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The Torino-Nice Rally

2.1 TNR Cerv-CdP-VV

2.1 TNR Cerv-CdP-VV

30,6 km
9,0 km/h
1.050 m
1.280 m
Giro gravel per esperti. Ottimo allenamento richiesto. In alcune parti del Tour potresti dover spingere la bici.

Riepilogo Tour

Punto di partenza
15,4 km

Col de Péas

Passo di montagna
30,6 km

Dati del Tour

Tipi di strada

Singletrack: 5,68 km
Sentiero: 6,90 km
Pista ciclabile: < 100 m
Strada secondaria: 1,17 km
Strada: 16,9 km


Non asfaltata: 17,6 km
Lastricato: 1,38 km
Asfalto: 11,7 km

Previsioni meteo

The Torino-Nice Rally ha pianificato un giro in bici da gravel.

25 luglio 2019


  • The Torino-Nice Rally

    Stage 2.1 - Cervières to Château-Ville-Vieille, France.Filename '2.1 TNR Cerv-CdP-VV'.The original 'Fred Wright tribute' route over the Col des Peas that we explored during the route recce in 2015. We didn’t do any more than look at the map and see a path marked on it, linking the valleys. We found a beautiful, quiet road up an open valley that leads to a small village with food and lodging possibilities, then there’s a push and a carry up to the Col des Peas. It’s followed by a descent that starts as singletrack before becoming a stone and gravel track to Chateau Ville Vieille with a wonderful view of Fort Queyras.
    Every good ride includes some hike-a-bike and the less easy the route, the quieter and more remote it is. It isn’t an easy section but on the true scale of hike-a-bike it’s nothing major. Don’t try it in road cleats though, or with a 50lb bike that you can’t carry. If you’ve packed light and are wearing MTB shoes you have no excuses really. After all, “What would Fred do?”.
    The Torino-Nice Rally route here is the same as used for the Torino-Nice Rally annual event. The event and route info management is in support of Smart Shelter Foundation.
    ( and
    Torino-Nice Rally bag patches are available to any rider of the route by making a donation directly to Smart Shelter. More info / get in touch with us here -

    • 25 luglio 2019

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The Torino-Nice Rally

2.1 TNR Cerv-CdP-VV