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Neusiedler See Tourismus

Kirschblütenradweg – auf Rad-Safari am Neusiedler See

Kirschblütenradweg – auf Rad-Safari am Neusiedler See

49,6 km
16,9 km/h
260 m
270 m
Giro in bici intermedio. Buon allenamento richiesto. Superfici perlopiù asfaltate. Adatto a ogni livello di abilità.

Riepilogo Tour

Punto di partenza
9,61 km

Kellergasse Breitenbrunn

Highlight – Cicloturismo

15,5 km

Kellergasse Purbach

Highlight – Cicloturismo

25,5 km

2-Radtreff Donnerskirchen

Highlight – Cicloturismo

27,2 km


Highlight – Cicloturismo

41,1 km

Seebad Breitenbrunn

Highlight – Cicloturismo

49,6 km



Dati del Tour

Tipi di strada

Singletrack: < 100 m
Sentiero: 13,0 km
Strada d’accesso: 423 m
Pista ciclabile: 6,22 km
Strada secondaria: 10,9 km
Strada: 18,4 km
Strada statale: 675 m


Non asfaltata: 522 m
Lastricato: 21,9 km
Asfalto: 27,1 km
Sconosciuta: < 100 m

Previsioni meteo


Neusiedler See Tourismus ha pianificato un giro in bici.

26 luglio 2020


  • Neusiedler See Tourismus

    Your tour on the cherry blossom cycle path starts in Jois, very close to the Neusiedl am See train station. With almost 50 kilometers, you can plan a good day for this tour, while still leaving you enough time to enjoy all the great sights along the way.From Jois you drive north out of the village and soon get to Breitenbrunn, where you can take a first long break in the historic cellar lane. Some cellars are accessible for inspection and maybe you can try one of the good drops that are stored here. A short time later, the next cellars await you in Purbach. Depending on the season, they are also served as a tavern and invite you to a cozy, traditional rest.The further route takes you via Donnerskirchen to the southern tip of the Cherry Blossom Cycle Path, which, depending on the weather, plunge thousands of cherry trees into a sea of blossoms from the beginning to the middle of April. If time permits, you can make another stop here, put the bike aside and set off for a llama hike or a safari along the wulka.Then the path leads you back north again, this time a little closer to the lake shore. Between this and you there is still the impenetrable reed belt that almost completely surrounds the lake - by the way, the largest contiguous reed area in Europe, after the Danube Delta - in places, small paths and paths allow access to the lake, for example at the seaside resort of Breitenbrunn . At the end of the tour, this invites you to relax and refresh with a picturesque lake idyll including a lighthouse.On the way there you can keep your eyes wandering towards the lake, because many rare bird species live in the reed thicket, maybe you will see a few of them. If you have binoculars, it is worth taking them with you. Thanks to the numerous resting places on the bike path, you don't need to worry about your water reserves on the way back to Jois, because many of them have a drinking water fountain.

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    • 26 luglio 2020

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Neusiedler See Tourismus

Kirschblütenradweg – auf Rad-Safari am Neusiedler See

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