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  1. Henryk ha fatto una corsa.

    circa 6 ore fa

    9,76 km
    10,9 km/h
    40 m
    50 m
    A Christof, Thomas e altri 8 piace questo.
    1. Henryk

      I did not even think that the runoff vote to the OB is only possible by postal vote. My daughter reminded me of it 👍, so a round of running to the district administration unit was necessary. I'm looking forward to the turnout ... After a long break, things got a bit slow, so I took a few photo breaks 😁

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      • circa 6 ore fa

  2. Henryk ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    un giorno fa

    118 km
    26,4 km/h
    970 m
    970 m
    A Gabi 🌻, Rob e altri 12 piace questo.
    1. Henryk

      Thanks to Komoot and the pioneers I follow 👍😉, I circled the Starni along numerous narrow, idyllic paths. I never would have found myself. Quite hazy today, so you could only guess the mountains. The virus crisis only allows family trips - but my children only wanted to do a little MTB run. 😳Must motivate better.

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      • un giorno fa

  3. Henryk ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    7 giorni fa

    68,2 km
    27,1 km/h
    450 m
    460 m
    A Thomas, Wilma e altri 15 piace questo.
    1. Henryk

      Hardly any cars on the road, but a few lonely single time drivers on the RR. Already ghostly.
      A new round of benchmarks defined today. My speed route south along idyllic streets. Season goal: 30 on this lap, but without a cold east wind 😁 In summer, a swim break at Hartmatinger Weier ... Better times are coming again - without Corona.

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      • 7 giorni fa

  4. Henryk ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    20 marzo 2020

    47,7 km
    29,5 km/h
    250 m
    250 m
    A EMTB, Wilma e altri 14 piace questo.
    1. Henryk

      A decision with a sense of proportion: grilling and drinking beer on the Isar is prohibited 🧐, but racing bikes are allowed, even if only individual time trial 👍😎 I am looking forward to the family outing on Sunday.

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      • 20 marzo 2020

  5. Henryk ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    15 marzo 2020

    104 km
    25,7 km/h
    830 m
    800 m
    A Sigi Sommer, Gabi 🌻 e altri 11 piace questo.
    1. Henryk

      Started with Robert this morning in freezing temperatures. The legs still heavy from the Irschenberg circuit the night before. André Rattle welcomed us at Ludwigshöhe, who from then on picked up the pace ...
      Despite the breakdown, we quickly got to Lake Starnberg, where Christian and Rudi were casually waiting on the bench on the waterfront. Unfortunately, after a short drive along the lakeshore, I had to shorten home. But I was very happy to have met you and to be able to ride a part with you. A longer tour follows!
      Every RR felt ridden today. 👍 No wonder with the weather! Unfortunately the group picture is missing.

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      • 15 marzo 2020

  6. Henryk e Rob hanno fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    14 marzo 2020

    66,6 km
    24,2 km/h
    770 m
    800 m
    A Wilma, EMTB e altri 9 piace questo.
    1. Henryk

      After the hamster shopping in the morning, we wanted to set one goal today: Irschenberg. View of the snow-covered Wallberg. However, we saved ourselves the journey Anfahrt, which had the advantage that after a difficult mountain arrival in Valley we were able to enjoy the highly recommended Bräustüberl. 🍻

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      • 14 marzo 2020

  7. Henryk ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    8 marzo 2020

    93,9 km
    25,3 km/h
    810 m
    780 m
    A Rudi, André the Rattle-S. e altri 10 piace questo.
    1. Henryk

      Today you feel perfect alpine panorama with Zugspitze along the whole route. In these 4 hours of reward that you never really have time in Munich 🤔 A stop at the fish shop in Ammersee is essential. 👍

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      • 8 marzo 2020

  8. Henryk ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    1 marzo 2020

    82,6 km
    26,5 km/h
    630 m
    610 m
    A Benji Garmi, Wilma e altri 9 piace questo.
    1. Henryk

      Bairawies - incredibly beautiful there. The panorama gives an idea. To date I have not been able to get there dort. After the weather had been much better than forecast in the last few days and I was traveling without an RR, today at least a small final tour at the end of the holiday. PropA propos Gran Fondo: weather is now more stable. Next we have no excuses. 🤠

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      • 1 marzo 2020

  9. Henryk ha fatto una corsa.

    29 febbraio 2020

    A Benji Garmi, Thomas e altri 10 piace questo.
    1. Henryk

      One more round today, this time to the Wendebachtausee. On the hill behind towards Ballenhausen astonishingly view of the Hohe Meißner, which I would have liked to visit again with the RR 🤠👍

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      • 29 febbraio 2020

  10. Henryk ha fatto una corsa.

    28 febbraio 2020

    10,4 km
    10,2 km/h
    140 m
    140 m
    A Benji Garmi, EMTB e altri 6 piace questo.
    1. Henryk

      Back in Lower Saxony this weekend. Unfortunately without a racing bike. The weather forecast is too pessimistic - now it's getting nice. But good running lap with a few m. The targeted tours in the region are only postponed 👍

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      • 28 febbraio 2020

Informazioni su Henryk

Die Begeisterung für den Radsport fing bei mir früh an: Nachdem Papa uns Rennräder mit 10-Gang Schaltung (!) gekauft hat und er selber feststellen konnte, wie leicht so ein Motobecane mit Hyret-Schaltung ist , nahm die Entwicklung ihren Lauf...
Noch in den Zeiten von Francesco Moser und Bernard Hinault standen bei uns Alpen und Pyrenäen auf dem Programm.
Ich fahre gerne mit Familie und Freunden und möchte Gleichgesinnte kennen lernen, die etwas weniger auf Tempo bolzen aus sind, aber auch ein paar Bergwertungspunkte sammeln wollen ;-)
Bin Unternehmer und vielseitig interessiert an Literatur, Kino, gutem Wein, Gastronomie, anderen Sportarten (LL, Ski Alpin, Basketball, versuche neuerdings zu surfen ..).

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