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Rennrad fahren 🚲, schöne - abwechslungsreiche Landschaften genießen 🌳🌾🌲🌻, neue Wege finden 🏞️ und tolle Orte entdecken 🏰 - eine schöne Kombination aus Sport und Abenteuer 😊🚲GCN: Claura11
Zwift: Clau Ra

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1.895 km

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90:41 h

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    5 giorni fa

    2,06 km
    4,8 km/h
    60 m
    50 m
    A Stefan 😇, Stephan e altri 58 piace questo.
    1. CyklistCR11

      On the way home I had a short stay in Leipzig 🚶‍♀️👍With drizzle and a tight schedule, I was able to get a brief impression.Not only the train station is absolutely worth seeing, but also the really beautiful city center 👍🚶‍♀️

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      • 5 giorni fa

  2. A Seit 1984 ⚒️, Stephan e altri 62 piace questo.
    1. CyklistCR11

      🚶‍♀️🛶🌞 nice walk through Lübbenau, along the water to Lehde.After a short coffee break, the descent continued with cool but mild temperatures.Back at the castle (now a hotel) along the smallest brewery in Brandenburg 🍻🍻🍻Searched for the bone at the Spreewald Museum to end the walkNice route, nice impressions, makes you want to repeat it in summer.

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      • 6 giorni fa

  3. CyklistCR11 ha fatto un Tour.

    7 giorni fa

    A Seit 1984 ⚒️, JavierCR 🇪🇸 e altri 48 piace questo.
    1. BeGo

      Where are you on the road... north of you is the "Fläming Skate", routes for online (and bicycle) drivers... have a nice holiday, if it's one....🙋

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      • 7 giorni fa

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    7 giorni fa

    A HerzoWolf, Seit 1984 ⚒️ e altri 39 piace questo.
    1. CyklistCR11

      🚶‍♀️ Family visit - short walk through some snow and sun 🌞❄

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      • 7 giorni fa

  5. CyklistCR11 ha fatto un'escursione.

    11 gennaio 2022

    A Bea 🌬️🏵️, Christian e altri 61 piace questo.
    1. CyklistCR11

      🚶‍♀️ short walk through Würzburg.Under the residence in the direction of the quarries, back across the Main and amalten cranes. Nice little round 🚶‍♀️🙂The mobile phone kept telling me that it had lost the GPS signal, but it apparently recorded correctly 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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      • 11 gennaio 2022

  6. CyklistCR11 ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    2 gennaio 2022

    36,4 km
    21,9 km/h
    90 m
    90 m
    A Nils, Ewa und Christof e altri 78 piace questo.
    1. CyklistCR11

      🚲 Small Sunday trip through Tennenlohe and Erlangen. Well-navigable routes, very little traffic, except on the Pegnitz where a lot of people went for their Sunday stroll.Nice short lap, but still quite fresh and unfortunately the sun has hardly prevailed 🚲❄️

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      • 2 gennaio 2022

  7. CyklistCR11 ha fatto un giro in bici da corsa.

    31 dicembre 2021

    58,8 km
    19,7 km/h
    120 m
    120 m
    A Daniel Feilmayr, Nils e altri 80 piace questo.
    1. CyklistCR11

      "Annual financial statements 2021"Turned a lap of the canal again in sunshine and very mild weather.
      I noticed that you always discover something new 😊👍🚲
      Total since 3.6. drove about 2720 km this year. (Unfortunately, it is no longer comprehensible before June 3rd 🙈)Of these, 1870 outdoors and 850 indoors (Zwift).The faithful Scott did 2345 km of this and the Rose 376 km after all.😂🚲 Let's see how much it will be next year, then I'll also count from the beginning of the year 😂I wish everyone a happy new year and good and beautiful tours in the future too 🚲🎉🎆🎉🎆

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      • 31 dicembre 2021

  8. CyklistCR11 ha fatto un'escursione.

    24 dicembre 2021

    1. CyklistCR11

      🚶‍♀️🎄 It's gray and gray outside, but you still have to take a walk in the area.
      Despite the predominant gray on gray, there are still nice impressions.
      I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎁🎀🎁🎄🎄

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      • 24 dicembre 2021

  9. CyklistCR11 ha fatto un'escursione.

    21 dicembre 2021

    1. CyklistCR11

      The whole day admired the sun and the blue sky from the office window 🤩 so I decided to go home despite the cool temperatures 🚶‍♀️Didn't get much from the sun, but it's always nice to walk along the Pegnitz and be outside 🌞❄️🚶‍♀️

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      • 21 dicembre 2021

  10. CyklistCR11 ha fatto un'escursione.

    18 dicembre 2021

    A Nils, Daniel Feilmayr e altri 48 piace questo.
    1. CyklistCR11

      🚶‍♀️📦 Delivered parcels to the post office, made a short round - past the former Kulturbrauerei 🚶‍♀️, fetched bread rolls 🥐 and found that it was uncomfortably gray outside.
      Oh yes, the Wahoo is misused as a potential hiking Wahoo 🤣😂

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      • 18 dicembre 2021

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