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Wäller Tour „Bärenkopp“ – Tagestouren im Westerwald

Wäller Tour „Bärenkopp“ – Tagestouren im Westerwald

12,5 km
3,5 km/h
290 m
290 m
Percorso escursionistico intermedio. Buon allenamento richiesto. Sentieri prevalentemente accessibili. Richiesto passo sicuro.

Riepilogo Tour

Punto di partenza
135 m

Panoramaweg Waldbreitbach

Highlight – Escursionismo (Segmento)

1,67 km


Highlight – Escursionismo

3,38 km

Weißes Kreuz - Aussichtspunkt

Highlight – Escursionismo

5,27 km


Highlight – Escursionismo

7,79 km


Highlight – Escursionismo

10,1 km

Kloster St. Marienhaus

Highlight – Escursionismo

12,5 km



Dati del Tour

Tipi di strada

Sentiero escursionistico alpino: 367 m
Sentiero escursionistico: 4,71 km
Sentiero: 5,96 km
Marciapiede: 426 m
Strada secondaria: 525 m
Strada: 540 m


Naturale: 2,75 km
Non asfaltata: 5,36 km
Sterrato: 2,27 km
Lastricato: 732 m
Asfalto: 1,38 km
Sconosciuta: < 100 m

Previsioni meteo


Wiedtal e Westerwald - Die Urlaubsregion hanno pianificato un'escursione.

19 giugno 2021


  • Wiedtal

    Lots of variety and Waldbreitbach in the Wiedtal from its most beautiful side, this is how this Wäller tour presents itself. Impressive paths lead you up to the Bärenkopp. You rarely lose sight of the wonderful Wied.The enjoyment of hiking begins in a free car park on Marktstrasse in the heart of Waldbreitbach. From here you make your way past the international nativity and Bible museum towards the forest. A narrow path leads you straight to a slope above the village. While you stroll between dense trees, you can always enjoy wonderful views of the pretty center of the village.Soon you will be crossing the lively Wied for the first time. Then the ascent begins: In a zigzag, you first climb an overgrown lookout rock and a little later then the 304-meter-high Bärenkopp. You can be persuaded to take a break from the viewing bench next to the proud summit cross. You have already covered most of the vertical meters of this tour.Over panoramic plateaus you pass the outskirts of Verscheid and then march on over meadow and field paths in the direction of Luh-Kapellchen. The neat building invites you to pause for a moment. A little later they will open up in front of you: the neo-Gothic towers of the St. Marienhaus monastery. It pays to visit the mother house of the Waldbreitbach Order of Franciscan Sisters before you head back towards the starting point via a section of the WesterwaldSteig.

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    • 19 giugno 2021

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Wäller Tour „Bärenkopp“ – Tagestouren im Westerwald