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Etappe 2: Von der Graf Stolberg Hütte nach Hemmighausen – Uplandsteig

Etappe 2: Von der Graf Stolberg Hütte nach Hemmighausen – Uplandsteig

22,6 km
3,6 km/h
340 m
580 m
Percorso escursionistico per esperti. Ottimo allenamento richiesto. Sentieri prevalentemente accessibili. Richiesto passo sicuro.

Riepilogo Tour

Punto di partenza
1,83 km

Naturschutzgebiet Kahler Pön (Usseln)

Highlight – Escursionismo

2,62 km

Kalied an der Grenze zu Usseln

Highlight – Escursionismo

8,19 km
16,9 km

Blick auf Neerdar vom Uplandsteig

Highlight – Escursionismo

20,5 km

Uplandsteig bei Eimelrod

Highlight – Escursionismo

22,6 km



Dati del Tour

Tipi di strada

Sentiero escursionistico alpino: 143 m
Sentiero escursionistico: 1,68 km
Sentiero: 18,3 km
Marciapiede: 443 m
Strada secondaria: 1,28 km
Strada: 763 m
Strada statale: < 100 m


Naturale: 3,77 km
Non asfaltata: 12,1 km
Sterrato: 2,17 km
Lastricato: < 100 m
Asfalto: 4,18 km
Sconosciuta: 306 m

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12 dicembre 2020


  • Anette

    The Graf Stolberg Hütte has no public connection. However, you can hike up the Diemeltal from Usseln to the hut (about three kilometers) or organize a personal delivery service if you have set up your base camp in Willingen. It is worth it .. The following applies for this hike: pack enough drinks and a picnic.From the Graf Stolberg Hütte you hike to the Usseler Heide / Kahle Pön nature reserve with its unique heathland. Take the time to enjoy the view. Maybe even the blueberries are ripe or the heather is in full bloom. On the southern slope of the Pön you follow the easy paths to the Grotenberg nature reserve. In a southerly direction you can now see the flatter Waldecker Land with the striking mountain near Goldhausen.At the Bömighäuser pond you change direction and follow the Uplandsteig through commercial forests and fields to Neerdar. To get to the enclaves of Eimelrod and Hemmighausen, you now walk a little uphill again, over the railway line and back down towards Eimelrod. The place is generously bypassed, but if your picnic was not enough, you can make a detour to the inns Zur Zweere or Sauer. But find out beforehand whether they are open.The agriculturally structured Hemmighausen is your goal today. It is one of the smallest Upland villages with only about 100 inhabitants, but a lively club and village life. Here you can stay overnight at Ferienhof Schmiddes if you reserve in advance. If you have set up your base camp in Willingen, you can take the public bus that runs every hour or the shared taxi to Willingen.

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    • 12 dicembre 2020

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Etappe 2: Von der Graf Stolberg Hütte nach Hemmighausen – Uplandsteig

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