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3.228 km

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253:49 h

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  1. Eleonora ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    19 ottobre 2021

    91,1 km
    14,8 km/h
    2.150 m
    2.340 m
    A Betty, Ben Thompson 🏔 e altri 5 piace questo.
    1. Eleonora

      The Simplon pass is more a pass to ride for car enthusiasts and motorbikes. It isn't one of the nicest with the bike, but we still wanted to give it a go. And with a bit of planning ahead, it is possible to get off the main road at various points to cycle along smaller roads.We took it super easy this day. Both of us had a pretty bad cold by that time and even though we had initially planned to continue the trip along 3 more passes above 2000m, we decided this morning that this would not happen this time due to weather forecasts and our health condition. Therefore we took all day to ride the 90km and made lots of coffee and tea stops along the way.

      • 22 ottobre 2021

  2. Eleonora ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    18 ottobre 2021

    114 km
    18,2 km/h
    1.640 m
    2.220 m
    A Joh, Sara & Andreas / projectpedalfurther e altri 3 piace questo.
    1. Eleonora

      It was the first day since the beginning, where we had a proper flat section ahead of us. We decided the day before, to skip the loop we had originally planned through Lukmanier, Susten, Grimsel, Nufenen, Gotthard Furka pass as we've cycled all of those passes multiple times already.Therefore, we decided to head towards the Centovalli to get closer to the Simplonpass that we wanted to do the next day.

      • 22 ottobre 2021

  3. Eleonora ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    17 ottobre 2021

    A James P, Joh e altri 3 piace questo.
    1. Eleonora

      We've had one of the best breakfasts ever, with lots of cake, pancakes, doughnuts, a selection of different loaves of bread, yogurts, cereals, and waffles. So we knew, that it was about to be a great day!The road from Livigno back to Switzerland was in a perfectly autumn manner - golden trees next to us and snowy peaks in front of us.Our legs proved to be rather tired today and we were relatively slow in the uphills. At lunch, we decided to change our route a bit and skip two passes that we had initially planned: the Albulapass and the Julierpass. Nevertheless, we ended the day with quite a bit of climbing, as we climbt the Passo dello Spluga in the late afternoon. The climbing was followed by one of the coldest descents i ever experienced. Both of us struggled to use our brakes, because our hands were too cold. And by the time we entered Splugen, both our front wheels were doing funny movements - because our upper bodies were shaking too much.

      • 22 ottobre 2021

  4. Eleonora ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    16 ottobre 2021

    A Joh, Sara & Andreas / projectpedalfurther e altri 2 piace questo.
    1. Eleonora

      We started the day with packing our bikes to the sound of people scratching off the ice of their cars. Fair enough to say, that we took some extra time for our breakfast before heading outside into the cold.The first uphill was exposed to the sun and we quickly warmed up nice and crunchy. But if you climb the Passa del Fuorn from this side, there is a small descent after about 8km. This descent was in the shade and it was absolutely freezing - we almost experienced a typical brain freeze that you get from eating a cold ice cream too quickly. Luckily, this cold descent was followed by another uphill to warm up again.Later on, after successfully climbing up the Umbrailpass, we decided to make a quick detour to get all the way up to Stelvio - a classic!Maybe it was actually warmer by the time we descended from Stelvio or it only felt warmer because our minds were set to being in Italy and in Italy it is warm ;)The day ended in Livigno, unfortunately already after the sun set, as the last two climbs took a bit longer than expected and we weren't ready to be in the full dark at 7pm already.

      • 22 ottobre 2021

  5. Eleonora ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    15 ottobre 2021

    32,7 km
    12,8 km/h
    880 m
    950 m
    A Betty, Joh e altri 2 piace questo.
    1. Eleonora

      We started our first day nice and easy with a train ride to Davos. There we treated ourselves with an early lunch before we headed towards the Flüelapass. About 200m into the climb, we had to stop to get rid of some layers. Which was the first hint at what we were about to expect in the coming days: changing layers almost more often than we would snack or drink something.When we arrived in Zernez, we decided to end the day early, as Leona still had some work to do.

      • 22 ottobre 2021

  6. Sebastian Kowalke e 5 altre persone hanno fatto un'escursione.

    8 settembre 2021

    11,8 km
    4,5 km/h
    140 m
    620 m
    A Iris, Tim⭕ G.🚴🚵👣 e altri 33 piace questo.
  7. Daniel e 4 altre persone hanno fatto un'escursione.

    6 settembre 2021

    4,44 km
    5,7 km/h
    90 m
    100 m
  8. Eleonora ha pianificato un giro in bici da corsa.

    23 agosto 2021

    1.080 km
    16,2 km/h
    28.010 m
    29.170 m
  9. Eleonora ha fatto un giro in bici.

    4 febbraio 2021

    156 km
    14,9 km/h
    1.670 m
    2.050 m
    A Betty, Tobias e altri 6 piace questo.
    1. Eleonora

      It was hard to believe this was the last day already. Everyone was keen to reach Kigali around lunch time, with few finisher drinks waiting. We all became friends during the last week, and so everyone was super keen to hang out just a little longer after the riding.

      After another early start and a morning-thunderstorm, it didn’t take long to hit the gravel section. Quite a few parts of the route turned into a little mudfest, resulting in one final test of everyone’s gear. With a few more technical issues, some riders opted to take the road to avoid being stranded in the wilderness with no more spare tubes. I got lucky and pushed on through the original route, which rewarded me with one last day surrounded by the greenest Rwanda landscape.

      • 6 febbraio 2021

  10. Eleonora ha fatto un giro in bici.

    3 febbraio 2021

    136 km
    10,8 km/h
    2.760 m
    2.900 m
    A Tobias, Bea 🌬️🏵️ e altri 4 piace questo.
    1. Eleonora

      The last steep climb of yesterday did bring one good thing: 7 kilometers (4 m) less to do today! Shortly after leaving the hotel, we reached the entrance of the Nyungwe Rainforest. Thanks to our early departure we saw an amazing sunrise inside the rainforest. Birds started chirping and monkeys were running around on the road to find food. It was quite easy to forget the climbing through the rainforest with such a surrounding!

      There is no day in the Journey around Rwanda where there isn’t any kind of gravel involved. The King’s road proved to be a rather rocky path that became slippery when another short thunderstorm hit. But again, I survived and made it to the hotel, tired but happy.

      • 6 febbraio 2021

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