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Informazioni su Bob🦕
Distanza percorsa

15.267 km

Tempo in movimento

1283:38 h

Attività recenti
  1. Bob🦕 ha fatto un giro in MTB

    3 maggio 2021

    Hunderter💯: Brunnentour (Rienecker Brunnen, Erlenbrunnen, Gegelsbacher Brunnen)

    105 km
    10,7 km/h
    1.820 m
    1.790 m
    A Henriette, Jochen e altri 86 piace questo.
    1. Bob🦕

      [A varied tour on many nature trails past historical and sometimes hidden places and places.]


      In the Main Valley I drove to Langenprozelten, at the end of the village on the M-Weg into Sindersbachtal, on to Lindental and up to Einsiedel Monastery.

      Now we went on the Einsiedler Trail towards Rieneck, past

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      • 4 maggio 2021

  2. A Udo, Nicole🏁 e altri 77 piace questo.
    1. Bob🦕

      [Only started in the afternoon and just drove off again without a big plan, I let myself drift and was on paths and paths that I knew and on others, where only the wild boars do their rounds.


      ... down at the Adelsberger Mariengrotte on the M-Weg to Gemünden and up to the Slorburg, over the Scherenburg

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      • 2 maggio 2021

    1. Bob🦕

      [My Fliegerle spent the last time pouting in his hangar at home, today his pilot had insight and went on tour with him again -

      what a joy I noticed, it had so missed its heaven

      - pretty much at the end, the aging Bob, who forgot to pay attention to acoustic and optical battery warning signals in good time

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      • 30 aprile 2021

  3. Bob🦕 ha fatto un giro in MTB

    25 aprile 2021

    71,3 km
    10,4 km/h
    1.510 m
    1.500 m
    A White Rider, Günther🦎 e altri 70 piace questo.
    1. Bob🦕

      [I allowed myself a relatively relaxed tour today and took my breaks in the sun]


      ... add over the Dachsberg to Schönau, with a little dangling above Wolfsmünster in the Saale valley to the Roßmühle, here the upper hiking trail towards Ochsenthal and up to the Kilianstein with its crater, back over Weyersfeld

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      • 25 aprile 2021

  4. A JoKW, Jochen e altri 67 piace questo.
    1. Bob🦕

      [Today I traveled on well-known and for me new ways.

      I have not yet ridden the Hasentrail near Karsbach, as I accidentally discovered an unknown structure on route 46 with a length of approx. 50 m, which is nowhere to be found cataloged. Actually, this place is understandable, but the planned route should

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      • 24 aprile 2021

  5. Bob🦕 ha fatto un giro in MTB

    23 aprile 2021

    66,6 km
    10,2 km/h
    1.190 m
    1.180 m
    A Loki 🚴🇺🇦, Manfred 🚵‍♂️ e altri 67 piace questo.
    1. Bob🦕

      [Today I did a little slower and less and was very relaxed on the road, enjoyed the sun and took my breaks, but still found a few new ways, which I'm always happy about]


      ... to Harrbach and up to the various K-paths to the Schelmenhecke, over the seven paths to the Fanggrund and Englertsberg, on to the

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      • 23 aprile 2021

  6. A Breggi, Manfred 🚵‍♂️ e altri 63 piace questo.
    1. Bob🦕

      [In the morning it was pretty cold in the morning, again due to the cold north wind that blew from the Eckartser direction, it was not until the afternoon with the wind in the back it was significantly warmer.


      Finally, the forest boys have straightened their Mikado sticks in the forest between the middle

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      • 23 aprile 2021

  7. A Manfred 🚵‍♂️, Bettina MSP e altri 68 piace questo.
    1. Bob🦕

      [If the clouds can no longer hold their water, you either get wet or you drive in the right direction - knowing full well that it should rain sometime today, I just started following a rough plan in my head and from time to time I went looked up.

      That actually worked out quite well, because if necessary

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      • 21 aprile 2021

  8. Bob🦕 ha fatto un giro in MTB

    20 aprile 2021

    A Schadler Peter, Jürgen e altri 53 piace questo.
    1. Bob🦕

      [Only started in the late afternoon, the journey was already over after 5 km. The chain had jumped off at the front and got stuck at the bottom bracket in such a way that two head pins blessed the temporal and the chain then tore.

      Since I had spare chain links, chain lock, rivet pins and rivets with me

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      • 21 aprile 2021

    1. Bob🦕

      [My butt had reported yesterday evening and said a little less would be good, I followed that, so he had to sit much less on his saddle]

      ... if you are interested in the exact route, please just open the map and look at it ...

      (Pure driving time 3:46 / Ø 16.5 km / h)

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      • 17 aprile 2021

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