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Draußen unterwegs – mal sportlich, mal entspannt. Für die sportliche Herausforderung das Rennrad, für die Reichweite das Tourenrad und das CC-MTB für’s besonders intensive Naturerlebnis. Eine Tour ohne Berge ist nicht komplett, das Heimatrevier Schwarzwald bietet dafür zum Glück viel Gelegenheit. Im Urlaub zieht es mich nicht selten in die Alpen. Hier wie dort ist auch Wandern und moderates Bergsteigen herrlich.
Damit dies auch in Zukunft so bleibt – Respect the mountains, respect nature – leave no trace!

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37.314 km

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1529:20 h

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  1. Daniel ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    5 giorni fa

    123 km
    25,9 km/h
    1.880 m
    1.870 m
    A UZI, Adrian108 e altri 28 piace questo.
    1. Daniel

      The little road from Niederwasser in Gutach Valley up to the baker / hotel "Schöne Aussicht" has been on the "to-drive" list for some time. Downhill fun, up really neatly crisp! The 16% signs seem a bit understated here, similar to the 18% signs on the slope between Gutach and Landwassereck seem clearly exaggerated! In any case, there are some ramps that make it necessary to step out of the saddle even at 28/25. 8.7% on average are not completely sloppy either. On the other hand, you drive here fairly calmly and can therefore make out the matter between the 500 meters of altitude and the calves largely undisturbed.
      The branch line from Schonach to Fahrnberg is great and a scenic highlight.
      The "cycle path" from Fahrnberg to the source of the Danube is only recommended to a limited extent for racing bikes, here you should have at least 28 tires on your bike, and in some parts the forest road is quite rough. The gravel section from the source of the Danube to the Brend is much better.

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      • 5 giorni fa

  2. Daniel ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    7 giorni fa

    62,3 km
    25,1 km/h
    1.140 m
    1.120 m
    A Marion, HPS e altri 20 piace questo.
    1. Daniel

      Today a little gray on the Kandelsattel - but almost no traffic when cranking up.
      From Monday, September 13th Kandelstraße from Waldkirch is completely closed until the end of October, as the next section of the route is due to be renovated. So if you want to ride the 900 meters of altitude this year in halfway warm weather, you should do it this weekend.

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      • 7 giorni fa

  3. Daniel ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    5 settembre 2021

    67,1 km
    21,4 km/h
    1.470 m
    1.470 m
    A Huntsman 🌲🌴🌵🏄, Iris Benz e altri 27 piace questo.
    1. Daniel

      From Oberried you can not only drive in the direction of Steinwasen on the Schauinsland or Notschrei, or the wonderful route into the Zastlertal and up to the Rinken, but also choose a few smaller streets that are sporty and demanding and extremely quiet in terms of traffic.
      On the west side of Oberried up to the Rappenecker Hütte and on the south-east side the driveway to the Erlenbacher Hütte are wonderful little streets that you should definitely have cycled! Thanks to @ Toje-vu for the suggestion.

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      • 5 settembre 2021

  4. Daniel ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    3 settembre 2021

    65,8 km
    25,3 km/h
    1.200 m
    1.200 m
    A Jürgen, HPS e altri 31 piace questo.
    1. Daniel

      Small detour to the local mountain - today with a warm-up on the Urberg, a small foothill of the Schönberg. The approach to the Schauinsland via Bollschweil, Ortisei, Kaltwasser and the Eduardshöhe has the huge advantage of practically absent vehicle traffic, especially the large number of motorcycle drivers who can be found on the Schauinslandstraße on Friday evening.
      For this you have to make friends with jagged incline percentages and 2 kilometers of gravel forest road - depending on your preference.
      A particularly beautiful sunset today, just enough light for the fast Hofsgrund descent 😀.

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      • 3 settembre 2021

  5. Daniel ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    2 settembre 2021

    49,0 km
    33,8 km/h
    240 m
    240 m
    A 💥Reiner-Wahnsinn🌲, Marion e altri 24 piace questo.
    1. Daniel

      As soon as August is over, late summer dares to come out again - can stay a little.

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      • 2 settembre 2021

  6. Daniel ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    27 agosto 2021

    67,2 km
    24,2 km/h
    1.210 m
    1.210 m
    A Christian, Katrin e altri 24 piace questo.
    1. Daniel

      After a very wet autumn morning, Friday evening was again very forgiving. Even if the almost single-digit temperature values on the Kandel didn't quite fit in with August - the Waldkirch side of the mountain is simply fun. The dangling over Neuwelt up to the Platte and the descent through Ibental round off this tour almost perfectly.

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      • 27 agosto 2021

  7. Daniel ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    24 agosto 2021

    66,5 km
    32,0 km/h
    670 m
    670 m
    A WolfG *FR, Lutz mag Berge e altri 27 piace questo.
    1. Daniel

      The Kaiserstuhl is a very rewarding photo opportunity on a sunny evening. Unfortunately, the early point in time when you can take evening pictures again is not so nice - the long evenings should go a little longer .....

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      • 24 agosto 2021

  8. Daniel ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    21 agosto 2021

    47,3 km
    30,0 km/h
    680 m
    670 m
    A 💥Reiner-Wahnsinn🌲, Christian e altri 24 piace questo.
    1. Daniel

      Small Saturday afternoon round in the home area - which is always strikingly beautiful 😀.

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      • 21 agosto 2021

  9. Daniel ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    15 agosto 2021

    76,0 km
    30,4 km/h
    740 m
    740 m
    A UZI, Wolfgang Schoch e altri 22 piace questo.
    1. Daniel

      Small round on the lonely streets of Franche-Comte.
      Note: If you like, you can take a look at the TdS21 stages - meanwhile a few pictures have been added which hopefully give a good impression of the tours.

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      • 16 agosto 2021

  10. Daniel ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    12 agosto 2021

    151 km
    22,8 km/h
    2.050 m
    2.240 m
    A UZI, Volker236a e altri 36 piace questo.
    1. Daniel

      And finally the Black Forest is waiting!
      The journey from Mönchaltorf to Dübendorf was a pleasure - along the Greifensee, the route leads through meadows and fields, and the existing cycle paths are pleasant and quiet.
      The crossing of Dübendorf and Wallisellen was then rather strenuous - komoot is a bit overwhelmed in the complex inner-city traffic with sometimes rather winding bike paths. On the whole, however, it is still quite pleasant to roll through the Zurich bacon belt, behind Kloten you can cycle extremely efficiently on a great bike path that is so straight and free of obstacles that it is almost boring.
      At Eglisau over the Rhine and on towards Erzingen, where you cross the border shortly before Bühl rather unnoticed. From Erzingen, one of the steepest ramps in the area was chosen as a bike route - the way of the cross to the mountain chapel is paved, but also up to 18% steep - quite neat!
      The little road that connects to Ofteringen is very beautiful. Bonndorf marks the lion's share of the difference in altitude that remains today, but the stretch from Neustadt between Weißtannenhöhe, Dietschenberg and Doldenbühl is not only extremely beautiful, but also extremely steep in places - just right to finish the somewhat mountainous Tour de Suisse 2021 in style.
      I was lucky with the weather, got to know many new routes - that's the way it should be!
      Now you just have to do something with the 40 GB pictures and videos 😄

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      • 12 agosto 2021

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