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Volkspark Bochum Hiltrop

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  • Smokey und Pia

    A beautiful park for the whole family along the Ostbach.
    Children can let off steam in the playground, watch the waterfowl in the pond, or watch the buzzing tadpoles swirling in the shallow waters of Ostbach.
    Please do not feed ducks to protect animals and water.
    The toad time it is teeming here and in the dusk and at night you have to schonmal look exactly where you step.
    For dogs there is much to sniff out and in warmer temperatures, the paws are like cooled in the stream.
    The removal of dog legacies should be self-evident.
    The park is explored in about 2 to 4 km track length and who still has endurance can continue his round by crossing the street "Hiltroper Landwehr / Landwehrweg" in Gysenberg Herne.

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  • Jörg & Leo

    From here you can also hike directly into the Gysenber Park.

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