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  1. HWF ha fatto un'escursione.

    3 giorni fa

    11,1 km
    5,3 km/h
    190 m
    200 m
    A Ulrike, Hunderunde e altri 91 piace questo.
    1. HWF

      Doing good even in the fog - bewegunghilft.de

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      • 3 giorni fa

  2. HWF ha fatto un'escursione.

    5 giorni fa

    13,2 km
    5,0 km/h
    270 m
    290 m
    A Ulrike, Patricia e altri 87 piace questo.
    1. HWF

      Recharge with fresh air with Sir Henry 🐶 in the left side slope to the Ahringsbach. Today's wilderness tour is not recommended for the happy hiker due to the current conditions, but for all of us, including our four-legged friends - bewegunghilft.de

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      • 5 giorni fa

  3. HWF ha fatto un'escursione.

    6 giorni fa

    1. HWF

      Directly from the monastery garden against the current to the Bernkasteler Doctor, vis-a-vis back. Diagnosis: bewegunghilft.de

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      • 6 giorni fa

  4. HWF ha fatto un'escursione.

    20 gennaio 2022

    19,7 km
    5,9 km/h
    80 m
    90 m
    A Yvi 71, SCHWARZER WANDERVOGEL🦅 e altri 98 piace questo.
    1. HWF

      On the way on both sides of the Moselle between Reil and Zell. First with the current to the "Schwarze Katz", in the "Blue Lagoon Zell" refueled energy, change sides, now upstream for the final briefing to the Reiler Biberte. bewegunghilft.de

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      • 20 gennaio 2022

  5. HWF ha fatto un'escursione.

    18 gennaio 2022

    14,8 km
    5,8 km/h
    90 m
    80 m
    A Patricia, Ewa und Christof e altri 97 piace questo.
    1. HWF

      Right & left of the Moselle between Wolf and Lösnich, today to the Sucellus patron god of winegrowers & coopers. bewegunghilft.de

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      • 18 gennaio 2022

  6. HWF ha fatto un'escursione.

    16 gennaio 2022

    5,85 km
    5,4 km/h
    70 m
    90 m
    1. HWF

      Even after the start of the campaign you can "continuously do good"
      Join us bewegunghilft.de 2022!

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      • 16 gennaio 2022

  7. HWF ha fatto un'escursione.

    15 gennaio 2022

    10,9 km
    4,8 km/h
    350 m
    370 m
    A Gerd, Sven e altri 100 piace questo.
    1. HWF

      Start hike for the campaign bewegunghilft.de from January 15 to May 14, 2022
      in favor of the two aid organizations DEUTSCHER KINDERHOSPIZVEREIN e.V. and the ROTERKEIL.NET network
      Wine & hiking greetings from the Moselle to the Münsterland.

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      • 15 gennaio 2022

  8. HWF ha fatto un'escursione.

    14 gennaio 2022

    14,0 km
    4,9 km/h
    400 m
    390 m
    1. HWF

      Today a struggle between sun and haze/fog on the RheinBurgenWeg between Trechtingshausen and Bingen, at the entrance gate "Upper Middle Rhine Valley". In the end, the haze in the valley of Father Rhine held sway, the Bingen Mouse Tower was denied a view of the blue sky.
      The tour is always worthwhile, if only because of the strong refreshments at forsthaus-heiligkreuz.com for the campaign bewegunghilft.de, from tomorrow until May 15th.
      Here is the route description:

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      • 14 gennaio 2022

  9. HWF ha fatto un'escursione.

    12 gennaio 2022

    15,0 km
    4,8 km/h
    450 m
    450 m
    1. HWF

      A wintry circular hike started with a sunny, far-reaching view at the top of the keep of the Wildenburg, in the middle of the Hunsrück in the Birkenfelder Land. Down through the magnificent Königswald to Tiefenstein, which Idarbach crosses, now rising slightly towards the Tiefenbach to the place of the gemstone cutters, to Kirschweiler. Past the Bärenloch down a steep path, crossed the Idarbach again and the B 422, now over the Rosselhalde back up to the Wildenburger Kopf, the wildcat had been waiting for me there.
      Overall, a nice circular hike, sturdy shoes and hiking sticks, especially recommended in winter conditions.
      A New Year - A Common Goal from January 15th to May 14th

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      • 12 gennaio 2022

  10. HWF ha fatto un'escursione.

    8 gennaio 2022

    5,79 km
    5,0 km/h
    130 m
    140 m
    A Luca, Die_Ute e altri 106 piace questo.
    1. HWF

      The first snow hike ❄️ 2022 on the Moselle heights above Traben-Trarbach.

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      • 8 gennaio 2022

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