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SCR.2 Vallon d’Elva

16,5 km
21,6 km/h
40 m
1.370 m
Giro gravel facile. Adatto a ogni livello di allenamento. Superfici perlopiù asfaltate. Adatto a ogni livello di abilità.

Riepilogo Tour

Punto di partenza
10 m

Colle di Sampeyre

Passo di montagna
16,5 km

Tipi di strada

Sentiero: < 100 m
Strada: 12,9 km
Fuori rete (sconosciuto): 3,62 km


Non asfaltata: < 100 m
Lastricato: < 100 m
Asfalto: 12,9 km
Sconosciuta: 3,62 km

Suggerimenti extra

  • Comprende un segmento fuori rete

    Le istruzioni di navigazione potrebbero essere limitate.

Previsioni meteo

The Torino-Nice Rally ha pianificato un giro in bici da gravel.

25 luglio 2019


  • The Torino-Nice Rally

    Shortcut Route 2 - From the Colle di Sampeyre through Elva, Italy.Filename 'SCR.2 Vallon d’Elva'WARNING – a genuinely dangerous road with death risk. Sheer valley sides subject to regular rockfall onto the road, with tunnels, missing barriers and regular road debris all posing severe risks. Ride with great care - seriously. The high danger is from the rockfall and road debris risk that is beyond your control. Keep your speed down and attention up. DO NOT RIDE during or after periods of heavy rain when rockfall risk is highest. If in any doubts, take the SP335 road towards Stroppo instead – it’s a good road that ends in the same place on-route.A choice between an infamous road descent or a safer, easy road (SP335) off the Colle Sampeyre, avoiding the Cannoni’s rocky descent and reducing the route distance by 20 miles approx. It follows a beautiful steep-sided valley, the Vallon d’Elva, also known as ‘the death road’ for obvious reasons. Pause for a moment at the Madonna del Vallone at the top, perhaps.
    Towards the end of either route, particularly SCR.2, there aren’t many options for supply if it’s late in the day. Route 3 passes more options on the valley road towards the end than the SCR.2 option. Restaurants and bars may be your only option so it’s wise to carry something in reserve.
    At the end of section 3 it’s time to decide whether you’re up for some rough stuff in the Alps or a tough but beautiful climb on a small road.
    The Torino-Nice Rally route here is the same as used for the Torino-Nice Rally annual event. The event and route info management is in support of Smart Shelter Foundation.
    ( and
    Torino-Nice Rally bag patches are available to any rider of the route by making a donation directly to Smart Shelter. More info / get in touch with us here -

    • 25 luglio 2019