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mein Profilname verrät ja schon meinen Vornamen.
Ich bin passionierter Wanderer, Geocacher, Radfahrer, Radwanderer, Wanderradler, Langläufer und nunmehr auch Mountainbiker (09/19).
Ich mache nichts davon wirklich äußerst gut, dafür aber gerne und viel. 😇
Und meistens erfülle ich meine Wege entweder mit erstaunten Blicken und tiefem Respekt für meine Umgebung oder Gesang - also, wenn euch mal ein summender Radler mit dickem Ohrwurm entgegen rauscht, bin wohl ich das.Bis bald im Wald. 🌳🌳

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8.215 km

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811:09 h

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  1. Torsten e Hagen hanno fatto un'escursione.

    4 giorni fa

    32,2 km
    5,2 km/h
    500 m
    500 m
    A Hma, ChrissyLi DD e altri 64 piace questo.
    1. Torsten

      Being at home for two days at the weekend and twiddling your thumbs 🤞🏼 doesn't work. Hagen and I found that yesterday and, despite the weather forecast, we dared to go outside.
      It should be another round with ambition, but with a little room for maneuver if the situation deteriorates drastically.
      I can say so much: they don't 😜
      The start was on the Räcknitzhöhe via Altmockritz to the Kaitzbach. I was very familiar with this route from the last DVB Tour No. 7.
      And at the icy temperatures in the morning 🥶 we were able to warm up there first 🥵.
      The ascent to the Kaitzer Höhe also contributed to this, whose great view we had to guess earlier today. But you don't stand around at such a draughty height anyway 🌬. So straight on via Boderitz to the Marienschacht opposite, visible from afar ⚒️. A close look ... 👀
      Immediately afterwards we tackled the first railway line 🚂 and "drove" so quickly (3, - to the word game box 😉) to the next shaft - the former Neuhoffnungsschacht ⚒️ - and thus directly to the Windberg 🌬⛰.
      With the onset of sleet there was less of a prospect (you can at least guess a building in my picture) and so we tackled part of our popular trail along the southern edge of the mountain to gradually get down to Freital.From Freital, some hiking trails joined one another. First the yellow point 🟡 up to Wurgwitz, later the Way of St. James on Frankenstraße 🐚, which we followed again down to the Weißeritz.
      On the way from Freital-Potschappel up to Wurgwitz, we realized at some point that this flat, very shallow slope actually represented a former railway line 🚂.
      The path itself was certainly known to us, but the previous use was less known. At the height of Zauckerode, the station building has even been preserved.
      It is remarkable how many such routes have found great infrastructural re-use.
      When we arrived in Wurgwitz, we meandered along the shell sign 🐚 (I know, not a scallop shell ... just roll it up in your mind 😉) to Pesterwitz. In the heavy snowfall 🌨❄️❄️ there was no longer any possibility of having a view of the Weißeritztal. But that changed again later when we followed the path to Jochhöhschlösschen 🏰 after an amusing "lunch break" in the center of Pesterwitz.
      On the way there we discovered a couple of beautiful forest paths and potential MTB tracks on the western slopes of the aforementioned castle.
      Due to the time, the considerably dense, new development of the place and the attractiveness of the surroundings, the pedestrian traffic increased enormously. So we stepped up a gear and meandered through the people towards Roßthal, where we marveled at the interesting building of the castle there igen. Even if it is in a rather desolate state, it would be exciting to explore.After this detour we went back on the Way of St. James 🐚, which should now lead us to the Begerburg 🏰. This is certainly known to everyone who has ever looked up to the rock between the two tunnels with open eyes 👀 on the A17 🛣 and noticed the white castle. So today we took a look back into the valley.Then we switched very directly down, past the rock cellar, up the ice worm camp again, to the other side of the river 🌊 and slowly but surely started the direct way home.
      The Hohe Stein 🗼, the Fichtepark 🗼 and the Bismarkturm 🗼 were still on the way. But the towers are all closed at the moment.
      So we said goodbye at the starting point and ended the white winter wonder tour 🎶 with interesting, new impressions from the surrounding area.

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      • 4 giorni fa

  2. Torsten ha fatto un giro in bici.

    6 giorni fa

    31,5 km
    23,2 km/h
    120 m
    120 m
    A Coriander, Hentschel e altri 27 piace questo.
    1. Torsten

      At the end of the day, a relaxed lap into the gate to Saxon Switzerland.
      And "purely by chance" I meet the sports cannons Hagen and Daniel there. 😜
      Delicious dinner 🌯 on the drafty Elbe 🌬🌊 and then home together.
      A nice getaway into the weekend.

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      • 6 giorni fa

  3. Torsten e Hagen hanno fatto un'escursione.

    17 gennaio 2021

    25,4 km
    4,7 km/h
    420 m
    570 m
    A elbepaddler, Coriander e altri 83 piace questo.
    1. Torsten

      Unfortunately, Hagen doesn't have any skis in DD (again the 👆🏻 in the 🩹 😜), so we made our way to heute today over the highlands.The start was in Weißig at 61 🚌. From here we evaded the🎩🏔 for good reason. Because there just masses of tobogganers gathered.
      So we headed straight for the Napoleon Stone. There was a lot less going on. Still unknown to Hagen, the stone itself is rather less impressive. But the view over the highlands used by the little emperor is quite beautiful. 👀
      Both still fresh and full of energy, we decided to reschedule. Because we could easily expand the tour and didn't want to meet so many Sunday excursionists.
      So first over over the fields to Eschdorf, instead of directly to the 🚂-dam. The route was only known to me through the MTB, but also cut a good figure in the snow. With the beautiful ski tracks in the snow, Hagen repeatedly broke the 💔. But we still made it through the white expanses. ❄️🥾🤩
      Through Eschdorf, hopping over the 🚂-dam and up the slope, it got really crowded. Because the highest elevation DDs is with snow, whether the pleasant parking situation (these many cars are a disaster) and a really long toboggan slope, an even more popular destination than without.
      So we took a short break, enjoyed a 🌽-free view and headed for Zaschendorf.
      There it went again. And so we 👢t through the deep snow down the measuring path to Schönfeld.
      We followed the long avenue towards Helfenberg. It ran a lot better with snow than without driving on it 😄.
      And from here a beautiful, white background lined up with the next great view. Beautiful in the snow-covered forests and paths.
      Helfenberger Grund - Pappritz - Moosleite - Agnes-Höhe - Fuchsgraben - Telespargel - Wachwitzgrund - Culture Terrace - Schumanngraben - Wachwitz Castle.
      And then the sun had disappeared behind the horizon. 🌄
      Via the Veilchenweg it went down to Loschwitz and back via the Blue Wonder. Hagen walked a bit towards home (total: a full 32km, respect 👍🏻) and I walked the few meters home.A very nice, spontaneous round. The right way to work out in the snow and also to have deep conversations and inspiration. Thank you, Hagen! 👍🏻

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      • 17 gennaio 2021

  4. Torsten ha fatto un Tour.

    16 gennaio 2021

    13,3 km
    5,0 km/h
    100 m
    130 m
    A Cherin, Kati e altri 27 piace questo.
    1. Torsten

      As already announced, there was a snow test today on the ever popular embankment on the Schönfeld highlands.
      Start was the Gönnsdorfer Höhe and from there just let it go. Or run yourself 😅.
      I got the tip about the lot of snow outside the valley from my singing friend R., who lives almost directly at the source in Gönnsdorf.
      And it's really funny who I run into near Schönfeld ... R. and her husband! "Come on over to us for a mulled wine when you're done." 🥳
      But before that there was a few meters and even a really good run.
      On the way back I could look forward to the hot drink I had longed for. 🔥🍷☕️ What a beautiful day!

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      • 16 gennaio 2021

  5. Torsten ha fatto un Tour.

    15 gennaio 2021

    7,65 km
    5,8 km/h
    10 m
    10 m
    A Hma, Heidrun e altri 29 piace questo.
    1. Torsten

      Today I did my usual jog on skates. If the snow hadn't completely melted and you were practically driving on earth, you actually got into the rhythm well ⛷

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      • 15 gennaio 2021

  6. Torsten ha fatto un'escursione.

    10 gennaio 2021

    4,25 km
    4,7 km/h
    10 m
    30 m
    A Coriander, Lausitzsonne e altri 28 piace questo.
    1. Torsten

      Since I was still a bit damaged from yesterday's performance test, I did a quiet one today.
      But in the newly gained freedom it wasn’t possible without fresh air.
      So I used the beautiful mood of the sunset for a walk in the Johannisfriedhof.
      Peace is guaranteed there. And unlike then on the Elbe Cycle Path, a lot less busy.
      Really unbelievable: Help is asked in the cemetery. On 11/21 Art objects from WWI were stolen from graves. That leaves you speechless. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

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      • 10 gennaio 2021

    1. Torsten

      Three weeks not on the bike and almost no movement in the apartment 😴🥱 ... Today I wanted to see what was left of the performance. 🚵🏻‍♂️🤙🏻So off, up to the Dresdner Heide and straight through to the Prießnitztal and over there again.
      The paths were very nicely sugared by the light snow pelts and the winter branches and leaves made the forest particularly beautiful today.
      That was probably my first ever snow tour with the MTB, I realize. 🤔🤯
      And at the same time the paths were a tad more demanding. Since even known tracks under the snow cover offered some surprises and on the other hand were also a lot wetter than usual.
      So, small gear and don't stop pedaling. 😎
      After the heather, I went through the garden city of Hellerau with its pretty row houses 🏘 in the homely style and further up to the airport. ✈️
      There the paths made it really difficult for me because they were completely open and soaking wet due to forest machines. That was more swimming than driving - not the best choice today. 😅
      Briefly touched Weixdorf and off we went to the pleasure section of the tour.
      First the winter castle park and pond of Hermsdorf was waiting for me. I circled it once today and then turned into a very cool trail along the Großer Röder. In drier conditions it will definitely make you even more cheerful. 🚵🏻‍♂️💨
      Then I followed a great tip from Komoot legend Daniel and tackled the Roter Graben Trail. It is also badly affected by moisture and horse hooves. But the feeling of sliding through the mud soon turned into great pleasure. I looked like 🐷 now, but the experience was worth it. 👌🏻I turned back north over a few corners and next turned into the Seifersdorfer valley. I had only crossed that before, but I haven't driven or hiked it yet. Mills, rocks and bridges line up here on really beautiful paths along the Großer Röder, until you can see the landscape park of the same name, which awaits you with small monuments, information boards, forest paths and benches.From Kleinwachau, I went straight back to the heath. I had another goal, namely the highest point of the heather, the Dachsenberg.
      As can be read in the highlight, the area does not have a beautiful past, but is certainly very attractive today with the small huts and the open space in the middle of the forest.
      Now I could basically just let it roll and arrived at home rather exhausted but happy about the exercise in the cold air. Finally playing outside again! 😄🥳

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      • 9 gennaio 2021

  7. Torsten e Claudia hanno fatto un'escursione.

    25 dicembre 2020

    8,13 km
    4,8 km/h
    40 m
    40 m
    A Lausitzsonne, Frank Winkler e altri 32 piace questo.
  8. Torsten ha fatto un giro in MTB

    19 dicembre 2020

    87,6 km
    14,9 km/h
    1.390 m
    1.390 m
    A Albi, Daniel e altri 54 piace questo.
    1. Torsten

      "Done is better than perfect" predige ich meinen Teams gerne, wenn es darum geht, wie weit man sich ins Detail begeben muss, um einen Wert zu schaffen.
      Und heute hatte ich mal eine Gelegenheit, den Spruch selbst umzusetzen.
      Im Prinzip war das nämlich heute eine Tour der Unvollständigkeiten. Geplant war sie vorher um einige Stellen komplexer - aber ich bin ja *Achtung Buzzword!!* agil. Und das sogar im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes - körperlich und geistig 😎.
      1️⃣. Lücke: Die Aufzeichnung beginnt heute erst am Wachwitzgrund, als ich ein Foto machte und merkte, dass komoot die Hintergrundaktivität eher als Hintergrundinaktivität interpretierte 😴.
      Nun gut, war auch für mich nicht das Einfachste, 🕕 Uhr aufzustehen.
      Flink den Wachwitzbach hinauf - Pappritz hinauf - Waldweg Trail hinab - Helfenberg hinauf; Diesen Weg kannte mein noch müder Körper inzwischen auch im Schlaf.
      Über ein paar Dörfer und den 🚂damm steuerte ich Eschdorf an. Dort hielt ich diesmal auch an dem Freigut, dessen benamste Straße ich zuvor folgte. Das Gut ist zwar in privater Hand, aber echt sehenswert. Die verschiedenen Baustile, die sich dort über die Jahrhunderte verschmolzen sind garnicht mehr so leicht auseinander zu bekommen.
      2️⃣. Lücke: Nun sollte ein Highlight folgen, was ich sowohl zu Fuß (zuletzt bei unserer Wanderung der "Reisegruppe kulinarischer Hochgenuss), als auch mit dem Bike immer wieder einplante, aber noch nie verfolgen konnte. Heute sollte es also mal das Lieblingstal sein. Der Name ist ja mega vielversprechend... Die Umsetzung eher nicht 😅
      Denn der König Anton fungierte heute als Brückenwächter für die daneben agierenden Förster. Natürlich war durch das schwere Gerät der Weg auch mal wieder schön zerfahren. Habe ich schon mal erwähnt, dass ich Harvester echt liebe... 🤮
      Also auf die Straße und durch Dittersbach hinweg nach Helmsdorf. Ihr merkt schon, ich spannte den 🏹 für den Wesenitztal-Trail. Doch der Hinweg über's Feld war echt ... exotisch 🍍. Erst ein Weidekabel im Weg 🐄, dann über den Acker und noch durchs Unterholz... Laut komoot aber ein Weg 😅.
      Dann folgte endlich der Trail entlang dem Fluss. Heute ohne Fußgänger und damit auch "barrierefrei". 🚵🏻‍♂️💨
      Um danach auf die andere Elbseite zu kommen - immer schön am 15km Umkreis entlang - nutzte ich heute den entspannenden Weg entlang der 🚂strecke bei Mockethal. Da kriegt man schon ordentlich Geschwindigkeit drauf 👌🏻.3️⃣. Lücke: Fix über die Elbbrücke und hinauf zum Barockgarten Großsedlitz. Da war ich noch nieee 😳🤯. Und das machte der Winter natürlich nicht besser. Denn damit lohnte sich heute kein Eintritt. Aber es lag halt auf dem Weg 🤷🏼‍♂️.Weiter über Meusegast, Burkhardswalde und einen recht kreativen Feldweg erst hinab, dann hinauf, um endlich ins Müglitztal hinab abzubiegen. Der Weg da runter macht mit Sicherheit viel Spaß... Bei Trockenheit ❄️, ohne Laub 🍂, im Sommer 😄🙈. Zum Teil war der heute schon mit Reif bedeckt, aber auch nicht unschön - bin ja unten angekommen 👍🏻.Wie immer aus dem Müglitztal ging es nun steil hinauf nach Maxen 🥵, um gleich noch einen neuen, sehr schönen Aussichtspunkt kennenzulernen - den Finckenfang.4️⃣. Lücke: Über die Kroatenschlucht hinunter zum Lockwitzbach und diesen ein Stück entlang. Ich folgte hier dem Wanderweg zur Teufelsmühle. Und teuflisch wurde dann aber auch irgendwie der Weg 😈.
      Denn auch hier haben fleißige Forstarbeiter und Maschinerie den Waldboden so beackert, dass vom Wanderweg nichts mehr zu sehen war. Also musste der Teufelsmühlentrail ausfallen und ich bog direkt zum Wilisch hinauf ab.
      5️⃣. Lücke: Apropos Wilisch. Der schien heute das Ausflugsziel nummero uno in allen umliegenden Dörfern zu sein. Bei dem Lärm, der durch den Wald hallte und den vielen Familien, denen ich begegnete, fiel die Entscheidung gegen eine Gipfelbesteigung 😓 - Hotspot lässt grüßen.
      Auf dem Wilisch steht ja auch so ne komische Sandsteinsäule rum, die ich mir ab und zu in Sachsen mal anschaue 😉.
      6️⃣. Lücke: Nach diesen ganzen Unwegsamkeiten war ich nun langsam doch ganz schön durch. So klemmte ich mir auch den Hermsdorfer Berg und bog direkt nach Kreischa hinüber ab.
      Da habe ich zumindest schon mal ne schöne Idee für ne zukünftige Tour - Hermsdorfer Berg, Wilisch, Teufelsmühlental. Kann man mal machen 🤙🏻.
      7️⃣. Lücke: Die Wege, die ich mir wählte sollten mich aber nicht schonen. Und so hatte ich ganz schön zu tun, die vielen Lücken im "Gombsen Feldweg" zu umgehen.
      Oben angekommen kam aber nochmal eine Folge von Genusstrails 😘.
      Zuerst der Röhrsdorfer Park, sogar ohne Leute, dann gleich der "Webbs - Locke - Trail 2.0" (Grüße an den Webbs) - der Anfang ist gewöhnungsbedürftig, aber später läuft der echt gut - und zum krönenden Abschluss noch den Malte-Trail vom Mausoleum aus.
      8️⃣. Lücke: Das reichte dann heute auch. Und so sind's mal nicht über die magischen 100km geworden - also wieder ne ☕️-Fahrt 😜.Und trotz der übersprungenen Lücken war das wirklich eine echt abwechslungsreiche Tour mit vielen schönen Naturimpressionen und sogar einer stets bemühten Sonne ☀️😎.
      Danach noch ein entspannendes Bad 🛀🏼, was will man mehr. 👌🏻
      Also, um den einleitenden Spruch nochmal aufzugreifen: The tour is done ✅, and me too 😅.
      Euch allen einen schönen vierten Advent! 🕯🕯🕯🕯

      • 19 dicembre 2020

  9. Torsten ha pianificato un giro in MTB

    18 dicembre 2020

    92,6 km
    13,7 km/h
    1.100 m
    1.100 m
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