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Ex Pat from Manchester England. Enjoy running . biking, windsurfing and being out doors with my dog Iska ( a Eurasia in case you ever see us on the trail). Almost two seasons of trail riding now and my third bike, I found out pretty quickly that you can not trail ride with an XC bike.. a short trip down Gempen, then to hospital proved that !
I enjoyed the Cube hard tail Reaction TM and recently upgraded to a Whyte 901.. just to keep things a little English.
My riding is progressing .. favourite trails Endless and Arlesheim... may be I can not "send " them yet.. but they do not send me to hospital .. which is nice !See you on the trail

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4.725 km

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388:49 h

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  1. othomas ha fatto un giro in MTB

    2 giorni fa

    26,8 km
    9,6 km/h
    950 m
    950 m
    A Anita, Obi e BE A Trailmaster piace questo.
    1. othomas

      Is there anything better than 3 hours on the Endless Trai... sorry , the answer is no.

      • 2 giorni fa

  2. othomas ha fatto un giro in MTB

    3 giorni fa

    36,8 km
    13,2 km/h
    910 m
    920 m
    A Lyndon, Eric 🖖 e altri 2 piace questo.
    1. othomas

      Nice tour featuring the Donner trail as a partner to the Arlesheim trail. Both good fun, one is the Enduro way to drop 300 m ; the other has man made features eg curves jumps and step up (can any one do that ?? ). Which is the most fun ,well you ave to try them yourself and decide.

      • 3 giorni fa

  3. othomas ha fatto un giro in MTB

    18 settembre 2021

    37,9 km
    13,5 km/h
    900 m
    900 m
    A Obi, Eric 🖖 e altri 4 piace questo.
  4. othomas ha fatto un giro in MTB

    12 settembre 2021

    20,5 km
    9,6 km/h
    560 m
    920 m
    A Obi, Alex e altri 4 piace questo.
    1. othomas

      Good day on the trail? warm sun, cool trails, who could want more. Tried out some new handlebars to avoid back pain, they are a little extreme, but feel very comfortable. .
      Almost made the table jump in the Playground , the front tyre hit the back lip... just means more practice

      • 12 settembre 2021

  5. othomas ha fatto un giro in MTB

    9 settembre 2021

    27,4 km
    13,4 km/h
    580 m
    1.050 m
    A Obi, Alex e altri 3 piace questo.
    1. othomas

      Whoops, forgot to start recording until the top of Gempen. Good tour, messed up the bottom end of the Gratweg trail… sorry Dwight

      • 9 settembre 2021

  6. othomas ha fatto un giro in MTB

    8 settembre 2021

    30,4 km
    13,9 km/h
    460 m
    440 m
    A Obi, Remedy73 e altri 2 piace questo.
    1. othomas

      Nice to be in this area again on a sunny day, the views over Basel and th Rhein are immense, Te trail is not bad too, Obviously the Forrestry guys have decided that you should not have fun on your bikes however the trail remains fun and flowy with one or two suprises. I look forward to this trail again.

      • 8 settembre 2021

  7. othomas ha fatto un giro in MTB

    7 settembre 2021

    54,3 km
    12,7 km/h
    1.160 m
    1.170 m
    A Alex, Anita e altri 11 piace questo.
    1. othomas

      Big tour up and down Chrischona. The Jump ine and Buchsbaum trail were majestic, the Eigenturm descent was also good. However the second half of the descenis really frustrating. The way down to Degerfelden is blocked by trees, totally ruining flow, then it is hard work back to the Chrischona tower, I probably will skip this section next time

      • 7 settembre 2021

  8. othomas ha fatto un giro in MTB

    5 settembre 2021

    24,2 km
    9,4 km/h
    990 m
    990 m
    A Obi, Alex e Remedy73 piace questo.
    1. othomas

      Again more fun on the Endless Trail. The trail was super quiet this afternoon, may be it was the last of the summer heat. However as normal, the trail was cool. Focused on the on the “Play ground” at the end, jumps were a little better, but still not quite clearing the table jump….next time !

      • 5 settembre 2021

  9. othomas ha fatto un giro in MTB

    3 settembre 2021

    51,0 km
    13,1 km/h
    1.110 m
    1.110 m
    A Alex, Maik Gnauck e altri 4 piace questo.
    1. othomas

      This is as far as I can get out of my comfort zone on Gempen, the Gratliweg, the steep Chute parallel to the Bachbett trail, the Rock and Roller, then the new big drop at the end of the North trail.
      All this combined with a puncture and a nasty all ( loss of control in a rocky fast section section)
      So some ice on the knee, give the bike some love, then let’s seee what the weekend brings

      • 3 settembre 2021

  10. othomas ha fatto un giro in MTB

    31 agosto 2021

    31,2 km
    10,9 km/h
    920 m
    920 m
    A Obi, Maik Gnauck e altri 6 piace questo.
    1. othomas

      Super fun trails in the Blauen area.... there are so many interesting and challenging little trails around here. You are always faced with the big question... do I try this one orsave my hard earned meters climbed and carry on uphill.

      • 31 agosto 2021

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