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    1. Angelika &🐅

      Today I was able to spontaneously take my free lunch 😅. It was cloudy and foggy in the Rhine plain, but I had seen that it should be sunny up there. I asked Björn if he wanted to come along but he was very busy 😏 Too bad, then don't stop 😅. It should go to the Kalmit, the highest mountain in the Palatinate Forest.
      When he got home, he said he would come with me, left everything ☺. The drive to the parking lot was exhausting, visibility was zero, will that work out? We dived into the fog, but on the way to Taubenkopf we could actually guess the blue sky 🥰. Once at the top, enjoy the sun before the fog swallowed us up again. Accompanied by the sun's rays, which penetrated through the fog, we went up to Kalmit. There was the Rhine plain in the sea of fog below us 😲. There were a few people but a few hundred meters further everyone was gone😅. The Felsenmeer was waiting for us, we only made slow progress, the fog, the sun's rays, it was pure magic 🤩. Again and again we were enveloped in fog but the sun managed to break through again. The sun's rays, which were cold white before, turned golden 🥰As soon as the sun disappeared, it got ice cold, luckily the parking lot wasn't far. Björn and I agreed that we had never experienced anything like this before. 🥰

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    1. Angelika &🐅

      After I had to drink the rest of the mulled wine last night (nothing is thrown away 🤣), I had to sleep in first 🤪. A close round was needed. After we didn't find any 👹 yesterday, the ghosts had to be visited today. 🥰All hell broke loose at the starting point. You don't want to imagine what's going on when the weather is nice 🥴 But I was lucky with my planning, after 100 meters it calmed down 🤗. The path into the valley was great 🥰 A family was cavorting at the camel head, otherwise silence 🤩. It's worth taking a closer look there, I discover new faces every time 👻 From there I continued on wide, unspectacular forest roads, not bad with the mud pampe 😅. The view of the Leininger Land was my next goal. The last 2 km were very nice again, we went back to the car on a narrow trail ☺. For Sundays it was pretty quiet there. I met 10 people. We liked it 😍

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    1. Angelika &🐅

      Today we went with our "crawling group" (we have known each other since our children can crawl 😅) on the search for the devil. We didn't find him either on the Stoppelkopp, in the little pub or on the Teufelsfelsen. Maybe it was better that way🤣. Unfortunately, the weather was pretty modest today, but we didn't care. We had a great lunch with Lewwerscht, Brotworscht, puff pastry pockets and mulled wine. Thanks girls, you stuck it out great 🙃

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    20 gennaio 2022

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    1. Angelika &🐅

      Today it finally worked out again with a hike with Simone 😊. Since I was able to leave 1 hour earlier, we met on the way to the Eckkopfturm. The weather forecast was actually good, but there was no sun to be seen at the start. I wrote to Simone to bring some sun with her😆. What can I say, 5 minutes later she came out at the castle 🥰. That puts you in a better mood 🙃. Together we then tackled the long ascent to the Eckkopfturm. Unfortunately, the sun disappeared again, and up there it started to snow and a strong wind blew. It got really cold🥶🥶 and we warmed up with tea and mulled wine 😋. Simone then gave me a really great calendar. A very wonderful gift ☺. We bridge the waiting time until sunset with sausages and pretzels. A narrow light band could be seen, alla let's go into the freezing cold. At the top we almost flew away. The sunset was wonderful even if the sun was simply swallowed up at the end. We quickly went down and warmed up in the hut. The last tea and mulled wine was destroyed 🤣
      The 3.5 km to the car went quickly, only down there 😅. Simone, thank you for your company, it was a lot of fun again 😇

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      • 20 gennaio 2022

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    18 gennaio 2022

    12,4 km
    2,8 km/h
    390 m
    390 m
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    16 gennaio 2022

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    1. Angelika &🐅

      With the beautiful weather 🤣 we went to Pirmasens for the three of us today 😍. Petra had chosen the tour and was allowed to decide 🤣🤣. We were thrilled by the many bizarre rocks and the beautiful paths. 🤩 We were able to discover some faces and reliefs. There is a high proportion of paths, but you sometimes walk on wide paths. I found it very pleasant to go. Above the Felsentor we discovered a panoramic bench, spread out and ate the super delicious potato leek soup from Petra 😋. Of course, the mulled wine couldn't be missing either 😅. The most beautiful were the Kanzelfelsen, the Schillerwand, the broken rocks and the Kugelfels at the end. Actually everything😆😆. In the end it started to snow and it got slippery. But we came down the steep path unharmed. A highly recommended tour. But today on Sunday there were already a few people on the road.

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      • 16 gennaio 2022

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    14 gennaio 2022

    7,75 km
    4,3 km/h
    240 m
    190 m
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    1. Angelika &🐅

      After the night shift, everything went wrong today. At 11.00 a.m. Mischka had another appointment with the vet. Arrived there with a delay 😬. Excused me and then she says the appointment was yesterday 😬😫 But we were allowed to wait, of course in the freezing cold in front of the practice 🥴. Alla at 12 00 we were finished and drove to the Palatinate Forest. There was thick fog in the Rhine plain, visibility less than 30 m. A friend was already on the road and sent me photos. Inversion weather conditions with dense fog in the valley🥰. He said go to Neustadt, I thought about it and drove on to Annweiler 🤨 Unfortunately we were a bit too late, arrived in Annweiler, bright sunshine 😶. My cell phone only had 60 percent battery left, that had to be enough. 😬 It doesn't matter, first we went steeply up to the Krappenfelsen. You could still see the remaining fog in the valley 😍. Next I lay flat on the panorama bench😴🤣. The way to the Jungpfalzhütte is not particularly great, but the view is 😅. Another dip in the sun before we strolled to Summer Rock. There was someone else waiting for the sunset😅. What awaited us there can hardly be put into words 😍🥰🤩. The thick fog floated down from the Rhine plain into the valley. Minutes later it became more, our conversation fell silent. We watched the wafts of fog as they conquered the valley and the sun went down😇. We could hardly believe our luck. It was time to go downstairs. Simone, who lives in Annweiler, as I found out, accompanied me to the car. My battery left me on the last meters 😅. I'm so glad I just drove through, at the moment I'm really 🐷

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      • 14 gennaio 2022

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    12 gennaio 2022

    10,1 km
    4,3 km/h
    390 m
    370 m
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    1. Angelika &🐅

      On my free lunchtime I take advantage of the wonderful weather to do a little tour near Leinsweiler. I skipped the pilgrimage site, lay in the shade and it was cold there🤣. So we went through the sunny vineyards to the Slevogt graves at the unfortunately abandoned Slevogthof. Then up to the Harakiri stairs (for dogs) at the Neukastel castle ruins. I told mischka that she should wait and I'm up alone. Suddenly she was standing next to me🤣. How it is up there, no idea, in any case it would not come back down the steep and narrow lattice steps 🤨. You don't want to know the rest 😉😝. After I straightened out, I went to the Wettereck. First there was a long sunbath and nothing to drink or eat because I don't have the thermos
      Properly locked. With my rucksack wet, I gasped up the miserable climb to the shoemaker's rock. 🥵🥵. Time was running, the sun was fading I also had to leave out the tower 🤨. Anyway, the sunset was so gorgeous, I could barely let go. 🥰. The 2.5 km to the car were adventurous. First steeply down over frozen roots, then sunk into deep mud and at the end slipped on a frozen puddle 🤣. It doesn't matter, I still have the grin on my face ☺

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      • 12 gennaio 2022

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    9 gennaio 2022

    8,62 km
    2,9 km/h
    220 m
    220 m
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