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We are a bunch of friends with cycling as a common interest. You find us riding on the road, but we prefer off the road to get dirty in the countryside near Leuven. On the bike we like to let our beast out and enjoy a true physical challenge. The talking we keep for the after-bike-gathering around a well-deserved Belgian beer (or coffee).Our home base in the South-East region near Leuven is the perfect starting point to explore the hilly countryside of Flemish and Walloon Brabant. We are just a few pedal strokes away from Heverlee woods & Meerdaal forest, the largest mixed deciduous woods in Flanders, and riding through the typical hollow ways of this region takes you back to days long gone. This is the perfect scene for off-road cycling featuring a mix of dirt/gravel/cobblestone roads and tracks in field and forest. Don’t be fooled, this part of Flanders is no longer a flat country: expect some short, steep climbs along your way!Under the name of 666GRAVEL we organise off-road cycling events to share our biking experience with likeminded people. We take pride in and dedicate our spare time to offer value for money rides focussed on a balanced course with a maximum of “easy” off-road, generous feed stations and a relaxed after-bike with our selection of Belgian beer. Take a look on our website and we hope to meet you on one of our future events.

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2.573 km

Tempo in movimento

99:30 h

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  1. Jeanquetil e altre 2 persone hanno pianificato un giro in bici da gravel.

    14 novembre 2021

    45,7 km
    11,5 km/h
    350 m
    340 m
    A Roebijn Schijf piace questo.
  2. 666gravel ha fatto un giro in bici da gravel.

    2 ottobre 2021

    115 km
    22,4 km/h
    700 m
    660 m
    A P Rogiers, Serre e altri 33 piace questo.
  3. 666gravel ha fatto un giro in bici da gravel.

    18 settembre 2021

    177 km
    24,2 km/h
    90 m
    100 m
    A David Vanhagendoren, Rudie e altri 25 piace questo.
  4. Jeanquetil e 666gravel hanno fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    27 giugno 2021

    137 km
    22,7 km/h
    1.230 m
    1.260 m
    A DrWaZ0o, P Rogiers e altri 14 piace questo.
  5. 666gravel ha pianificato un giro in bici da gravel.

    7 giugno 2021

    285 km
    11,9 km/h
    3.030 m
    2.550 m
    A de swijf, Tim L e altri 15 piace questo.
    1. 666gravel

      Gravel Blah Blah is a way for us, gravel ride organisers, to say 'thank you" to you, the gravel riders. Because without your support, there would not be a gravel scene in BelgiumAnd what better way to do that then by creating an XL gravel route.Together with the colleagues of Gravelride13 & Dirty Boar we combined the knowledge of our own areas.
      The result is a gravel route from Brussels to the highest point of Belgium (Signal de Botrange). And a little bit further if you want.
      So from Brussels via Liège, the Ardennes to the Hautes Fagnes (BLAH)
      You decide when you ride it, with who and in how many days.
      There is no inscription fee, no goodies. Just good times and memories. You can always share your pictures with #gravelblahblah.
      That's enough blah blah. We hope you just go outside and ride this route.PS: You ride this route under your own responsibilty. Keep your eyes on the track and stop/dismount if you think it's too much for you. Hike a bike is not a crime.

      • 7 giugno 2021

  6. Vojo Magazine e 666gravel hanno pianificato un giro in bici da gravel.

    22 maggio 2021

    99,1 km
    20,9 km/h
    930 m
    930 m
    A Vojo Magazine, Jan e altri 8 piace questo.
    1. Vojo Magazine

      A gravel route with a lot of variety. Each path is different: singletracks through the forest, cobblestone strips, gravel paths ... and all interspersed with the main slopes of the world championship course. This route was created in collaboration with Toerisme Vlaams-Brabant and 666gravel.

      • 22 maggio 2021

  7. 666gravel ha pianificato un giro in bici da gravel.

    19 maggio 2021

    33,3 km
    11,4 km/h
    260 m
    270 m
    A Roeland, itallon e altri 2 piace questo.
  8. 666gravel ha pianificato un giro in bici da gravel.

    7 maggio 2021

    103 km
    15,7 km/h
    890 m
    890 m
    A Aurélie, Joris e altri 10 piace questo.
  9. 666gravel ha pianificato un giro in bici da gravel.

    7 maggio 2021

    98,5 km
    12,6 km/h
    930 m
    930 m
    A Kris vg, Vojo Magazine e altri 5 piace questo.
  10. Kim claassen e 2 altre persone hanno fatto un giro in bici da gravel.

    20 marzo 2021

    111 km
    18,3 km/h
    1.100 m
    1.100 m
    A 666gravel, Joris e altri 8 piace questo.
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