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Schon immer Radfahrer, seit Ruhestand und E-Bike noch intensiver.
Hobby u. a. also Radtouren planen und fahren.
Ganzjahresfahrer aber kein "Extremist", Bedingungen, Wetter usw. müssen stimmen !
Vorwiegend unterwegs mit Tagestouren in den Regionen des Emslandes, Grafschaft Bentheim,
Osnabrücker Land, Münsterland und am liebsten in den Niederlande.
Tourenschnitt ca. 75km, Jahrestacho bei ca. 8.000km
Möchte hiermit Mitfahrer und Radpartner m/w aktivieren, also ruhig einfach mal melden !
Gerne auch direkt per E-Mail : Biker.Mail@vodafonemail.de

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25.287 km

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1400:42 h

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    5 giorni fa

    55,8 km
    18,0 km/h
    280 m
    280 m
    A Marlies Möller, Heiko e altri 54 piace questo.
    1. E-Biker

      Zandwinning Tour de Oelemars-Losser (NL)-58km
      Border town of Nordhorn, ideal starting point for a bike tour to the neighboring country of the Netherlands. A short start in the southern district of Blanke and you are already on the border path, which runs 8km along exciting sandy paths directly on the border. Today, however, only briefly tested the paths and after 1.5km turned onto the fixed paths in the Denekamperveld. Little-used country roads, very nice to drive on the Omleidingskanal 9km to the Lutterzand leisure area and also here at the parking lot and restaurant Paviljoen 't Lutterzand tested the sand paths in the beautiful forest area at 3km. In the Lutterveld at the Springbiel border crossing to an interesting, recommendable route over the Dinkel, at Dinkelsteen XV. On the Lossersedijk 5km to the very nice leisure u. De Oelemars nature reserve in the Zandwinning area on the border at Losser, right next to Bardel Abbey. Great area for cyclists, hikers and nature lovers, the viewing platform on the lake and the high viewing tower are interesting. On beautiful paths along the Dinkel to Losser, 1.5km through the lively center to the N734 bypass and after 2km on a very good cycle path into the Lutterveld with the Smoddebosch nature reserve and Duivelshof. 6km to the town of de Lutte, a highly recommended route, hard to beat in the summer months (!) De Lutte, a small but popular leisure town, now correspondingly quieter in the winter. On a beautiful fietspad to the country road and further with a small climb at the edge of "De Hooge Lutte" and "rapid" descent, you go on very good country roads, mostly with separate cycle lanes, 6km through the Beuningerveld farm landscape to the village of Beuningen an der Dinkel , just before the border town of Denekamp. From here there is a nice cycle route on solid sand paths with the Dinkel to the Singraven estate, always very good to ride in dry weather. In the Singraven estate with its many facilities, facilities and tree-lined avenues, nice to drive to the Almelo canal. On the Almelo-Nordhorn Canal 7km on the Fietspad to the green border, with the former border house on/in the canal for handling shipping on the canal at the time, now newly renovated, popular destination and photo opportunity.
      4 hour bike ride, trails tailored to the season, with some nice exceptions -:)

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      • 5 giorni fa

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    18 gennaio 2022

    A Guenter G., Hans P e altri 59 piace questo.
    1. E-Biker

      Nordhorner Fietstour Airport Range Klausheide 44km
      Start on the circular route in the commercial u. Industrial park (GIP) on the south-eastern outskirts 6km to the Vechte canal in the direction of Nordhorn city center to the market square, where the new city harbor of the "water town of Nordhorn" is to be built, the first "pots" are already there -:). The Vechte branches out through the city center, which is practically on a Vechte island. In the Stadtflur/Oorde district, the Vechte flows northeast with the Ems-Vechte Canal into the Emsland to Lingen, while the Immenweg runs parallel to it in Stadtflur for 6 km to the Klausheide district. The road is in bad condition, but very interesting with many farms with pig breeding, the road is good to drive in dry summer months. Klausheide is known with the airfield for sailing u. Motor aircraft and the "bomb drop site" Nordhorn-Range in the "Engden desert" directly on the Ems-Vechta Canal. Here a beautiful canal path leads to 16km from Nordhorn to Lingen in Emsland. 8km of it today along the canal, past the military training area back to Nordhorn. The paths in the military area are 4km perfectly tarred, the remaining 4km on narrow, solid sand paths, almost always easy to drive. Back to the Vechte past the zoo to the quiet Vechte lake. With a loop over the new Vechte bridge to Nino-Allee, back to the Vechte-Kanal-Weg.
      3.5-hour round trip on good, varied paths, also works without sun, wind and rain -:)

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      • 19 gennaio 2022

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    15 gennaio 2022

    A Karin-OWL, Frank 🚲 👈 e altri 62 piace questo.
    1. E-Biker

      Obergrafschafter - Fietstour - Quendorfer See - Bad Bentheim Castle - 48 km
      Bike tour through the upper county, consistently on solid, proven bike paths.
      10km on the K27 parallel to the course of the Vechte in beautiful landscapes past the Tillenberge nature reserve with the juniper heath through the Drievorden landscape and 5km in the heath field at the edge of the forest to the Quendorfer See with the popular cafe and restaurant "Else am See".
      Tip: Ideal place to take a break, also outside of the cafe, with great toilet facilities, charging station, etc.
      And a lap around the lake, with or without a bike, 2km, which is always worth it!
      5 km through the Obergrafschaft town of Schüttorf on the Vecht and on the K8 to the municipality of Suddendorf. 4km on the K9 to Bad Bentheim, for camping friends there is a beautiful campsite "Am Berg" on the route. To the castle at the market place it is 1km over the Ochtruper Straße to 80Hm, with a nasty climb on the last meter. Brief view of the castle and through the city park 1.5 km to the spa gardens in the forest of Bentheim. Always worth a loop, but much nicer in the summertime! 4km on the B403 through the Bentheim forest to the Isterberg, easy to drive despite the main road. Behind the Isterberg, however, the route on the B403 becomes "stupid", here it is advisable to turn left/right into the Syenvenn area or Neerlager Bauernschaft.
      3.5-hour bike tour in the Upper County of Bentheim with a few stations worth seeing.

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      • 15 gennaio 2022

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    11 gennaio 2022

    A Dirk, Gudrun e altri 60 piace questo.
    1. E-Biker

      Grafschafter Fietstour-Niedergrafschafter Grenzgebiet-42km
      Bike tour in the border area of the Niedergrafschaft, route adapted to the season and the weather on consistently fixed paths without giving up some beautiful bike paths and landscapes.
      12km on the Dutch side in the Lattropseveld and Bergvenner nature reserve with the seven lakes in the municipality of Dinkelland. Parallel to the "natural" border path, these paths are paved and always a good alternative for this time of the year. At the border town of Lage, continue in the Niedergrafschaft through the camp Busch to the town of Neuenhaus an der Dinkel, with beautiful paths for 2km along the city moat and with the Vechte 3km to the neighboring town of Veldhausen. 7km straightforward, but on good bike paths on the K27 through the landscapes of Bimolten and Bookholt to Nordhorn on the Ems-Vechte Canal. 6km on bicycle roads and paths on the canal to the Vechtesee in the Nordhorn city and transition to the Vechte 4km back.
      Nice 3-hour afternoon tour, on good, solid bike paths, also works in January - :)

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      • 11 gennaio 2022

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    25 dicembre 2021

    A Heiko, claus e altri 60 piace questo.
    1. E-Biker

      Tour-94-12-21-Christmas round in the Dinkel-Land-42km
      There are offers that cannot be refused, as well as from the winter weather today - :)
      So first on the Almelo Canal to the St. Nicolaasstichting monastery at the border town of Noord-Deurningen / Denekamp. Very nice facility, worth a touring loop at any time of the year! In Noord-Deurningen on the Omleidingskanal 4km on the great "Deich" -Fietspad to the Frensdorferweg with the sights of the Sterrenwacht Cosmos and Westerveld Molen. 3km on the Frensdorfer Landstrasse with a loop around the town of Tilligte to the Tillierter Beek, on a beautiful 5km through the farming communities of Klein Agelo and Groot Agelo.
      N a t ü r l i c h with an arch through the place of art u. Museums Ootmarsum and through the beautiful surrounding area on the Kuiperberg and Zonnenberg, one of the most beautiful landscapes here in the Dinkelland (!) On the Almelo-Nordhorn Canal, you continue 5km and on the Harsevelder-Brug to the Dinkel in the Singraven estate, 3km of beautiful, quiet paths through the Tree alleys to the border town of Denekamp. Around the outside you come across the Omleidings Canal in Denekamperveld and after 3km on the Eekmannsweg back to the Grenzpfad across the border.
      Nice "Christmas present" - :)

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      • 25 dicembre 2021

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    22 dicembre 2021

    6,79 km
    4,1 km/h
    70 m
    70 m
    A Jose, Ulla 🌻 e altri 54 piace questo.
    1. E-Biker

      Tour-93-12-21- power saving circuit - :) 7km
      Today saved electricity and succumbed to the tempting winter weather and spontaneously went on a beautiful hike in the Bentheim Forest. Start at the Bad Bentheim spa gardens in the Hutenwald, a 26 hectare forest heather managed by the Nordhorn Zoo. According to the clay soil, depending on the weather, the hiking trails, too, are now well frozen. Beautiful 2.5km through the Hutewald to the "train station" in the spa gardens. On the direct way to the forest nature trail in the direction of Schüttorf, 1.5 km to the forest farmers, nice break in the forest, ideal for the spa guests, combined with a nice walk in the forest. Short transition to
      Forest path and parallel to the way there 1.5km with a great hiking trail back to the spa park and a great game observation station in a forest clearing. Unfortunately not in such good light conditions, but still "lucky hunters" - :)
      Nice, expandable round, but it was already worth it today in beautiful clear winter weather!

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      • 22 dicembre 2021

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    20 dicembre 2021

    A Ulla 🌻, Der Radler e altri 47 piace questo.
    1. E-Biker

      Tour-92-12-21-I saw the sun - :) 62km
      Round for dry, sunny (!) December weather, mostly on fixed paths and easy to ride.
      From the Süd-Blanke in Nordhorn without detours 13km on renewed cycle paths on the Nordhorner Weg to the Obergrafschafter border town of Gildehaus. On a beautiful bike path in Gildehaus to Hengeloerstraße and here again on good, renewed bike paths 3km to the Springbiel border crossing. Without devaluing the previous routes, but now it is at least more interesting, we start right away with a beautiful 3km stretch over the Dinkel with the art object "Dinkelsteen-XV" and on the railway line below the town of de Lutte with the great park Aerboretum Poort Bulten. 4km on the Lutterstraat country road with separate cycle lanes through the beautiful landscapes in the Groote Lutterveld to Losser with the leisure area
      De Oelemars, a great area for hikers and cyclists (!) Back once across Losser and after 2km on the N734 Oldenzaalsestraat to Losserhof, a large, great facility for disabled people. On a very nice bike route 3km on the A1 to the town of de Lutte. This route from Losser to de Lutte is a top address, I can only recommend (!) De Lutte is a trendy place for cyclists with a VVV office, a few cafes, etc., here you can also walk 1km on a very beautiful, hidden Fietspad to the country road and with a short ascent on a long, rapid descent into the farming landscape of Beuningerveld, with 7km to the border towns
      Beuningen and Denekamp. A short 2km through the quiet Denekamp to the Almelo-Nordhorn Canal and 5km to the green border in Nordhorn.
      Nice December round, with sons, I can also recommend it for this time of the year - :)

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      • 20 dicembre 2021

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    18 dicembre 2021

    A Ulla 🌻, Eduard e altri 50 piace questo.
    1. E-Biker

      Tour-91-12-21-Derrostungs-Runde-Oldenzaal (NL) -40km
      Before the bike and the driver start to rust, take a short walk on the "training route" from Denekamp to Oldenzaal.
      First 7km on the Almelo Canal and through the Singraven estate to the N342 Denekamperstraat and here 8km on a great cycling route and a loop through the beautiful Mariahoeve area "up" to Oldenzaal. Short visit to the Oldenzaal city center and back to the Denekamperstraat "down" to Denekamp and Nordhorn. Oldenzaal is 40m higher, which is noticeable on the outward journey with a small incline and on the return journey with a rapid descent.
      Nice exercise lap, but the rust removal was probably nothing, weather too damp, lap too short - :)

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      • 18 dicembre 2021

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    10 dicembre 2021

    A Der Radler, Jens e altri 55 piace questo.
    1. E-Biker

      Tour-90-12-21-Gift Tour-Rondje-NOH-im Grenzland-42km
      Unexpected, unplanned, but you couldn't turn down the weather gift - :)
      So start in Nordhorn with 3km on the Vechte on the canal path towards Vechtesee and center and with a loop over the new Vechte bridge to Nino-Allee. Continue on beautiful riverside paths 4km past Vechte and Vechtesee to OT-Hesepe past the zoo to the Ems-Vechte Canal. 6km near the center and OT-Deegfeld on the E-V-Kanal north towards Niedergrafschaft. With a loop to Frenswegen Monastery, 4km on the B403 to the K23, here either 1.5km directly on the K23 to the border point or a slightly nicer 3.5km via the Bussardweg. Back usually 10km on the narrow D / NL border path or alternatively parallel to the border path on good, solid and equally beautiful paths in the Bergvenner Grenz-u. Nature reserve back to Noord-Deurningen, a very nice alternative and change from the Grenzweg. In Noord-Deurningen we recommend the St. Nicolaasstichting monastery, a very beautiful complex, unfortunately already in the gloomy today, but always a highlight in the summer months with the rhododendron and oak avenues! Back 4km at dusk on the Almelo-Nordhorn Canal.
      For not planned, not so bad at all - :)

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      • 10 dicembre 2021

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    7 dicembre 2021

    A Stockinger, Rolli e altri 46 piace questo.
    1. E-Biker

      Tour-89-12-21-Plain and simple-Ootmarsum-Vasse (NL) -52km
      Paths and routes adapted to the season and the weather, the bike should stay clean today - :)
      After the Frensdorferhaar border, 5km through Noord-Deurningerveld, still nice to drive in December. On the good bike path next to the N349 Ootmarsumsestraat 4km through the town of Tilligte to Ootmarsum. On the outskirts on the Rondweg to Vasserweg and even if the route runs next to the (little-traveled) road, it is a very nice 5km to the place Vasse, perfect cycling route in the beautiful landscapes of the Nutter-u. Oud Ootmasumeresch. Many popular Dinkelländer cycle routes meet in Vasse and is also a very popular place with cyclists and hikers because of the café, s. From Vasse 5km on the beautiful country roads through the Vasserheide to the next small town Reutum. This route is a highlight in the summer months, today at 4 "C against the south wind 3> not that good! From Reutum 4km on a preferred route on the Zonnebergweg to the outskirts of Ootmarsum with the suburb of Klein Agelo. 6km on very beautiful paths the Tilligte Beek and on the Damweg over the Almelo Canal to the Singraven estate on the Dinkel with weir, mill, castle and cafe then add value to the tour! 3km through beautiful avenues in the estate to the border town of Denekamp and back via the border crossing Frensdorferhaar.
      Fine afternoon lap, with sun and the bike also stayed clean (almost - :)

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      • 7 dicembre 2021

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