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Trasse der ehemaligen Zeche Mont Cenis 1/3 – Bahntrassenradeln

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  • DiDo Schropa

    Short, car-free section north of the Mont Cenis Park with wild Ruhr area remnants. Unfortunately, at the northern end of the street must be driven.

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  • Julia

    "An air shaft was to be sunk at the coal mine line north of the plant 1/3 starting from 1920. (Also for the ventilation of the Ostfelds.) The work was stopped with 80 m Teuf.Hen had decided to the extension of the plant 2 to a double shaft plant, which begun 1924 Probably also the occupation of the Ruhr area contributed from 1921 to the cessation of the Abbe.
    Here are still remains of the Abteufanlage available. The four brick abutments for the Abteufgerüst lie overgrown at the Sodinger brook. Next to it are the walls of the conveyor house and other foundational remains. The area is hardly recognizable during the growing season and not easily accessible. A pipe marks the center of the shaft. "Source:

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  • Julia

    From Industriestraße leads to the former coal mine Mont Cenis 1/3.

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  • Ludger

    Nice railway line a little short but easy to drive

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