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Leuchtfeuer Hörnum

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  • Oskar & Micha🍂

    The more than 600 segments (segments) of 80 cm x 90 cm have a weight of 80 to 100 kg. The lantern house is a steel sheet construction with copper roof on which a spherical extractor hood is mounted.
    The Seefeuer 1st order on the southern tip of the island of Sylt was used for general orientation and in conjunction with the lower fire to mark the fairway "Vortrapptief". The day mark for the lake fire is a red paint with a 5 m wide, white band in the middle. Initially, the fire was operated with a DC arc lamp. The identifier was generated by Otterblenden. In 1937 the electric arc light was replaced by an incandescent lamp with a double lamp changer. Thus, in case of burning through the main lamp, the reserve lamp was switched on immediately. In 1982, the old look was replaced by a modern rotating mirror lens with four parabolic mirrors.
    One floor below the lake fire was the upper fire with a projected glass parabolic mirror with a focal length of 215 mm and a diameter of 50 cm. The light source was a 100 watt incandescent lamp. The upper fire was extinguished on 14.11.1995 and the lighting technology later expanded.
    At the end of 1977, the fire was remotely controlled by the Tönning Water and Shipping Authority. The lighthouse Hörnum is the only lighthouse on Sylt that can be visited. It is approximately identical to the lighthouses Büsum, Pellworm and Westerheversand. Under the lantern is an exit to the observation deck with round balcony, below which is the electronics room. At 25 m height is the registry office Hörnum accommodated. Marriagelywilling ones can give the yes-word in dizzy heights here. A lighthouse wedding costs over 300 euros. One floor below is the former Hilfswärterraum, including the craftsman's room and a storage room. These rooms are now rented to a mobile operator. The ground floor houses a workshop with an emergency generator. Since 1994, the beacon Hörnum is a listed building.
    On July 12, 2007, Deutsche Post published a commemorative stamp bearing the motif of the Lighthouse of Hörnum. Between April and October, those willing to marry can be married on the Hörnum lighthouse.

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  • 🚴‍♂️ Teuto Radler Stukenbrock 🚴‍♂️

    It has almost reached the southernmost point of the island of Sylt here.

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  • Peter62

    You can visit this lighthouse. There is also a webcam:

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  • Olav

    A great place for weddings. I speak from personal experience!

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