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Ich bin ein Naturliebhaber aus Graz und immer auf der Suche nach genussreichen Touren in der Umgebung oder auch in ganz Österreich. Manche Touren sind sportlich angelegt, aber nicht (mehr) übertrieben, andere dafür nur mehr auf Genuss ausgelegt und mit vielen Pausen an schönen Plätzen und guten Einkehrmöglichkeiten unterlegt.
Ich tracke hier auch nur Routen/Touren mit mind. 1,5h Dauer und nicht meine Laufrunden oder Spaziergänge zuhause....;-)....zumindest ein Genussmoment muss immer enthalten sein in der Tour/Runde. Entweder bring ich was mit Heim zum Verarbeiten zu einem Gaumenschmaus oder es wird unterwegs zumindest auf einen Kaffee und einen süßen GENUSS eingekehrt. ;-) oder in Corona-Lockdownzeiten darf es auch mal eine mitgebrachte Jause sein! ;-)
Wert lege ich auch auf Nachhaltigkeit und versuche daher immer öfters aufs Auto zu verzichten und stattdessen nachhaltig per Bus, Bahn oder Bim zu meinen Touren anzureisen und/oder von dort nachhause zu fahren.

Distanza percorsa

3.822 km

Tempo in movimento

543:01 h

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  1. MÄXI´S GENUSSTOUREN 🇦🇹 ha fatto un'escursione.

    5 giorni fa

    9,32 km
    4,9 km/h
    270 m
    260 m
    A Gerd Wegscheider, Robert R. e altri 21 piace questo.

      Ingenious enjoyment tour in fantastic autumn weather - what more could you want?
      You can start right here in Fötschach opposite the GH Neuer Jägerwirt. Then it's always nice over meadows, through forests and over vineyards in a loop of almost 10km through this beautiful area. Halfway there you come to a junction, from where you can go directly to the world's largest grape and you can attach variant 2 directly. which has another 12km walking distance.
      Of course, if you place more value on enjoyment, like we do, it is best to do the two variants not on one day, but on 2 different days, because then there is simply a lot more time for enjoyment. ;-)
      In total, you hike both variants together 9 farms with a wide variety of specialties and are also well supplied with storm and chestnuts and sweet delicacies right on the way (at least in autumn)! ;-)

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      • 5 giorni fa

  2. MÄXI´S GENUSSTOUREN 🇦🇹 ha fatto un'escursione.

    9 ottobre 2021

    10,1 km
    5,2 km/h
    240 m
    260 m

      Quickly take advantage of the nice weather again and do a little round in the vineyards of South Styria. Thought - made!
      Very nice round on quiet local roads, fields and through forests and vineyards. Collect a few chestnuts, walnuts and beautiful views and you're back at 🚗.
      Halfway in front of that is the Harkamp winery, where we would have liked to have stopped, but today because of a wedding a private party was the order of the day, so we went back to the car hungry and only stopped in on the way home .... 😊😉🤪

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      • 10 ottobre 2021

  3. MÄXI´S GENUSSTOUREN 🇦🇹 ha fatto un'escursione.

    26 settembre 2021


      Another incredibly beautiful day spent at the foot of the Dachstein.
      This time it went comfortably directly from our current home base Hotel Ramsauhof via meadows and forest path to the GH Edelbrunn. From here we chose the Roseggersteig up to the Austriahütte, and then walk the rest of the way as part of the 5-hut circuit to the Südwandhütte at 1,910m above sea level. Here we took our first small indulgence break today and tasted the delicious Styrian cheese bread - highly recommended for everyone who likes spicy cheese!
      On the descent towards Neustattalm and our next stop at the Walcheralm Sennhütte, we experienced a helicopter rope rescue live from the Dachstein south face in the dirndl area and were stunned to see which heroes these helicopter pilots and mountain rescuers must be and at what speed they Have carried out such a rope recovery - our respect and thanks for their tireless and fearless work every day in an emergency!
      At the Walcheralm the time had finally come - it was Kaiserschmarrn time! And it tasted too - then just finish it up quickly and look back on the day on the way home and enjoy the last rays of sunshine - it was nice - always with pleasure!

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      • 27 settembre 2021

  4. MÄXI´S GENUSSTOUREN 🇦🇹 ha fatto un giro in MTB

    25 settembre 2021

    42,4 km
    14,2 km/h
    1.410 m
    1.400 m
    A Paul Mura, Robert R. e altri 32 piace questo.

      Today again enjoyed the brilliant autumn weather with a round around the Ramsau! Unfortunately, this lap is not really suitable for following, at least not for pure bus cyclists. I've been confronted with quite rooty and stony passages a few times and would drive it a little differently myself next time.
      But the panorama was just awesome all day long !!!

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      • 25 settembre 2021

  5. MÄXI´S GENUSSTOUREN 🇦🇹 ha fatto una corsa.

    11 settembre 2021

    11,5 km
    6,5 km/h
    150 m
    160 m
    A Alfred 🏕, Monika e altri 6 piace questo.

      Sightseeing Graz with a difference - it was cool! Always my pleasure!

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      • 25 settembre 2021

  6. A Tina, KtmRadler🚴‍♂️🇦🇹 e altri 16 piace questo.

      Casual round from the parking lot at the GH Pongratzwirt (attention: there are only drinks and no food here and you pay 3 € for parking) in around 1.5 hours to the Saureishütte, then further uphill in 20 minutes to the Seiner Kreuz, from where you can walk a brilliant all-round view opens up!
      Due to the increasingly better weather conditions, we decided at short notice to continue the round even over the entire gentle mountain ridge to the Bernsteinhütte on the Pack. Here, unfortunately, my cell phone battery gave up the ghost! Due to the lack of time, we went back directly over the forest road to the Saureishütte (and no longer over the ridge, which would be more scenic) and then back down the ascent!
      In total, it was around 22km and 800m altitude difference and up to the Bernsteinhütte was very quiet with a few hikers. In the area of the Bernsteinhütte there is a lot more going on, because this is part of the leisurely 6-hut hike on the Pack and there are many families out and about here!
      This time the entire ridge in red was awesome to look at, which unfortunately does not come out as strongly in the pictures. The leaves of the blackberries are currently turning red and the berries themselves are particularly tasty!

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      • 12 settembre 2021

  7. MÄXI´S GENUSSTOUREN 🇦🇹 ha fatto un'escursione.

    14 agosto 2021

    19,1 km
    3,6 km/h
    1.300 m
    1.300 m
    A Paul Mura, Markus erkinger e altri 51 piace questo.

      Today we were once again able to experience an ingeniously beautiful hike with many moments of pleasure. Directly from our quarters in St. Gilgen we went to the Schafberg. First through the village and crossing the main road twice, it soon went into the cool forest and further and further up on wildly romantic paths - you even pass wild garlic fields here in the middle of August, where fresh wild garlic is still waiting to be harvested! ;-)
      After about 6km, we went out of the shady forest into the heat, but the fantastic views in all directions are worth all the effort here!
      From the Schafbergbahn middle station there are countless concrete steps to the top - it's like trying to please EVERYONE here ......; -) ..... but I have to admit, they have to go down Steps massively relieved!
      Arrived on the Schafbergspitze you will find a panorama that is second to none and you can see almost every lake in the Salzkammergut from a bird's eye view and one is more beautiful than the other!
      Unfortunately, we had to reserve the moment of culinary enjoyment today for the end, because the Kaiserschmarrn in the Berghotel Schafbergspitze was served quickly and very well, but not THE culinary delight that we expected.
      Using komoot planning, we didn't want to go down on the way there, but via Fürberg so that we could still jump into the lake there.
      The only thing to note here is that you don't miss the way to Fürberg. We took a wrong turn at km 12, or did not turn right onto an unmarked trail, but stayed on the official route towards St. Wolfgang. That then cost us a few extra HM when we noticed the mistake. If you are not sure-footed, you should not necessarily go this way down, it is better for going up!
      When we arrived in Fürberg, of course, we had to take advantage of the great forest pool and throw ourselves into the cool waters of Lake Wolfgang and put our feet up a little before we went straight to dinner at the only GH in Fürberg.
      Finally I was able to roast the whole Reinanke once again - simply delicious!
      Last but not least, it was almost 2km along the promenade (including another detour into the lake) back to St. Gilgen and to top it off in Cafe Nannerl for the most legendary Malakoff cake ever!

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      • 16 agosto 2021

  8. MÄXI´S GENUSSTOUREN 🇦🇹 ha fatto un giro in bici.

    13 agosto 2021

    A Paul Mura, HansD ✅ e altri 34 piace questo.

      Super nice round starting from St. Gilgen once counterclockwise around the Wolfgangsee with a detour to Bad Ischl.
      The route here is partly along the former Salzkammergut local railway line, which ran here until 1957 and the last km to Bad Ischl are along the Ischl to the center of the city.
      Unfortunately, the weather here put us a little on the run because it looked somewhat threatening. So we only paid a short visit to Bad Ischl, but then got dry our heads to St. Wolfgang and also to the ship landing stage in Ried or we made ourselves comfortable in the Leopoldhof before continuing with the ship - which is really hard to recommend is!
      We took the ship because of this (marked with a straight line on the map because I paused the navigation! ;-)) because the overland route over the Falkenstein is officially closed to MTB - which of course does not prevent many from entering!
      We were once again on the legal and enjoyable side (so we saved ourselves a few HM) and thus after a stop by boat, we left the same in Fürberg (in terms of price it would have made no difference whether we were here or right away got off in St. Gilgen). And since we are already at LEGAL, the wild and romantic promenade between Fürberg and St. Gilgen is unfortunately also closed to bicycles, which meant that we still got to our HM and had to take a detour via Winkl back to St. Gilgen - which we still had 50HM in addition. ;-)
      For this we have more than earned the culmination of culinary delights in Cafe Nannerl in the middle of St. Gilgen with the legendary Malakoff cake!
      It was good - it was nice - again and again with pleasure!

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      • 15 agosto 2021

  9. MÄXI´S GENUSSTOUREN 🇦🇹 ha fatto un Tour.

    31 luglio 2021

    1,25 km
    27,3 km/h
    150 m
    130 m
    A Droggelbecher, **geri** e altri 26 piace questo.

      4th day of my trainer training on the Luis via ferrata in the Alpinpark in Johnsbach!
      Another great day with many instructive hours on the via ferrata!
      Unfortunately, komoot doesn't manage to record GPS on such a via ferrata - we were only on the left side of the road.
      Thanks to the brilliant group Max, Hans, Uschi and our group leader Thomas for the great days with you!

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      • 1 agosto 2021

  10. MÄXI´S GENUSSTOUREN 🇦🇹 ha fatto un Tour.

    30 luglio 2021

    A Paul Mura, **geri** e altri 18 piace questo.

      3rd day of my trainer training on the Geo-Steig via ferrata in Johnsbach!
      Again the weather lasted the whole day and was much better than predicted, so nothing stood in the way of a cool day of the course on this beautiful via ferrata. We practiced and strengthened a lot again and are getting better and better! ;-)

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      • 1 agosto 2021

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