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The Torino-Nice Rally

4.1 TNR PtMarmora-Chialv-Tende

4.1 TNR PtMarmora-Chialv-Tende

109 km
10,3 km/h
3.250 m
2.330 m
Giro gravel per esperti. Ottimo allenamento richiesto. In alcune parti del Tour potresti dover spingere la bici.


Maggiori informazioni

Comprende segmenti fuori rete.

Le istruzioni di navigazione potrebbero essere limitate.

1,87 km in total

Riepilogo Tour

Punto di partenza
17,2 km

Ligurian Alps

Highlight – Cicloturismo (Segmento)

109 km

Col de Tende

Highlight – MTB

109 km



Dati del Tour

Tipi di strada

Singletrack: 2,85 km
Sentiero: 16,7 km
Strada d’accesso: < 100 m
Pista ciclabile: 1,02 km
Strada secondaria: 3,33 km
Strada: 68,6 km
Strada statale: 14,9 km
Fuori rete (sconosciuto): 1,88 km


Alpino: 166 m
Non asfaltata: 18,2 km
Pavé: 348 m
Lastricato: 6,66 km
Asfalto: 81,9 km
Sconosciuta: 1,99 km

Previsioni meteo

The Torino-Nice Rally ha pianificato un giro in bici da gravel.

23 luglio 2019


  • The Torino-Nice Rally

    IMPORANT UPDATE October 2020 -
    Severe flood damage and disruption to the southern sections of the route 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2, 6 and SCR.3. Route impassable and dangerous.
    4.1 - Areas before and after the Col Tende subject to disruption, closure and unstable ground. Diversions in this area are not generally possible, the Col Tende being the only gap in a long chain of mountains. Check local situation before attempting to travel. The TNR Ltd Co now (in Oct 2020) considers this route for reference only and strictly NOT for travel use, until further updates are possible in 2021.
    Stage 4.1 - Ponte Marmora, Italy to Col Tende / Colle di Tenda, France-Italy border. Filename '4.1 TNR PtMarmora-Chialv-Tend'.Our original route past Chialvetta with the rough stuff section into Little Peru. A notable hike/push on footpaths in beautiful surroundings beyond Chialvetta rewards with some #bunkerresearch at the top and a dramatic unveiling of the altopiano from the Passo della Gardetta. If you rode the Col d’Izoard rather than the hike-a-bike option there and still want to earn your Rough Stuff Alps points on this route, then this is the route to take.The route continues on a long descent to Demonte, a bike path road to Borgo San Dalmazzo and good resupplies at Limone Piemonte. It follows the same route as 4.2 after the Gardetta area, using a flat route between Demonte and Limone Piemonte.
    Both 4.1 and 4.2 routes pass two bike shops around the 75km point, on the way out of Borgo San Dalmazo.
    The Torino-Nice Rally route here is the same as used for the Torino-Nice Rally annual event. The event and route info management is in support of Smart Shelter Foundation.
    ( and
    Torino-Nice Rally bag patches are available to any rider of the route by making a donation directly to Smart Shelter. More info / get in touch with us here -

    • 23 luglio 2019

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The Torino-Nice Rally

4.1 TNR PtMarmora-Chialv-Tende