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Ich bin gerne draußen an der frischen Luft - am liebsten in der Natur fernab jeglicher Autostraßen oder sonstiger künstlicher Lärmquellen. Ab und zu begleitet mich meine Frau. Das sind die besten Momente! Stadtgeschichte und Stadtplanung begeistern mich, insbesondere die Entwicklung der jeweiligen Infrastruktur. Außerhalb der Städte versuche ich, alte Bahnlinien oder die Geschichte der jeweiligen Wege und Gegenden zu erkunden. Und natürlich Natur und Ruhe genießen!Das Urheberrecht © für alle von mir hier im Rahmen der Tourendokumentation oder zu Highlights geposteten Fotos und Texten behalte ich mir ausdrücklich vor, eine Verwendung außerhalb von Komoot.de bedarf meiner schriftlichen Zustimmung.Bei Komoot seit 28. September 2018. Als "enge Freunde" im Sinne von Komoot zähle ich alle, die ich persöhnlich kenne oder über Komoot kennenlernen durfte.Seit Anfang des Jahres 2021 bin ich auch aktiv bei OpenStreetMap (OSM) und gleiche die Erkenntnisse meiner Touren mit der Datenbank ab.

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  1. Scout Jens e Ina hanno fatto un'escursione.

    2 giorni fa

    13,5 km
    3,9 km/h
    140 m
    160 m
    A Ina, Scout Jens e altri 79 piace questo.
    1. Scout Jens

      After cycling in the area and exploring it on foot with Ina this year, it was time for further exploration.
      In Illingen we started in the fog. That didn't really change until the end of the tour. But we both like this autumn mood very much. Although I would have wished for a better view of the rock gardens and also for some sun on the autumn leaves.
      I found Mühlhausen exciting with the old courtyards, the half-timbered houses and the church. I learned a little about the history of the place.I finally saw the weir with the tunnel to the power plant with my own eyes and it was totally worth it! Also because of the beautiful meadows on the side of the power plant.We continued through a lot of forest. The spell forest is called "Waldrefugium" there ;-)
      In Vaihingen an der Enz, the entire planned program was not completed. The castle, some details in the city and the beautiful path on the old light rail line would have been too much for the day. That has potential for another round, which I will probably plan in a moment. The flyer that I found on the internet will help me with this.
      As usual, I left photos of the small and large discoveries on the tour. So you should be able to get a good picture of the paths there.In addition, I once again spent a lot of time with the corresponding changes and additions in OSM. So the area will look completely different after the next update from the "Komoot maps". Hopefully helpful and definitely a lot more detailed.

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      • circa 20 ore fa

  2. Scout Jens e Ina hanno fatto un'escursione.

    9 ottobre 2021

    A Scout Jens, Ina e altri 92 piace questo.
    1. Scout Jens

      The Vosges School, which was neutered by the Südtangente in the old center of Mühlburg on the "Hauptstrasse", was first inspected.
      Afterwards I wanted to show Ina one of the leading German manufacturers of fire fighting vehicles. But this company no longer exists there. The building from 1902 is currently being converted for a new use.
      The bells on the way, which point to a former bell foundry, are still there.
      The "Sonnenbad" outdoor pool was open. Thanks to the waste heat from the power station, you can still swim your lanes there.
      Then the - I'm tempted to write "old" - the port of Karlsruhe was visited. On a Saturday we actually expected more than (eerie) quiet. But the main traffic has long played in front of the harbor gate. Coal for the steam power plant is delivered there.
      The round takes us further to the somewhat renatured Alb with the new compensation areas for an allotment garden on the noisy southern bypass (feeder to the Rhine bridge in the Palatinate) into nature. For some time now, this has allowed itself a little more freedom in the NSG "Altrhein Maxau und Burgau". That makes the hiker's heart happy and the beautiful autumn weather makes the mood even higher.In the NSG I would like to explore a path that is still unknown to us. That displeases a (self-proclaimed?) Hunter. In his opinion, we have no business there. He complains that nobody reads the signs. Having become unsure, I will read the notes again later. There it says, among other things, only "do not leave paved paths". The path is paved up to the mast, where we met the person (who, by the way, was traveling by car). But he is right: NO ONE (neither does he) read the slides ;-)Meadows, forest, water in a quiet area determine the next part of the tour. A stop at the Hofgut and the information board about a new highlight round off the day:*** Former ship bridge ***
      In 2015 there was an information sign to commemorate the former railway ship bridge that passed here. Awarded a gold medal as a technical masterpiece at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1867. It was inaugurated in 1865 and replaced a road pontoon bridge that had existed since 1840.
      In 1938, due to the increasing motorization, a permanent bridge was built over the Rhine and the construction has been history ever since.

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      • 10 ottobre 2021

  3. Scout Jens ha fatto un'escursione.

    5 ottobre 2021

    9,28 km
    4,3 km/h
    190 m
    200 m
    A scaurum, Andi e altri 92 piace questo.
    1. Scout Jens

      A little exploration in the hope of a nice sunset (not fulfilled) and new knowledge for OSM (fulfilled).
      On my last visit with Ina in the area, I noticed the forest trails. Today I walked one of them in full length - after I found it.
      I also visited the Celtic grave (a hill in the forest), the artificial pond (too small, too artificial), "em Walther seine Weg" (beautiful, quiet area) and the model airfield (of course nothing was going on).
      I had hoped for new paths in the area around the old clay pit. But no, everything mapped correctly. That's why I went to and across fields (don't imitate, otherwise there will soon be a way ;-)). I was able to supplement the land use, so the area in Komoot will soon look as appealing as it is.
      Despite the onset of rain and the sunset that fell completely into the water, I am satisfied with the undertaking. I deleted about 90% of the photos I took after making the appropriate changes in OSM.

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      • 6 ottobre 2021

  4. Scout Jens ha fatto un'escursione.

    2 ottobre 2021

    A Scout Jens, MonacoTrail e altri 112 piace questo.
    1. Scout Jens

      A friend was busy in the area at the weekend. So we met again to go exploring together. I had saved the template for this round from chipmunks.Although we started at the train station at 9 a.m., the day was too short to take a close look at everything. In Emmendingen and also in the stronghold, we would have really liked to have stayed longer.In Emmendingen we found traces of old industry and some waterways were once navigable. As in Kenzingen, I have found transshipment points for goods on the creek here. Interesting museums, such as the one about Jewish life in Emmendingen, were not visited. The 15th century altar by Herlin was also unexpected.On the Wöpplinsberg there was a reference to a cult site from around 300 BC. Chr. (!).
      The stronghold of Emmendingen was not fully explored either. At least we looked at the accessible part of the casemates. And a little further in the forest found the quarries of the castle.
      We liked the hunter's path very much. And many more discoveries were made, discussed and debated. The three-hour journey (there and back) by train was definitely worth it!

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      • 3 ottobre 2021

  5. Scout Jens e Ina hanno fatto un'escursione.

    29 settembre 2021

    8,07 km
    3,3 km/h
    270 m
    270 m
    A Ina, Scout Jens e altri 96 piace questo.
    1. Scout Jens

      Wanderfisch provided us with exactly the right template for a small tour in the Palatinate Forest. Thank you very much for that!The path on the Eiderbach was wonderful. The whole area is wonderfully quiet. A beautiful forest with lots of details that want to be noticed. The paths varied and doable ;-)
      The small moor on the Eiderberg is a great prelude. Then the breathtaking view from the lookout point. Until then it had rained all the time. For the look it finally stopped. So we could enjoy a rain-soaked view with passing clouds. Sometimes it looked like hundreds of campfires were burning in the valleys.
      What we said in jest then came true: When we were at the inn, the sun came out.
      A great excursion for which the rental car could be used again.

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      • 29 settembre 2021

  6. Scout Jens ha fatto un'escursione.

    27 settembre 2021

    7,88 km
    4,7 km/h
    80 m
    80 m
    A Ina, Scout Jens e altri 83 piace questo.
    1. Scout Jens

      On the last day I went again to do a tour of "wandern.com" with the beautiful name "Panoramarunde". A little tour to explore the place to which the tram from Gmunden goes. I was also attracted by the fact that some sections were displayed "off-grid". That had to be explored.
      So I traveled far away from the Upper Austrian flagship locations and far away from any tourism. A little spoiled from the last few days, I have not discovered anything sensational apart from the town center. Austria behind the scenes ;-)
      Unfortunately, I even walked past the Schloss Eggenberg brewery. They make really good beer with a nice note of hops.

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      • 27 settembre 2021

  7. Scout Jens e Ina hanno fatto un'escursione.

    26 settembre 2021

    A Ina, Dieter * Ostalb * e altri 71 piace questo.
    1. Scout Jens

      A wonderful day was used for an exciting round in the beautiful Ebensee. The photos also show most of the information signs.
      We weren't really prepared for the concentration camp with the cemetery and other facilities. The dimensions of horror and the increased madness towards the end of the war can be experienced there on site. Good information gives an insight. And again I was speechless and brought tears to my eyes ...
      So we were thoughtfully calm over a longer distance after visiting the cemetery, the memorial gallery and the "Lion Walk". Unfortunately, weaving also played an inglorious role in this phase of Ebensee. Further photos and information are stored in the corresponding highlights. Those who are interested can take a look at them.
      Today these are all peaceful places. Framed by picturesque mountains, garnished with beautiful gardens and wonderful meadows.
      While stopping at a tavern with Portuguese cuisine, we met the locals. There was also an election in Austria that Sunday. But there were many topics and everyone enjoyed the unexpected exchange of ideas.
      After one last exclusive view of the lake, I went back to the hotel, where I fell asleep shortly after the news.
      I found this exciting round at wandern.com. The template was a little inaccurate, but usable. The description is from there:
      "From the train stop" Ebensee Landungsplatz "the way leads over the so-called" Herrenstiege "to the home building and on to the Catholic parish church, past the" Alte Volksschule ", which houses a contemporary history museum, through Marktgasse The Traunbrücke, which is crossed. On the right bank of the Traun, the Offenseeweg begins leading downriver, which, past the "Uhrfabrik" and the Solvaywerke, flows into the district of Roith. From there it is not far to the concentration camp memorial with the exhibition in The historic "Löwengang" ends near the large, stepped quarry of the Gmundner Zementwerke. The Alte Traunstraße is left on the Schwaigerweg to the architecturally interesting industrial building of the abandoned weaving mill, which is visible from afar. Via the tracks of the 1877 completed Salzkammergutbahn you can reach the main entrance of the Solvay works with the old workers' houses. Immediately after the Traunbrücke, turn right onto the Traunuferweg and reach the "Landungsplatz" train stop via Rathausplatz. "

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      • 27 settembre 2021

  8. Scout Jens e Ina hanno fatto un'escursione.

    25 settembre 2021

    A Scout Jens, jelo e altri 64 piace questo.
    1. Scout Jens

      The story of this tour is quickly told. We wanted to go to the Ödseen with the Almtalerhaus. There should be a good place to observe the geology of the mountains and a rare fauna and flora.
      The access to this side valley was closed (as planned) due to the hunting season. We met other Germans at the barrier 🙂.
      So we started spontaneously in Grünau and walked the Flößerweg along the Alm. The path is amazingly shady, which was pleasant in the warm weather. We were able to look at a new two-chamber system fish lock.
      The Sunnseitweg is more of a beautiful path. He first led us back along the pasture. Shortly before the break in the kitchens there was a delicious lunch in the Forellenhof.
      Over wide meadows with a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains, we then went to the place, which offers hikers as a base. Most of them only drive through to the Almsee. We did that too. The round there showed us that there are many opportunities for hiking and the place is really beautiful. Quite often, trains went to the terminus there as well.A nice find! We really enjoyed the day, while at the end of the road in the Almtal all hell must have been going on. We noticed that on the way back, where we had to line up in an endless caravan of individually controlled space capsules (that's what MonacoTrail calls cars 😉).

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      • 27 settembre 2021

  9. Scout Jens e Ina hanno fatto un'escursione.

    23 settembre 2021

    8,51 km
    3,9 km/h
    50 m
    60 m
    1. Scout Jens

      Today we took it easy. For further activities in the mountains fresh strength is needed.
      So we looked around away from the mountains and found a beautiful area. The alpine pasture there is great and would have enjoyed us even longer if parts of the tour group hadn't lost the desire to walk ;-)
      A beautiful church, a remarkable avenue of chestnut trees, the remains of a Roman estate (which may have been part of a large settlement) and the alpine pasture. The whole thing in great weather and I collected a lot for OSM. I've just entered that as well as possible there (laptop on the terrace with a view), while Ina just enjoys the unique panorama here on the eastern bank of the Traunsee.Yesterday's round still takes a little ...

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      • 23 settembre 2021

  10. Scout Jens ha fatto un'escursione.

    23 settembre 2021

    A Scout Jens, gisi e altri 76 piace questo.
    1. Scout Jens

      Today I took advantage of the fact that our hotel is right next to the Kaltenbachwildnis and went this little round before sunrise. A few hikers were already on the way. However, they are right up there on the Traunstein. So I had the gorge to myself.

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      • 23 settembre 2021

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