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Der Unterschied zwischen einem Berg und einem Hügel liegt in deiner Perspektive.
– Al Neuharth, US-amerikanischer Kolumnist

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  1. Maca e Herriot hanno fatto un giro in MTB

    3 giorni fa

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    1. Maca

      Today my partner and I intended to drive the Seeland in front of the front door.
      We only stipulated that we wanted to see Lake Biel, Lake Neuchâtel and Murten.
      Ready on the bike - pack water, prepare sun protection - the 🌞 beamed us from the beginning - and off we went🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️.We decided to go across the plain to Müntschemier - to the main canal to see how far the water lilies were. But on the main canal the many beautiful dragonflies and the concert of the many frogs awaited us. A short stop and attended the concert 🎶🎵. The water lilies thrive beautifully but not yet open.Further on dirt roads to Ins and there we decided on the direction of Erlach. Rushed past Tschugg and I proposed to steer towards Erlach Castle. Assuming that there are already many people at the port. No sooner said than done - in front of Erlach Castle, then the idea - to drive up to the Jolimont - to enjoy the shade and the panoramic view🤩🤩. The climb at the beginning was steep - but the view made us forget that - and we made a stop here and there.Wonderful this view of Lake Biel with St. Petersinsel or on the Jura side with the Chasseralasser. The further ride on the back of the Jolimont was another pleasure on the flowing single trails until the next stop of the TEUFELSBURDI. Erratic blocks that according to a legend the devil 😈 personally deposited here on the Jolimont - to build a castle and watch the inhabitants of the region. In fact, the 3 granite blocks come from the Val de Bagnes / Wallis.After a short break at the Teufelsbrudi - continue to the intermediate destination Lake Neuchâtel. From the Joilmont down to Gampelen and directly to the TCS Camingplatz Gampelen. When approaching / entering the campsite - there was a lot of traffic with cars and people - so turn off immediately😜😎 and further in the forest - past the JVA Witzwil to the Broye Canal and after La Sauge to the bridge.Since we have not yet sighted Lake Neuchâtel - I suggested we gain some altitude - and look at Lake Neuchâtel on the hill. Great - and it went on - but what did I see - rice field ?? Boaahh - I couldn't believe my eyes - and in fact, it was the first time I saw a rice field in my region - the rice field of the Vully🤩👍👍.But now up to the Vully - and on the hill the reward with the view of Lake Neuchâtel / the city of Neuchâtel and the Jura chain 😜😎.Since we didn't want to take the classic route to the Vully lookout point, we decided to steer via Lugnorre - Sur le Mont - Sur Les Planches. At Pt. 536 then the next stop with a great view of Lake Murten. At the same time water was bunkered - because the heat was already very oppressive.Over the Crêt de Sugiez then the single trail up and down 🤩😜. The final part about Sugiez - vegetable fields - to the Biberen and back home was then overwhelming from the heat - but what could be nicer after biking - than taking a shower😃 - or a cool🍺or 🍧or 😎Conclusion: Super nice ride in Seeland🤩🤩 - the part on the main canal, the rice field and the many impressions were phenomenal 👍👍🌞.

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  2. Maca ha fatto un giro in MTB

    6 giugno 2021

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    1. Maca

      de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berta_von_AlamannienMary's Grotto Corsalettes
      On a Molasse cliff, a statue of the Virgin watches over the hikers. The first statue was erected around 1920, according to witness statements, in recognition, it is said, of a person who escaped a rock fall unharmed.
      Once a year, a mass for the parishes of Grolley and Courtion is held in the Corsalettes grotto.

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      • 7 giugno 2021

  3. Maca ha fatto un giro in MTB

    30 maggio 2021

    A Beni Bieri Oberkirch, Silvia e altri 107 piace questo.
    1. Maca

      Riding new paths - avoiding the crowds - enjoying the landscape, nature and the enjoying - that was my intention today ’Attention - done - Looos🚴‍♂️ great these temperatures - after 300m - the first corner 🙈🙉 and the tire of the rear wheel was flat🙉🙈 - turning back home. Hose change - and the start was delayed 20 minutes.So again wonderfully on the road - and after the second corner the flat tire was forgotten. I decided to go straight to Gümmenen on the Saane. After a short drive I reached Gümmenen and decided to bike up the Saane to Laupen on the left bank. A fantastic decision - meadow trails with underground and visibility of up to 100m allowed me to increase the speed and cruise along the Saane 😜✌️🤟. I met 3 bikers and 2 pedestrians on the whole route - I will ride this route more often in the future.Arrived in Laupen I drove to the Saanespitz (confluence of the Sense in the Saane) and decided to follow the Sense on this left bank as well - to avoid the crowds. Again a good decision - narrow, beautiful paths S0-S1 allowed us to drive forward quickly here as well. Here, too, top conditions and a pleasure to drive on this side of the river😎. From here to Flamatt everyone was having a barbecue by the river or in the forest. I was covered with the various flavors from everywhere😜.After Flamatt, a first (absolutely beautiful) S1 single trail with beautiful changes of direction - partly studded with roots. Continue to the covered wooden bridge Sensebrüggli at km 22. It was with astonishment that I noticed there - that it was no longer possible to continue along the Sense - general driving ban🛑. 🙊In short, we took an alternative route across the street and the next 6 km we went uphill - partly nice but also gradients of 12-18% were announced. At about 25 km I saw a chapel on a hill - and I was immediately aware that you had to look at it - you could just see it high up from here😜. But that was also possible and so I was allowed to get to know the MAGNUS CHAPEL and also the wind, which increased significantly in strength.About 2km to my highest point of the ride - leisurely upwards - and then the time had come - a fantastic view of the Alps but also of the Jura chain was the reward for the effort. 🤩🤩🤩 - there was something to marvel at and find in every direction. After a rest and a chat with an amateur radio operator (who had bad connections) I set out on the descent to Überstorf😜 - let's goIn Überstorf itself I noticed the special construction of the church and a signpost also showed me that there was a lock (restaurant). After this cultural break😜 - I really wanted to visit the Mühletal. Following the Lettiswilbach I drove through this wonderful valley - past an old mill - further along the brook there were fords where you could cross the brook - and then another big cave appeared - mysticism puuuur🤩. The journey continues past a beautiful pond and finally - the Mühletal Chapel. A chapel of St. Mary with beautiful glass windows🤩. Here, too, the wind was very strongOne look at Komoot and I wanted to continue towards the Schiffenensee dam. So I traversed a good bit of the area in front of me - until I noticed an ominous hissing of the rear tire at a curve before km 40🙉🙊 - flat tire for the SECOND😡
      Go to the park bench and repair the breakdown.
      So don't catch a flat tire and we went on to the dam wall - but first a nice single trail along the meadow landscape🤩🤩. After crossing the dam, it was clear to me - now shred a few more single trails 😜. Ergo Gurmelser Wald and then directly into the Galmer Staatswald and so I was able to ride one or the other single trail tip-top.In the end I drove down to the Bibera and met my old colleague the wind💨 again, which was already blowing quite hard. The last climb and in front of me the Chasseral appeared - Yeeeah, I was back in Zealand.Conclusion: Many new paths found🤩👍 no masses found👍👍 and countless beautiful impressions gained🤟 - tire change is one of them🤟✌️

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      • 30 maggio 2021

  4. Maca ha fatto un giro in MTB

    28 maggio 2021

  5. Maca ha fatto un giro in MTB

    24 maggio 2021

    28,4 km
    19,8 km/h
    340 m
    340 m
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    1. Maca

      After yesterday's tour - I still had a little sore muscles😜 - but the weather was still covering good visibility - so I got on the bike. A little round around the Huus ume.On the way to the vegetable trail in the direction of Murten - this showed that the number of weekend tourists had decreased. Still, I definitely didn't want to go into townAfter Galmiz I left the vegetable trail and oriented myself to come up the hill - but without a plan. The Anderahubel appeared in front of me and now my intention was clear - to go up there dort. I was amazed to see that there was a great rest area with park benches on the Anderahubel.Top vantage point on Murten, Lake Murten, Mont Vully, Jura chain to the Frienisberg🤩🤩🤩. Simply to enjoy😋.Continue to Burg - slightly above the Anderahubel - is this pretty little village - with an oven house and many beautiful houses. After passing through, I turned to the first single trails of the day: Burgergraben - to Oberburg 😜😎. Booahh down to the bridge an S0 path but then the path followed up (10-12%) with partly loose groundArrived in Oberburg - I started to combine known routes with unknown routes 🧶. Over the dirt roads to Murtenholz🤩. Short drive through the forest and the Zannenbach Root Trail appeared in front of me. Let‘s fetz eine - a short abbreviation and I was standing at a crossroads with a view of a NEW single trail (for me) 😜.Buechried forest and a single trail that leads straight through the forest (S1) with roots but above all soft mossy forest floor - like on a magic carpet. This single trail branches out several times - I'll go into that later😎.After passing through, then on to the Galmhütte - there, too, an unknown single trail opened up for me, which I immediately followed😜. Wonderful and easy (S1) - the exit, however, then overgrown with nettles and thorns - close your eyes and through👀.The further course then led me over the well-known single trails of the oak forest - easy and lonely 👍. So now I had enough and started my journey back. With the aim of avoiding the mud holes🐷😎.The motto was drive on the heights and avoid the streams of the Bibera😜. Said and done. Out to the forest with a view of the Alps, I drove towards Ulmiz and Gempenach.
      There a nice, crisp single trail awaited me down to the bridge of the Hubelbach. When I got downstairs, I was welcomed by a young boy. Braking, dismounting and playing was announced.
      The owner also came and wanted to apologize - we had a short conversation with the dog owner - and it turned out that he was the owner of the trout facility. 😜🤩👍 - what a godsend - phone number exchanged - and 🐟 ordered😋.SÜPER - in a good mood I drove the last section back home via Agriswilwil.Conclusion: It pays off without a plan👍 - completed the round with dry feet👍 - found wonderful single trails👍 - and bought some fresh trout👍 - what more could you want - than a little more 🌞

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      • 24 maggio 2021

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    1. Maca

      Should I - or should I not🧐 This question did not even arise today. I was happy that it wasn't raining - ergo GO on the bike🚴‍♂️.Goal: Vue des Alpes - and then look further and drive😜. Without a lot of planning, I set off - with the idea - to bike as I pleased.So I drove to the Val de Ruz and parked my car in Fontaines. The weather looked promising - but I decided to ride with long sleeves.We started towards the northwest - and after a few meters the path began to rise. I wanted to approach the matter comfortably with a small gear shift. It was only comfortable for a short time the gradient rose to 12-14% at km 2. But after km 3 the whole thing normalized and so I could still enjoy the ascent.After 6 km the first ascent was conquered and I was able to comfortably traverse the slope - past the first cows and stone walls - which are typical for the area here. Then another crisp ascent of 1.5km and I had arrived at the Vue des Alpes.To my annoyance, the "behind black clouds" had disappeared and a fresh wind came up. A short stop and a decision on how to proceed🙄. In short - because it was very fresh up here at 8 degrees - I wanted to stay on the ridge and follow towards Dombresson - eastwards.I followed a narrow street that turned out to be a panoramic path - wonderful from up there - to look south to Lake Neuchâtel. Shortly before km 10 then a highlight - the forest opened up with a clearing and so I could briefly enjoy the panorama. The departure was then 🥶.From km 13 the first single trail - which was full of stones and roots - still a pleasure to ski down the trail. Immediately after the end of the single trail I saw several road signs - on a stand Le Pâquier - Yep - Klaro 🇨🇭⛷🇨🇭Ex-skier Didier Cuche comes from there. Ergo, my next stopover was clear and so I turned to the Sentier de l’oncle Guillaume😄. First over lush meadows, the path then led me through a long forest - and from km 16 then through a muddy landscape🐷🙈. This, too, did not prevent me from heading for Le Pâquier.Through Le Pâquier and a stop at the wall by Didier Cuche - I decided to drive up the Chaumont. After a short assessment, I didn't want to take the direct route - I wanted to drive a short stretch of the road to avoid a brutal slope - I would have only chosen the direct route Weg. On the 1km road I was overtaken by what felt like 100 cars and motorcycles, all of them with the pace Teufel🙈.Finally I reached the forest path again and so began a leisurely slope - which then degenerated into a slope of 14 - 18% at km 22. Cool down - smallest course - I meandered - leisurely up to the Alpine dairy and restaurant Aarberg - and then one last bit and I was at 1264m above sea level.What now followed was a nice short descent and meadow trails that led me to the crest of the Chaumont. Whenever possible, I tried out various single trails. At the Chaumont mountain station, of course, I was expecting crowds. But this was still within limits.A quick look at Komoot and I started the final part of the tour. Of course on the trails - and they were tough - one trail followed the other and I couldn't sit down anymore 🚵‍♀️ At 37 km the edge of the forest with a wonderful view came to the fore. Stop and enjoy😎. Further down YEEEEAAAAHH - at high speed I drove from km 38 down a steep slope that was not shown on the map.Direction was right - so loooooooosss. Suddenly the forest opened up and the magic was over and I was on paved roads. Another 3km back to Fontaines. So I roamed the rapeseed fields again and followed the stream back up to the parking lot.Conclusion: NO rain !!!! - It is wonderful to be able to move freely in this beautiful nature

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      • 23 maggio 2021

  7. Maca ha fatto un giro in MTB

    16 maggio 2021

    A Jeni59, Parixy e altri 131 piace questo.
    1. Maca

      Exploring the region around the Gibloux. The Gibloux is an upstream mountain range in front of the Freiburg Alps - and at 1205 m above sea level, it is the highest point on the Freiburg Central Plateau. The 118m high radio and television tower, visible from afar at the highest point, is striking - with a visitor platform at 37m. From there you have a 360 degree view.That's exactly where I wanted to go 😜 - the view of the webcam and rain radar - left me no choice but to take the rain cover with me completely.I chose Vuisternens-en-Ogoz as the starting point - parked in front of the village church and the journey began. Passing an older farmhouse, I then chose the route so - that I could use the MTB - that is, narrow, partly unpaved pathsRight from the start - steep approaches. The ground was already very soft from the rain - but I was able to ride the steep sections without any further problems. At 2.5 km I took the Botanical Way Trail and followed it.You took great care here - put nameplates on bushes and trees - and so I was able to learn a little Latin in addition to the meters in altitude. But the gaze always went back to the driveway - because it was tough. In addition to the soft ground, the tree roots now piled up, which made the driveway more interesting😋. After a short stretch of well-paved path - after km 3 - I turned onto a gravel road. Rock n‘Roll - yeeaahh😀. Today driving is much more comfortable than the soft ground.Arrived at the top of the gravel road - a rest area with barbecue facilities and a small wooden tower (replica of the large television tower) for the children awaited me. We took a short break and enjoyed the view of Lake Gruyère.I continued on the Kretenweg (which is also used by hikers) - and was able to continue to the TV tower via root paths and mogul slopes (on the first one I had to get down). Up here I saw a hiker for the first time.Suddenly the forest cleared and the tower stood there - wonderful. The last part of the journey was a breeze. I didn't have to worry about the COVID distance regulations today - I was all alone. Get on the platform.The view to the NW to Lake Neuchâtel was still recognizable. But a rain front had already come up from the SW and the wind - swirling the clouds towards the tower - visibility was getting worse from second to second. I sat down and watched the natural spectacle. Back down to the bike - there I met this Roman snail - and yes, from here on I put on the rain cover. Not a second too early🚿🚿🚿.This was followed by the descent from the Krete - 🔨🔨- also on this side a gravel road connected with single trails of class S1 at the beginning and then S2. Let's go - without a clear goal, I let myself be guided down the single trails. So I got to the camping site in Sorens. Because I liked it so much - I wanted to add a few more trails.Gem Koomot there was a path that then emerged as a Ghost👻. Look around and in front of the SCULPTURES TROÇONNEUSE (chainsaw sculptures) board, do a U-turn on the sculptures. 🤩🤩🤩 Wonderful to follow these sculptures in the forest.static.mycity.travel/manage/uploads/7/36/28330/a7e40d5e2a6aff6eceecd4148b4913baaebcdfd3.pdfThen there was a beautiful descent through the forest to km 11.5 and then over a beautiful meadow trail to the Le Gérigno stream - which I wanted to continue to follow. In the meantime the precipitation increased - so after km 14 I was happy to take the single trail into the forest.This started as a beautiful S0 and ended as an S2 (S3) trail down to Le Gérigno which was now a big stream. So I followed the stream down - sometimes it was not possible to cross with other participants. After km 17 I left Le Gérigno and drove up to Sorens. With the intention of driving parallel to the Gibloux ridge to be able to enjoy the view - unfortunately🌁 no chance.So I drove back to the vehicle in constant rain and was happy to have taken spare laundry with me😜.Conclusion: I'll definitely do the tour again in an adapted version 🤩👍👌 the rain cover held tight - and the bike was clean from the rain again at the end - but in 🌞weather the Gibloux is a hotspot.

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      • 16 maggio 2021

  8. Maca e Herriot hanno fatto un giro in bici.

    8 maggio 2021

    43,2 km
    17,2 km/h
    600 m
    600 m
    A 🌲BlackForest-TrailHunter🌲, Eric e altri 130 piace questo.
    1. Maca

      Slow down - take it easy - wonderful to see this 🌞 again. Take a bike tour with my sweetheart - with an unknown destination and the idea of being able to enjoy nature with all your sensesIt started according to the motto - at every crossroads the next one decides where to go🥳. So we came to Wileroltigen - where I made the decision to take the Mösli meadow trail and watch the sheep and lambs at the same time. Down to the Saanesteg.Past Marfeldingen - Gümmenenau - there we could admire the wonderful colors of the Rabsfelder - and so we reached Gümmenen. Of course, I had a small home advantage in terms of terrain orientation 😜 and that's how I came up with the idea of paying a visit to the Flühlenmühle. It is wonderful to follow the play between sun and shadow. So we then dived into the forest that brought us directly to the Flühlenmühle. Get off and we have taken some time to look at the mill and the mill wheel as well as the information boards. You can also see how the young fern shoots slowly unroll 🤩.The path led us further up to Spengelried - just before the hill I was impressed by a rape field - beautiful this glow🤩. It was even nicer - when I stood at the edge of the field and heard the bees humming 👍. So we stayed there for a few minutes and watched the busy bees go by.Up there we were of the opinion - that we want to visit the Wohlensee. Ergo, we comfortably choose the direction of travel to Wohlensee. After Frauenkappelen came the well-known gravel descent to the Wohleibrücke. At first a little cautiously and at the end at high speed (54km / h) we reached our intermediate destination, the Wohlensee.We actually wanted to have a picnic here - but the 💨 and the large number of people - let us change our plan. We drove comfortably along the shore of the Wohlensee and mastered the stairs of Steinisweg😜. Now I suggested an unusual picnic location to my sweetheart: Oberruntigen on the cliff😜Yesss - and we drove to our next destination. 🤩🤩🤩 Arrived at the edge of the cliff we could enjoy the beautiful view of the Aare and the Niederried. RAST - and comfortably at the 🌞 enjoy the meadow landscape.🤩👌👍.After the picnic we followed the Aare over the Niederried weir to the Schilterain up into the forest in search of beaver tracks and finally to the Sonnenberg.Conclusion: Slown down take it easy - I can recommend it to everyone 🤩👍👌

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      • 9 maggio 2021

  9. Maca ha fatto un giro in MTB

    2 maggio 2021

    A Bianca, GTA e altri 132 piace questo.
    1. Maca

      Should I - or should I not🧐 The weather forecast was one thing🌨 - but it was in front of my window ⛅️. Hhmm - decision: GO🚴‍♂️I picked up the bike from the workshop on Friday - so I was able to check the service 1: 1.The planning of the tour was superficial - but the Friensiberg with the Chutzenturm 🦉 - would be the general direction of travel.Caution-ready-go 🏁 and I was on the way - through the local forest on familiar paths or detours, because I wanted to avoid the mud holes at the beginning.Schilterain with a view of the Niederried and on to the Niederried hydropower station. After about 6km I stopped along the reed belt to take a photo - while I was taking the subject into the lens, the cuckoo sounded from the other bank Ufer - wonderful - the first time this year😋.So - on - now the ascent to the foot of the Frienisberg took place - at km 8.44 I saw an S0 road that is still missing on Komoot. So I followed the trail comfortably along the Mülital up to Detligen. The sky was very cloudy but the pressed in between.From Detligen over the well-known trails to the edge of the forest of the Frienisberg was a little clack. Arrived at the edge of the forest - I took another picture in the Seeland. Then we went straight to the Chutzeturm.In this weather there were very few people in the forest and on site und. When you arrive at the Chutzeturm - a short active break😅 - means go up to the tower😄 and enjoy the view.Of course, the view today was rather modest - but still nice to see how the clouds moved away.So now I wanted to do a few more trails - without preparation and free to the nose, I put loooos. Yeeaah😎 One trail after the other followed from km 16-22.5 - as is well known, the trails are very different - but very nicely laid out. Typical feature: tree roots can be found everywhere.Shortly before km 22 then 🌧💦 - brief stop on my part - rain pants and rain jacket - and on😜 - there exactly about 500m and then sleet came on top of that and I noticed how the temperature was cooler🙈.Briefly stopping at a hut - and then making the connection as quickly as possible into the valley - to escape the cold. No sooner said than done - left the Frienisberg downhill while flying blind - while driving down - I passed a sign PRAISE - and I knew where I wanted to go😜To the sandstone caves - yeeaah😜 - thought - done and so I got to the sandstone caves - the weather had already improved again and so I was able to take care of the rain protection again.A quick look at the map - and I intended to make some small inclines - let's go. On the ascent at 30 km, pushing was the order of the day - a huge number of stairs were waiting for me😅But then it went quickly and so at km 34.8 I came to a passage that made it impossible to get through (MUDMMMMMMM) 🙈Back and looking for a passage - and found😜 - new trail😄 and so I was already on my way home. Down to the Aare and then the Home Single Trails in Kerzers.Conclusion: No risk, no fun in terms of weather😅 - there is no bad weather, only bad clothes😂 bike service😂 and bad weather you are alone in the forest😄At the moment the Komoot works very badly for me - 😡

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      • 2 maggio 2021

  10. Maca ha fatto un giro in MTB

    28 aprile 2021

    A Roland Moser, Kissling Walter e altri 152 piace questo.
    1. Maca

      Today's ride is the continuation of March 31, 2021 - this time equipped with the map, I set off on the tour🚴.Start at the edge of the forest of the Ulmiz shooting range - first I did a warm-up lap and started. The aim was to combine the known with the unknownFor the first 5km I tried to get around on unknown paths, which was pretty easy - because the forest paths were nice and wide and well developed. After about 500m a short path emerged that led over roots and over a stream. Let's go 😜After about 4km I turned into the Neuried Single Trail and completed this S0-S1 route. Then also the well-known Buechried Single Trail of the same category.A short drive and on the Grabenholz Trail and at the end of the trail a rest area awaited me at the Grabenacher - with seating and barbecue facilities.I approached the section with the many unknowns at the height of Jeuss. My map was used here - some routes have not yet been recorded on Komoot.Into the fun and at km 8.6 I met a super nice single trail that I started wrong - because it is a downhill trail 😔. No matter I drove upwards😎 Unfortunately, the rain has now started a little. But in the forest this was not a problem.On to Jeussegg - where an Eldorado of single trails awaited me. WAAAUU effect guaranteed. Technically not difficult but wonderfully laid out in the forest. I drove individual sections twice so that there was a round thing and I could continue in the flow. Really HAMMER.The part from km 12.1 to 12.3 should be enjoyed with caution - here and there suddenly holes appear on the road.Then back on familiar terrain - via the oak path, Galmerhütte to the Zannenbach Wurzel Trail. I drove this today with the light variant (much less roots) and steered over the well-known single trails to the Murtenholzhütte.Final spurt back to the Ulmiz shooting range.Conclusion: 🤩🤩🤩Jeusser Wald - the map has proven itself - and there are still a few more trails to explore😜

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      • 28 aprile 2021

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