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  • Uwe.Reiter

    the Rheinhafenbad, open even in the cold season thanks to the waste heat from the cogeneration plant as an open-air swimming pool

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  • Rico

    Heated outdoor pool, which opened every year from March 1 to the first Sunday of Advent ...

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  • Markus

    The long bathing season is made possible by the association "Freundeskreis Sonnenbad", which raises € 32,000 annually to co-finance the municipal bath. The bath is used by about 130,000 visitors annually, making it one of the most efficient baths in the city. The bathroom is also used for physical education and sports events. (Wikipedia)

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  • Scout Jens

    That's only possible in Karlsruhe, I think. The Rheinhafen is right next to it.

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