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Mitten in Schleswig-Holstein, in der schönen Stadt Rendsburg, bin ich geboren und habe dort die ersten 20 Jahre meines Lebens verbracht.
Weitere 20 Jahre habe ich in Hamburg gewohnt. Jetzt habe ich bereits seit über 20 Jahren mein Domizil in Schwarzenbek im Herzogtum Lauenburg in Schleswig-Holstein.
Ich war schon immer viel auf Schusters Rappen und mit dem Fahrrad unterwegs gewesen. Zunächst in Rendsburg und Umgebung - später dann auch die ganze deutsche & dänische Nord/Ostseeküste rauf und runter sowie auch überregional in Deutschland, Europa und USA.Seit Oktober 2017 bin ich - nach über 45 Jahren im Berufsleben - im wohlverdienten Ruhestand und habe jetzt endlich mehr Zeit, mit dem Fahrrad (Pedelec) oder auch per pedes auf Entdeckertouren zu gehen.
Oft sind auch meine Frau Marlies und unser Zwergschnauzer Buddy dabei.
Buddy ist schon 13 Jahre alt und hat leider "Rücken" und andere Gebrechen - er kann keine längeren Strecken mehr laufen, möchte aber natürlich immer mit dabei sein. Deswegen kommt er in seinen Fahrradhundekorb oder in seine Karre, wenn er nicht mehr laufen kann. Da fühlt er sich wohl und wir sind alle mobil.
Ich fahre ein KALKHOFF INCLUDE mit einem 60er Rahmen und aktuell 47er Reifen. Eine "ALL DAY RIDE CONSTRUCTION" (Trekkingbike) mit der ich sowohl relativ schnell auf Straßen, als auch gut im leichten Gelände unterwegs sein kann.
Für schwierigeres Gelände habe ich ein E-MTB Fully SERIOUS BEAR Rock mit einem 54er Rahmen und 65er Stollenreifen.
Bei Komoot bin ich seit 2014 registriert. Meine Touren zeichne ich mit Komoot seit 2017 auf - aktuell
mit meinem Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10+ und fotografiere damit auch.
Das Punkteranking bei Komoot ist umstritten, wie die Reaktionen manchmal zeigen. Ich persönlich finde es gut und es macht mir Spaß.
LG Jörg 🙂
Kontakt: raute56@web.de

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11.842 km

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934:34 h

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  1. JR56 ha fatto un'escursione.

    2 giorni fa

    5,94 km
    4,9 km/h
    20 m
    30 m
    A Frank-Michael, Angelika aus Hamburg e altri 113 piace questo.
    1. JR56

      Today I went to the NSG Besenhorster Sandberge & Elbsandwiesen & Borghorster Elbe Landscape again and inspected the many old bunkers and ruins there. These are the remains of the former Düneberger powder factory, which was located here until the end of the Second World War.Many also do not know that Alfred Nobel was active in Geesthacht / Krümmel and that dynamite etc. was produced in a large factory and exported all over the world. It's been a long time, but not forgotten. The ruins still tell their stories here. I find it very interesting.Later, the Krümmel nuclear power plant, which had already been decommissioned, was built near the former dynamite factory.
      Living near a dynamite factory is really not a nice idea ... and then came the infinitely worse nuclear power plant ...... The residents had to endure a lot there. Fortunately, it's finally all over.
      Further information:
      The best way to find the old bunkers is to leave the path and follow the beaten path across the country.
      Now in winter you can see more of it - in summer everything here is overgrown and quite opaque. The terrain is sometimes a bit "confusing" due to the many paths and paths - some smaller paths are also not shown on the Komoot map - luckily you can orientate yourself very well with the Komootapp on site and find your way back to the "right path" .
      The large sand dunes are also impressive. An ideal area for children to play and also for dogs. With due consideration, of course, because it is an NSG.
      There can be a lot going on here at the weekend. I recommend stopping by here during the week. Only a few people had been here today.
      Further information:de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamitfabrik_Kr%C3%BCmmelndr.de/geschichte/chronologie/Die-geheimnislichen-Ruinen-in-Duenen,pulverfabrikdueneberg101.htmlherzogtum-lauenburg.de/a-naturschutzgebiet-besenhorster-sandbergede.wikipedia.org/wiki/Besenhorster_Sandberge_und_Elbsandwiesenhamburg.de/borghorst

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  2. JR56 ha fatto un'escursione.

    4 giorni fa

    A Albert, Andy e altri 122 piace questo.
    1. JR56

      Lockdown and bad weather ... would be the best opportunity to clean up the basement, tinker with old PCs or look at the old holiday slides again ... but I can still do that for the next few days. Because today was surprisingly almost a bit of spring weather with + 9 ° C, dry and the sun also came through. So let's go - the boy has to get out into the fresh air. 😊
      On the Komoot map, near my tour today, there are three large stone graves that aroused my urge to explore. Unfortunately, there isn't much left of them, but it was interesting to look for and find one.
      On the way there, however, I first had a look at the Easter bunny, which Gerhard put there as a highlight. Funny idea. Unfortunately the hare broke both hind legs for an unexplained cause (frost?) And is only standing very unsteadily. He urgently needs to go to a specialist clinic for surgery with subsequent rehab so that he is fit again at Easter
      The tour today also led past the WaldesRuh restaurant on the lake. Whenever I pass there, I have to think of our department excursion, which took place there in the early 1980s with an estimated 50 participants. After a fun scavenger hunt in the Sachsenwald, we celebrated there until late into the night with food and drink followed by "Danz op de Deel". It was all "all inclusive". After a few free drinks we all had a lot of fun and just caught the last S-Bahn back to Hamburg. Unforgettable good times - unfortunately completely unthinkable at the moment. Let's see how long it will be before we can celebrate so carefree again.
      Today's hiking tour would have been an interesting MTB route on muddy trails and over some tree roots. After that I would have had to shower off the bike and myself. A hike had been the better choice today. 🙂

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  3. JR56 e Marlies hanno fatto un'escursione.

    7 giorni fa

    5,80 km
    4,2 km/h
    20 m
    20 m
    A Juliane von Bismarck, Marlies e altri 126 piace questo.
    1. JR56

      This route on the Lanzer See and the Elbe-Lübeck Canal is just the right thing for a stroll on a Sunday afternoon. There are many neat holiday homes on the Lanzer See, but unfortunately some of them also obscure the view of the lake. In between, however, there are always gaps where you have enough perspective.
      The tour leads back through the nature reserves "Stecknitz-Delvebnau-Niederung" and "Former excavator pit east of Basedow".
      Right at the beginning of the tour, we were greeted in a friendly manner by the Komootler Axel from Reinbek, who had just been out there with his wife and dog. They recognized us immediately by Buddy in his car. That was a very pleasant surprise. 😊

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  4. JR56 ha fatto un'escursione.

    16 gennaio 2021

    A Lumenio, Philipp Schűtte e altri 122 piace questo.
    1. JR56

      With the partly sunny and at first a bit frosty weather, I had chosen a lonely area for today's tour because of the lockdown. Only a few people had been there. In the course of the sunny Saturday afternoon it could have become more.
      My hike began near the five old barriers / ammunition bunkers near Krüzen, which were only built there in the 1960s in the middle of the Feldmark. They were never equipped with weapons / ammunition / locking devices, they were considered a reserve in case the "Cold War" escalated. In the meantime they had been filled up and only exposed again a few years ago. They now serve as winter quarters for bats. So you have to be very quiet and careful there so as not to disturb the animals. Please keep dogs away from there.
      Bats are also considered to be disease carriers, but they are not really dangerous if you stick to the rules and keep enough distance.
      The area is not fenced, but is freely accessible on the way. There are also no prohibition signs there, only there are signs on the bunkers themselves that ask for consideration.
      One bunker was not locked because no bats are currently wintering there, otherwise NABU would not have left it open. The inside is a bit "mystical", like old bunkers are. I have always found all the old bunkers extremely interesting since I was a child and have always enjoyed "crawling around" in them when I discovered them.
      In the vicinity of Schwarzenbek in the former Lanken military training area there are also such "bat bunkers" - see the link below:komoot.de/highlight/569891?ref=whd-mFrom the bunkers we went on to the quarry ponds of the Menneke gravel works - also a very interesting area that is particularly suitable for dogs. You could swim in the ponds in summer if the signs didn't forbid it - but dogs can still cool their paws here - better if they are on a leash. But please make sure that there are no anglers in the vicinity who could be disturbed.
      We had the topsoil for our garden delivered to us in 1995 by the Menneke gravel plant - it was a very good choice, everything has been growing and flourishing since then.
      They always say quarry pond; the correct name for the water would actually be dredging pond, because it is artificially created water. The differences between lake, pond, pond and pond are explained in more detail in the link below:
      abendblatt.de/hamburg-tipps/kinder/kinder/article133242409/Was-ist-der-Unt real- between-See-und-Teich.htmlFrom the ponds I made a short detour to the nearby Elbe-Lübeck Canal (ELK) - always a nice destination.Back then I hiked a short distance on the European long-distance hiking trail E6 (Baltic Sea - Wachau - Adria) and dreamed a bit of the distant and warmer Adriatic.
      The European long-distance hiking trail 6 is part of the European hiking trail network and leads from Kilpisjärvi in northwest Finland to the Dardanelles in Turkey.

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      • 16 gennaio 2021

  5. JR56 ha fatto un'escursione.

    12 gennaio 2021

    8,02 km
    5,2 km/h
    90 m
    90 m
    A Bähr, Wolfgang D. e altri 126 piace questo.
    1. JR56

      Actually, I hadn't planned a tour today .....
      But because I was just in the area, I spontaneously took advantage of the bright sunshine and still turned around / in Mölln. A flying visit to Mölln is always worthwhile. It is a small, attractive town with many great lakes, the Elbe-Lübeck Canal and a wonderful natural landscape all around.
      I actually wanted to avoid the city center because of the currently tense situation, but there was nothing going on there and you could keep your distance everywhere.
      So I also included the old town in the round. I shot the cover photo / aerial photo of Mölln in 2003 from the top of the old water tower and added it to the tour afterwards. The water tower has unfortunately been closed for years and is no longer accessible to the public. This is a real shame because you have fantastic views from up there.
      More information about Mölln:herzogtum-lauenburg.de/moelln

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      • 12 gennaio 2021

  6. JR56 ha fatto un'escursione.

    11 gennaio 2021

    6,38 km
    6,4 km/h
    40 m
    30 m
    A Mapf, Raubach e altri 100 piace questo.
    1. JR56

      Today I wanted to know exactly, went yesterday's tour again alone and recorded it with 5 cell phones at the same time in order to have comparative values.
      A Samsung S3, two S7, an S10 and an S20 were in use. Marlies was registered for two and I for three.
      To avoid questions about why we have 5 cell phones ..... the S3 and the two S7 are our old cell phones, which are technically out of date and so have their quirks, but can still be used for Komoot, listening to music, etc. are.
      I had the two S7 in my left and right trouser pocket, the S10 and S20 in my left and right jacket pocket and the S3 in the upper jacket pocket.
      I was very excited to see how it would turn out and walked very quickly.
      The tour started at 11:00 am and ended at 12:02 pm.
      Surprisingly, however, the data does not differ significantly from one another, as expected.
      Except for the altitude difference, but that is already well known and not so important for me in the lowlands here. Anyone who travels a lot in the mountains will be more interested.
      Still, it was an interesting test.
      The following values were measured:
      S3 JR: 59 min 6.38 km 6.4 km / h 40 mS7 JR 60 mins 6.38 km 6.4 km / h 40 mS7 MR 61 min 6.31 km 6.3 km / h 50 mS10 JR 60 mins 6.38 km 6.4 km / h 40 mS20 MR 61 min 6.30 km / h 6.3 km / h 50 mAfter I opened the tours on the PC and synchronized the tours, the values had changed again. The average speed fluctuates between 6.2 - 6.4 km / h and the altitude difference between 10 and 50 m.I will refrain from making an inquiry to Komoot for the time being and will keep an eye on the values for future tours.
      Still, it was an interesting test.
      I will delete 4 of the 5 recorded tours later so that the statistics are correct again.

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      • 11 gennaio 2021

  7. Marlies e JR56 hanno fatto un'escursione.

    10 gennaio 2021

    7,07 km
    5,1 km/h
    100 m
    100 m
    A JR56, meiner.LE e altri 92 piace questo.
    1. Marlies

      If you want to be cozy afterwards, you have to go out first!
      Buddy, put on your coat!
      It starts!
      We take masters with us!

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      • 10 gennaio 2021

  8. JR56 e Marlies hanno fatto un'escursione.

    10 gennaio 2021

    6,65 km
    4,1 km/h
    30 m
    30 m
    A Marlies, Hma e altri 107 piace questo.
    1. JR56

      Small Sunday round with Marlies and Buddy in Schwarzenbek and the surrounding area. At the age of 13, Buddy can unfortunately no longer run that long, but of course he is outside several times a day and does his little laps. Today we had all been on the road a little longer together. Was a nice lap at + 2 ° and dry weather. The snow has already thawed away again

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      • 10 gennaio 2021

  9. JR56 ha fatto un'escursione.

    9 gennaio 2021

    10,7 km
    6,2 km/h
    60 m
    70 m
    A Endlos♾🐧, 🚴🏻Steffen e altri 123 piace questo.
    1. JR56

      Today we went on lonely, muddy forest paths from Dassendorf to Panzerberg and through the forest back again. There were only a few people around and you could keep your distance everywhere. Dassendorf is a pure residential area without any "special features". Likewise are the long and straight forest paths. Beautiful nature, but otherwise inconspicuous. The former training site Wentorfer Lohe with the Panzerberg, on the other hand, is a bit more varied.
      Was the right decision to go out again today. You just feel better afterwards

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      • 9 gennaio 2021

  10. JR56 ha fatto un giro in bici.

    5 gennaio 2021

    42,3 km
    22,7 km/h
    190 m
    190 m
    A Vlady, Sandra e altri 131 piace questo.
    1. JR56

      After the long postponed gardening (raking leaves, etc.) was done today and I was a little warm, I left for this tour shortly after 2 p.m. to work out a bit. It was a good thing. My MTB would have been the better choice today than my trekking bike with the fully inflated tires ... the forest paths were in places quite soft / muddy and bumpy - but it was also quite good.
      I had already thought of hiking this route - but I would be on the road for about nine hours ... there are two hours on the bike, just in between, a different dimension - have a look. 😉

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      • 5 gennaio 2021

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