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Gehe gerne wandern in Thüringen und den angrenzenden Regionen.

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2050:53 h

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  1. Frank Meyer e altre 11 persone hanno pianificato un'escursione.

    circa 3 ore fa

    276 km
    3,9 km/h
    1.110 m
    1.120 m
    A Burkhard 🔵⚪, Kathrin e altri 8 piace questo.
    1. Frank Meyer

      Dear hiking friends,After the three 'virtual relay hikes' I organized last year, all of which followed a very similar principle, I would now like to try a new variant with you. As part of the 15-kilometer movement radius rule around Berlin (regardless of its current validity), the stage starts and destinations are fixed this time, each of which is S-Bahn or regional train stations.In contrast to previous seasons, this time we all hike on the same day, it is February 6th, 2021.Here is a general overview of the circuit and the 12 individual stages:
      The routes given there are 'hiking suggestions' that I worked out with the active help of Manfred Reschke. I myself have hiked over 80% of the routes in exactly this form, a proper pre-hike through all stages was of course not possible in the short time, so that a little 'adventure' remains. Of course, you can completely deviate from the recommendation, just stick to the start and destination specifications of your stage and always keep to the 15-kilometer radius of movement.
      For example, you can use the following map for alternative planning: interaktiv.morgenpost.de/coronavirus-lockdown-regel-15-km
      The direction of walking (A-B or B-A) of your stage is also completely up to you.
      If you are interested, please make a binding entry in the doodle for a stage:
      You only give the name under which you are active at komoot or your ID, I don't need any further data. Choose your desired stage and submit the form. The following applies: first come, first served and the choice is yours. Please only grab a free 'slot' if you actually plan to hike your stage on the day.Please remember that you can take as many people in your household as you like, but only one person outside the household.If you do not live in Berlin and want to participate, please use the map above to check for yourself which stages are suitable for you depending on the restrictions and radius.A note for those with start / finish in Seefeld: on 06.02. is replacement traffic on the route of the RB25 with buses from Ahrensfelde, your bus stop is Seefeld / Dorf right next to the churchThis time, too, applies again:
      - marks me as a participant at the end of your stage so that I can create the joint collection from all tours
      - Please approach this 'fun event' with the necessary seriousness and think in terms of community
      - Please indicate in the comments below which komoot user you might be taking with you
      Direct online posting is not that important in this case, but please release your recording to the public on the evening of February 6th.Should you not be able to keep your set date, you can find a replacement yourself or send me an email to mail@wandern-berlin-brandenburg.de so that I can release the stage for other interested parties.Once again komoot will raffle off two premium subscriptions for one year among the registered participants.I am looking forward to the relay together and wish all participants a lot of fun!For questions, comments, etc. please write in the comments below.-------------The participants and their stages:Potsdam - Wustermark: weisweber (komoot.de/user/71360896121)
      Wustermark - Vehlefanz: Frank Meyer (komoot.de/user/42689717614)
      Vehlefanz - Lehnitz: Thomas from EF (komoot.de/user/583434682771)
      Lehnitz - Wandlitzsee: schnubbi62 (komoot.de/user/195751285890)
      Wandlitzsee - Rüdnitz: Flea (komoot.de/user/59587788545)
      Rüdnitz - Seefeld: Tom Panketaler (komoot.de/user/207647016946)
      Seefels - Strausberg: Silvia D. (komoot.de/user/817991639627)
      Strausberg - Erkner: Kathrin (komoot.de/user/459499716189), ThomasKB (komoot.de/user/510916198153)
      Erkner - Niederlehme: Burkhard (komoot.de/user/519390230912)
      Niederlehme - Rangsdorf: Jürgen (komoot.de/user/580683483262)
      Rangsdorf - Birkengrund: Heiner (komoot.de/user/399298564319), dkozian (komoot.de/user/131962954660)
      Birkengrund - Potsdam: Marflow (komoot.de/user/355187498166)
      Here the hiked collection:
      [will follow on February 7th]

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      • circa 3 ore fa

  2. Thomas aus EF ha fatto un'escursione.

    circa 5 ore fa

    A Dagi, Büchi 🤠 e altri 90 piace questo.
    1. Thomas aus EF

      Tour template: heilbad-heiligenstadt.de/tourismus-freizeit/aktivitaeten-und-freizeiteinrichtungen/rad-und-wanderwege/wandern-in-heilbad-heiligenstadt-und- Umgebung/erlebnisiberg/
      Today somehow I went to Eichsfeld, where I haven't been often. The tour is very recommendable to get to know and only has a little slack in the middle. Otherwise very varied with some nice views.

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      • circa 5 ore fa

  3. Thomas aus EF ha fatto un'escursione.

    6 giorni fa

    A akdi, Berghexe e altri 131 piace questo.
    1. Thomas aus EF

      Tour 1 from the Rother hiking guide North Hesse.
      Actually, I had planned the tour to Hercules for today. Since the visibility this morning was not the best, I was looking for an alternative tour that did not depend so much on wide views. When a Kurhessenbahn was ready at the Wilhelmshöhe station, I spontaneously decided to do this tour of the reservoir.
      Unfortunately, the path at the Twistestausee is paved and not exactly close to the shore. At least there was mulled wine so that you could warm up a little.

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      • 6 giorni fa

  4. Thomas aus EF ha fatto un'escursione.

    7 giorni fa

    A Anna Nass 🍍, Andrea 🥾🐾 e altri 117 piace questo.
    1. Thomas aus EF

      Today my tour deviates significantly from the planned tour, which should actually go back to Winterstein. Because of too much white stuff everywhere, I took the bus back down.

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      • 7 giorni fa

  5. Thomas aus EF ha fatto un'escursione.

    10 gennaio 2021

    A Alwin, Bärbel e altri 132 piace questo.
    1. Thomas aus EF

      Today I picked up the Rother hiking guide North Hesse again and picked out Tour 34.
      In terms of the climbs and altitude, it was probably the toughest tour I've hiked in the last few weeks.
      The views of the Hessian skittles and the Rhön are first class. The weather played along too.

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      • 10 gennaio 2021

  6. A cabi, Dagi e altri 152 piace questo.
    1. Thomas aus EF

      Tour 11 from "Ways around Weimar - A seducer for hiking - Part one"
      I've been to the Riechheimer Berg several times, but never in winter. ☃️❄☃️
      Looked very nice there again, although the beef roulade was already gone. I have to go to the Stiefelburg in summer because of the beer garden.

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      • 9 gennaio 2021

    1. Thomas aus EF

      Tour 5 from "Ways around Weimar - A seducer for hiking - Part two"
      Today used the public holiday to do this tour, which you can take the bus from Apolda to on weekdays.
      In the season, of course, an absolute mud round, as it is almost predominantly on field and meadow paths. Sometimes quite promising and scenic in the Ilm Valley. The moated castle in Niederroßla looked interesting, as did the menu at Gasthaus Poche, if it were open.

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      • 6 gennaio 2021

  7. A 🥾Robin💥🏴‍☠️, Bärbel e altri 116 piace questo.
    1. Thomas aus EF

      Tour 20 from the book "Ways around Weimar - Part One"
      Towards the end more of a mud round. I will definitely return to Saaleck Castle when Corona is over.

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      • 3 gennaio 2021

  8. A cabi, Alwin e altri 117 piace questo.
    1. Thomas aus EF

      Tour 5 from the book "Ways around Weimar - Part One"
      When I looked out the window early on, it was clear that I didn't have to go far for a winter hike.
      The paths that are to be taken here are partly completely overgrown. Certainly a little challenge even without snow.

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      • 3 gennaio 2021

  9. A biker971, Johannes 🥾🚴‍♂️ e altri 63 piace questo.
    1. Thomas aus EF

      Tour 4 from the book "Ways around Weimar - Part One"
      I could still make out the Kaiserlinden and the Napoleon Stone, it had become too dark for the rest.

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      • 2 gennaio 2021

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