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Robin Patijn - Farawayistan

Tour 3: Vincent van Gogh in Zundert — Hollandse meesters

Tour 3: Vincent van Gogh in Zundert — Hollandse meesters

54,3 km
17,3 km/h
130 m
130 m
Giro in bici intermedio. Buon allenamento richiesto. Superfici perlopiù asfaltate. Adatto a ogni livello di abilità.

Riepilogo Tour

Punto di partenza
6 m

Vincent van GoghHuis

Highlight – Cicloturismo

32,1 km

Zandweg door het bos

Highlight – Cicloturismo

38,4 km

Fietspad door Rucphense bossen

Highlight – Ciclismo su strada (Segmento)

46,7 km

Abdij Maria Toevlucht - Zundert brouwerij

Highlight – Ciclismo su strada

54,3 km



Dati del Tour

Tipi di strada

Singletrack: 230 m
Sentiero: 301 m
Pista ciclabile: 25,5 km
Strada secondaria: 1,51 km
Strada: 26,8 km


Non asfaltata: 531 m
Pavé: 170 m
Lastricato: 31,9 km
Asfalto: 21,8 km
Sconosciuta: < 100 m

Previsioni meteo


Robin Patijn - Farawayistan ha pianificato un giro in bici.

16 settembre 2020


  • Robin Patijn - Farawayistan

    This Tour is a tour from the birthplace of one of the Netherlands and even the world's most famous painters: the post-impressionist Vincent van Gogh. Via a beautiful drive from Zundert you will encounter some cultural and natural highlights, including the Rucphense Heide.In Zundert in North Brabant, a boy was born on March 30, 1853 who would later become world famous. The route therefore starts at his former home. This house also houses an art center that is all about Vincent van Gogh. The start is easiest to reach by car. You do the round trip against the clock, but the other way around is also possible. Besides cornfields you pass wooded areas and beautiful heathlands. It is easy to imagine that the environment must have been inspiring for van Gogh.The first part of the Tour takes you along the Pannenhoef. This area is characterized by beautiful pools and flowery meadows. Van Gogh often took walks from his hometown, along fields and through forests. Chances are, therefore, that his lifelong love for nature originated in this place. The cycle path continues along the villages of Rucphen and Zegge.Via a loop through the Visdonkse Bos you cycle towards the Rucphense Heide, a military training area that consists of coniferous and deciduous forests. You will also find large areas of heather here. The last part of the route runs straight through the Brabant landscape. Here Van Gogh drew various nature impressions of things that you will also see on a bicycle today. Just before you arrive back in Zundert, there is one more special stop on the route: the Abbey Maria Toevlucht - Zundert brewery. The Trappist beer Zundert is brewed here by monks. Cheers!

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    • 18 ottobre 2020

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Robin Patijn - Farawayistan

Tour 3: Vincent van Gogh in Zundert — Hollandse meesters

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