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Frei nach dem Motto: „Heimat ist kein Ort, sondern ein GefĂŒhl“, habe ich fĂŒr mich den Spruch umformuliert: „Outdoor ist kein Ort, sondern ein LebensgefĂŒhl“. Das Verweilen in der Natur gibt mir geistige und seelische Kraft, um aufzutanken und mich fĂŒr den Alltag zu regenerieren. Ich wandere gerne allein oder in der Gruppe und bin beinahe jedes Wochenende unterwegs, wenn es mir möglich ist. Auch meine Frau oder die Kinder sind immer wieder gerne mal dabei. Da muss ich mich dann allerdings vom Tempo her ganz schön zurĂŒcknehmen. Ich bin auch einem Marathon, einer Wallfahrt oder Pilgerwanderungen nicht abgeneigt und genieße es, unbekannte Regionen in unserem Land kennen zu lernen.
Seit meiner Kindheit bin ich (damals natĂŒrlich mit meinen Eltern) beinahe jedes Wochenende auf IVV-Wandertagen irgendwo in Deutschland unterwegs und habe im Jahr 2016 mein Ziel, einmal die Erde zu umrunden, mit der entsprechenden Auszeichnung des Volkssportverbandes erreicht.
Hier könnt Ihr Euch die Auszeichnung ansehen: komoot.de/tour/13834658
NatĂŒrlich gehe ich auch weiterhin gerne zu IVV-Wandertagen in meiner nĂ€heren Umgebung.
Alle Tourenfotos wurden/werden aufgenommen mit dem Apple iPhone 13 Pro oder einem seiner VorgÀngermodelle.
Die erhabene Sprache der Natur, die Töne der bedĂŒrftigen Menschheit lernt nur der Wanderer kennen.
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
An einem Sommermorgen da nimm den Wanderstab, Es fallen deine Sorgen wie Nebel von dir ab. (Theodor Fontane)
Wandern ist eine TĂ€tigkeit der Beine und ein Zustand der Seele.
(Josef Hofmiller, Schriftsteller und Lehrer)

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    280 m
    260 m
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    1. Söhni 🏃

      This beer tour starts at the hiking car park in the street "Mainleite" in Dörfleins. Via the Mainleite and Ellerweg it goes back out of the residential area to the country road that leads through Dörfleins. From now on, follow the wine cycle path (marked blue "M" with grapes) first through Dörfleins, where you will already find the first brewery (Eichhorn) and then on a cycle path along the road towards Oberhaid.
      Shortly before the place there are two nice beer cellars. In the center of Oberhaid you will pass the second brewery (Wagner) on this tour and then turn into Sauerstraße opposite. The cycle path leads through a residential area and out of town via Friedrich-Ebert-Straße. Cross the fields and past the first vineyards to reach Staffelbach, where the brewery (Hertlein) is the turning point of this tour. Unfortunately, the brewery has been permanently closed since 2017 due to a death after 147 years of brewing.
      Source: Bierland Upper Franconia

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      This demanding hike begins at the parking lot at the GĂŒgel Church. You can get there via a small road that branches off the country road between Ludwag and Zeckendorf. Before you start walking, you should pay a visit to the beautiful GĂŒgel Church. The most beautiful access is from below via the Lourdes grotto (on the side facing away from the car park). From the church it goes down a few steps towards Giechburg.
      The "Frankenweg" marking takes you to the half-ruin, which offers a unique view of the surrounding area. Then it goes downhill on the Frankenweg to Scheßlitz. There the path makes a small loop through the city and brings you to the two breweries.
      You leave Scheßlitz via Demmelsdorfer Straße and come to Demmelsdorf on a cycle path that runs alongside the road. Dorf, follow the signs for "Naturfreundehaus", from where the red St. Andrew's cross will lead you to WĂŒrgau and the next brewery. Now it goes uphill again, following the red horizontal line, through a beautiful little gorge
      Once at the top, the path turns sharply right just before KĂŒbelstein. After almost a kilometer, leave the red horizontal line and turn left onto an agricultural path that will take you straight to Ludwag. In Ludwag, turn right and now have to walk a short distance on the country road (be careful!). Shortly after the end of the village, an unmarked path branches off to the left. Follow this straight ahead until the path meets the Frankenweg again, which brings you back to the starting point.
      Source: Bierland Upper Franconia

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      DVV Guided day hike "Benefit hike for those affected by cystic fibrosis" as part of the "Germany wanders, Germany helps!"
      The patron of the campaign is the actress Michaela May. She collects donations, provides information about cystic fibrosis in the media and takes part in various benefit events.
      The start and finish of the hike was the AngerseehĂŒtte in Bad Staffelstein. The hiking route offered views of the Staffelberg, the pilgrimage church Vierzehnheiligen, Banz Monastery, the Eierberge and the lakes around the health resort. The highlight was the sunset at the end of the hike. Unfortunately, the photos are a bit mixed up, so that the photos of the sunset 🌅 appear at the beginning of the photo series. 😱

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    1. Söhni 🏃

      This beer hike in the Fichtelgebirge starts from the parking lot (chargeable) on the southern bank of the WeißenstĂ€dter See.
      The first part of the way runs on the country road towards Schönlind. However, you can take a shortcut from the parking lot via a meadow (path) so that you only have to walk a short distance on the country road until the hiking trail turns left into Schönlinder Weg.
      Now follow the marking "Blau-Weiß-Blau" in the direction of BischofsgrĂŒn. After you have passed Schönlind, follow the "blue point" mark uphill to the Rudolfstein lookout point. From the striking rock group you can enjoy the distant view of the Schneeberg and the WeißenstĂ€dter See.
      Then it goes on the marking "H" downhill to Weißenstadt. You walk past the first houses until the path continues straight downhill across a meadow. You reach the country road, leave the marking "H" and walk right into the village. Continue across the market square into Kirchlamitzer Straße to the Michael brewery. There you turn sharply left onto a footpath that leads along the sawmill towards the lake. Via Badstrasse you get to the lake promenade and continue to the right to the Stadtbad restaurant and then back along the lakeshore to the car park.
      Source: Bierland Upper Franconia

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      • 17 ottobre 2021

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    20,0 km
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    1. Söhni 🏃

      Starting point for the “Steiger” hiking car park, GPS: Steiger car park, L2304, 36148 Kalbach, (ZiegelhĂŒtte, Fuldaer Strasse)
      The toque tour runs over 20 km around the village of Heubach in the south-eastern part of the Fulda district. It is marked with a red "H" on a white background and is easy to walk on.
      The highlight of the tour is the observation tower, which stands on the old border route between Prussia and Bavaria on the 658 m high Great Dome. It offers a wide all-round view of the Rhön in the northeast and east, the Vogelsberg in the west, the Spessart in the south and the Fuldaer Rhön foreland in the north. The ridge in the southwest separates the Fulda district from the Main-Kinzig district.
      In the east you can see the Wildflecken military training area with the pilgrimage church “Maria Ehrenberg”. The Wasserkuppe and the Milseburg greet you from afar. The part of the tour to the west of the A 7 runs through the fields of Heubach and through a quiet forest and meadow landscape on the Schwarzen and Senges mountains. On the crest on the northeastern edge of the Black Mountain lies a prominent stone block - the Frauenstein. This stone is interpreted as part of a prehistoric tomb. It was mentioned for the first time in a document in 1011 in the boundary description of the Vogtei of the Fulda monastery. From the 527 meter high Steiger in the south you have a wide view of the surrounding area.

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      • 16 ottobre 2021

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    13 ottobre 2021

    8,49 km
    5,7 km/h
    190 m
    190 m
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    1. Söhni 🏃

      This very beautiful hike through the world cultural heritage city of Bamberg starts at the Geyerswörth underground car park. From there you continue towards GeyerswörthbrĂŒcke, from which you have a beautiful view of the old town hall, which stands in the middle of the Regnitz river. On the other bank it is only a few more steps until you reach the first two breweries.Then it goes up to the Bamberg Cathedral, from where the Residenzstrasse leads downhill again. The street leads through a gate and directly behind it the path branches off to the left into Aufseßstraße. After about 100 meters there is a passage to the St. Michael monastery in the stone wall on the right. The Franconian Brewery Museum is also located in the courtyard of the monastery.You leave the inner courtyard and go straight up the mountain on St.-Getreu-Straße and then turn left below the Villa Remeis. The Dr.-Remeis-Straße and the Lorbersgasse now lead you out of the city into the Teufelsgraben. Accompanied by a small stream, it is now steadily uphill. Since this part of the route is very humid and muddy after rainfall, you should definitely wear suitable footwear. Finally, the hiking trail meets the RĂŒbezahlweg, which you follow to the left until you reach the parking lot below the Altenburg. From the parking lot, a footpath leads up to the castle on the right. After enjoying the beautiful view of Bamberg, take the same path back to the parking lot and then turn right (at number 115) into a small path, from which a narrow path branches off to the left and leads downhill. Via the Panzerleite you go to Laurenziplatz, where the next brewery is waiting for you.Then it goes over the Kroaten- and Seelgasse to the Upper Stephansberg. There you can take a detour to one of the three beer cellars. Our tip is the special cellar at the observatory. Now it's back down the Stephansberg towards the city center.Via Concordiastraße you get to the last brewery of the tour and then via the Obere MĂŒhlbrĂŒcke and Geyerswörthstraße back to the starting point.
      Source: Bierland Upper Franconia

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      • 13 ottobre 2021

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    1. Söhni 🏃

      The Panoramaweg presents itself as a natural hiking trail along the slope edge above the summer houses vineyards. It gives hikers numerous views into the Main Valley towards Ochsenfurt and WĂŒrzburg, to Sommerhausen and Eibelstadt.

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      • 10 ottobre 2021

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    1. Söhni 🏃

      The erotic beer, which was initially just a carnival joke, is now the recipe for success for the small Franconian brewery in Schönbrunn, a district of Wunsiedel.
      It all started in 2002 in a Schönbrunn inn. The members of the regulars' table "Wurzelstolperer", including master brewer JĂŒrgen Hopf, wished for an erotic hop juice as a carnival joke. The response surprised even the master brewer: "Nobody would have thought that the erotic beer would hit the mark." People literally tore the bottles from his hands with a naked beauty on the label. So the brewer developed the idea further and turned it into an ongoing product. It rained media inquiries, Hopf and his beer came on television, celebrities like Lilo Wanders and Verona Pooth drank the beer from Schönbrunn.
      The magazines "Playboy" and "Penthouse" were also interested in the barley juice from the Fichtel Mountains. Hopf had photo shoots with scantily clad models. He does not reveal exact sales figures, but he and his sons Richard and Rudolf are satisfied with the business of the Lang-BrÀu they run. The erotic beer has of course been exported abroad for a long time.
      Of course, the beer is brewed strictly according to the purity law. The "erotic waves" complement the recipe. Hopf leads the tourists in droves to his "erotic beer cellar" in the Lang-BrÀu. There are brewery tours everywhere and the guests have already been to various breweries umpteen times, but things get slippery at Hopf. With a wink, he talks about how his beer promotes potency and fertility. "People want to laugh," says the brewmaster. Dressed only in a hat, rubber boots and loincloth, he brews the supposedly mysterious drink.
      infranken.de/lk/wunsiedel/erotik-bier-aus-wunsiedel-dieser-braumeister-braut-sein-bier-fast-nackt-art-3177033The starting point of this tour is the parking lot at the Luisenburg above Wunsiedel. From there it is only a few meters uphill to the entrance of the rock labyrinth (entry is chargeable). There are different paths in the rock labyrinth. We recommend following the blue arrows. At the end of the rock labyrinth there is a rest area where the next destination, the Kaiserfelsen, is already signposted. The Franconian mountain path (marking: stylized mountain peaks on a red background) leads to the beautiful Burgstein rock and then on to the Haberstein. There we leave the Franconian mountain path and first follow the marking "H" and then the marking "white-blue" downhill towards Schönbrunn. Shortly after leaving the forest, we have to cross the federal highway 303 and walk into Furthammer. It goes uphill to the Lang-BrÀu in Schönbrunn. After the brewery keep left and then turn right at the fountain into Brunnenstrasse, which leads us out of the village. Once you have reached the top, continue to the right (partly marked: red fox) to Wunsiedel. We walk along Ludwigstrasse into the city center, past the council rooms (gastronomy of the Hönicka BrÀu). A detour to the Fichtelgebirgsmuseum is ideal here. Then it goes through the Koppetentorturm out of town. In the Landgerichtsstrasse we find the marking "H" again, which leads us back to the Luisenburg.

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      • 9 ottobre 2021

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    1. Söhni 🏃

      The Franconian Forest and the Fichtelgebirge are rightly called “Bavaria's very rich corner”, because hardly anywhere else in Europe are there more numerous and varied rock formations in such a small area. The geological subsurface creates a variety of landscapes and the landscape in turn shapes the uniqueness of people and culture. The “Franconian Stone Kingdom” quality trail - designed as a 75-kilometer stage route - pays tribute to this unique mixture. A lot comes together on the “Steinreich” - not just granite with limestone and slate, but also “Oberland” with “Unterland”, Buddhism with devotion to Mary and “faithful Catholic Bamberg” meets “defensive Protestant margravial”. Four daily stages from 13 to 24 km in length connect more than 40 selected waypoints with a geological and cultural background, 22 of which are equipped with explanatory display boards.

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    1. Söhni 🏃

      From Sand am Main, the ascent led us directly up to the Hermannsberg and the summit cross there. Here the hiker can enjoy the view of the Main Valley and a wonderful view of the Haßberge. Along the edge of the quarries you come to the “Sander Kronberg” vineyard, either below or above the vineyards, past the Hufnagelbrunnen. At the “Storchenkeller” it is worth taking another look into the Main Valley.
      After leaving the forest, past the vineyards "Sander HimmelsbĂŒhl" and "Fischersberge", you will follow meadow paths to the Sander Baggersee and then back to the starting point.

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      • 2 ottobre 2021

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