Bufonto

      With the new number plates clattering in the pannier, we went back across the airport and along the canal. Now just screw the car, I don't have to ride my bike anymore 😁.

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      • 19 ottobre 2021

  10. Bufonto ha fatto un giro in bici.

    19 ottobre 2021

    12,1 km
    22,1 km/h
    80 m
    70 m
    A Ger Da, Stefan 🏳️‍🌈 e altri 2 piace questo.
    1. Bufonto

      If you have your license plates stolen from your car, you have to cycle across town.

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      • 19 ottobre 2021

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