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  1. fadenkäfer e Samweis hanno fatto un'escursione.

    13 novembre 2021

    10,6 km
    4,5 km/h
    270 m
    270 m
    A HzP I., Samweis e altri 202 piace questo.
    1. fadenkäfer

      Sometimes the good is so close 😊. Today we closed a "gap in hiking knowledge" and took the Gotha Krahnberg in the north-west of the city as a hiking destination. With a height of approx. 431 m it is an independent mountain range. In good, but quite cool weather, we started at the town hall and were then very quickly in this popular local recreation area. Some paths were difficult to pass .... the harvester had done a great job 😏. But there were also beautiful sections through the autumn forest.
      Conclusion: a nice hike in the fresh air 😂🤣😅😆

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      • 13 novembre 2021

  2. fadenkäfer e Samweis hanno fatto un'escursione.

    6 novembre 2021

    A Samweis, EnzoMortelli e altri 193 piace questo.
    1. fadenkäfer

      With sun on your face and a fresh 4 degrees around your nose, a short Saturday morning lap. It was wonderful and you just have to enjoy moments like this

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      • 6 novembre 2021

  3. fadenkäfer e Samweis hanno fatto un'escursione.

    31 ottobre 2021

    A Fran 🚵🏻 📷, Daniel Feilmayr e altri 200 piace questo.
    1. fadenkäfer

      After a foggy breakfast on our local mountain, we circled the beautiful district town of Meiningen. There were numerous picnic areas and shelters on the tour. From this tour you can see the city from very different perspectives. The Ringweg is well signposted (in some places your gut feeling is required 🤣🤣🤣). We landed well at the starting point after 24 km and found this loop very nice.

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      • 31 ottobre 2021

  4. fadenkäfer e Samweis hanno fatto un'escursione.

    31 ottobre 2021

    A Samweis, E-Bike- geht ÜBERHAUPTNICHT e altri 139 piace questo.
    1. fadenkäfer

      A morning coffee was planned for sunrise on the island mountain. According to the weather app, we were at the right time and on time when the weather was actually clear at 916 m🤩. Fresh coffee, sandwiches & we were there ... But where was the sun ??? We saw them shortly after on our drive to Meiningen in Trusetal🌞🤣😆😂😍

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      • 31 ottobre 2021

  5. fadenkäfer e Samweis hanno fatto un'escursione.

    30 ottobre 2021

    A Samweis, Christoph88 e altri 182 piace questo.
    1. fadenkäfer

      Quickly used the probably last rays of the sun of the wonderful October and shot a lap over the Gothaer Seeberg. Start & finish was Gotha train station. We walked through colorful autumn leaves to the Düppel - a traditional restaurant that is currently in its well-deserved company holidays. It went back over the north side of the Seeberg on the Graf-Gleichen-Weg. At the "Alte Sternwarte" there was a beer and a coffee. We walked into town via Bahnhofstrasse and then through the southern part of Gotha Park (in the style of an English landscape park) back to the car.
      Conclusion: it was beautiful🍂💚👌🙋‍♀️😍

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      • 30 ottobre 2021

  6. fadenkäfer e Samweis hanno fatto un'escursione.

    24 ottobre 2021

    A Scotty 🦊, "🤗Maria🤗" e altri 171 piace questo.
    1. fadenkäfer

      Used the sunny Sunday afternoon hours to pay a visit to the grandmother in Friedrichroda and at the same time to enjoy the wonderful and beautiful colorful season. Since we hadn't thought of a flashlight, of course, but had a vaccination card and mask with us, we took the train home😉.

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      • 24 ottobre 2021

  7. fadenkäfer e Samweis hanno fatto un'escursione.

    17 ottobre 2021

    7,08 km
    1,9 km/h
    300 m
    290 m
    A Christel, EmEf e altri 178 piace questo.
    1. fadenkäfer

      ... it was Sunday and actually we didn't feel like putting on our hiking boots today😂 - so plan B ... After a hearty breakfast we visited the Veste Coburg and spent "only" 3 hours there - you can easily do the whole thing Stay the day and haven't seen everything yet. After a stroll through the courtyard garden, we enjoyed a delicious coffee and a sausage roasted over pine cones. Then it went to Thuringia

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      • 17 ottobre 2021

  8. fadenkäfer e Samweis hanno fatto un'escursione.

    16 ottobre 2021

    A Jettebarney, Martin W e altri 165 piace questo.
    1. fadenkäfer

      A weekend trip to Coburg😊. Our plan was to hike the Coburg circular route of approx. 35 km in two days. On a sunny Saturday we walked the northern part, which offers more sights. From Scheuerfeld to Löbelstein and then across the historic old town of Coburg back to our very recommendable small & familiar hotel (Hotel Löhnert) in Scheuerfeld. The southern part of the circular route was supposed to follow on Sunday, but it turned out differently😆 ....

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      • 17 ottobre 2021

  9. fadenkäfer e Samweis hanno fatto un'escursione.

    3 ottobre 2021

    A HzP I., Christoph88 e altri 163 piace questo.
    1. fadenkäfer

      We used the day of German unity to visit our district town Gotha again. We criss-crossed through the city center and past many historical and remarkable buildings of Gotha. To celebrate the day & my birthday present was finally 🤣 a visit to the cinema📽 again

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      • 4 ottobre 2021

  10. fadenkäfer e Samweis hanno fatto un'escursione.

    2 ottobre 2021

    A Jettebarney, maik242 e altri 176 piace questo.
    1. fadenkäfer

      In super sunny weather and 19 degrees, we took on the first part of the hall horizontal today. We started at the Platanenstrasse stop in Lobeda-Ost. It goes quickly up to the ruins of the Lobdeburg and further uphill to the Johannisberg. The remains of a Slavic rampart can be seen on top of the plateau. On the way there are wonderful views of Drackendorf and Lobeda all the way to the Leuchtenburg near Kahla. The path runs along a wide meadow directly along the edge of the forest, with a view of the summer linden tree, and then leads through the forest down into Pennickental to the shady Fürstenbrunnen. In some places the horizontal path becomes narrow and runs close to the rock. Here you should definitely be sure-footed and free from giddiness! Past the thief's crib and student slide we came to the copper plate. The horizontal line leads through dense beech forest into the Ziegenhain valley. From Ziegenhain steeply uphill, it finally went to the Fuchsturm - a former donjon. A lookout tower (with 116 steps) awaited us there with a great all-round view of the Saale valley. The restaurant is a top address: nice & quick staff and delicious food. After this rest, it went steadily downhill in the direction of Jena through a beautiful mixed pine / beech forest. From there we first took the bus to the center of Jena and then took tram no. 5 back to Lobeda.

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      • 2 ottobre 2021

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