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We love Tech. We love Nature. We work hard to make it easy for everyone to explore the world’s most beautiful places. Today, millions of people explore nature with our apps. Their experiences are what drives us and makes us smile everyday. Everybody at komoot is working towards this vision and we design our company to put as little as possible between you and bringing this vision to life.

It’s fun to work on a product which enables people to experience real world adventures.


Android Developer

Best In Class

  • Komoot inspires more than 11 million users to explore more of the great outdoors.
  • To this day our apps received more than 100.000 five-star reviews – and counting!
  • We’ve been awarded several times with Editor's Choice and App of the Year by both Apple and Google.
  • We’ve been official Launch Partner for several Apple, Google and Samsung Devices and Services and are working with the world's best brands.

Current Openings

Marketing Manager - Belgium and The Netherlands

We’re looking for a regional marketing manager to work with our PR pro Fiola, and Ruby, our Community Manager for the Netherlands and Belgium. You’ll get the chance to lead the regional strategy for the local outdoor industry, and experiment to your heart’s content with tactics that’ll be implemented by our in-house team as well as agencies on the ground.

MTB Community Manager - DACH Region

We are on the lookout for an outstanding community manager to join Isabel and Saskia – our Road cycling and Hiking managers in our growing DACH team – on their mission to gain credibility and awareness for komoot in their sports.

People and Organisation Director

With accelerating company growth, we’re now looking for a bright mind who loves people, processes and company culture to help us attract world class talent and create an environment where our employees thrive like never before.

Product Manager - User Generated Content

We’re looking for a Product Manager to lead the development of a system that combines billions of data points, community knowledge, and editorial content into the go-to source for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

Quality Assurance Specialist

Users love our high-quality product and have confirmed this by giving us a close to 5-star rating in the app stores. But as we don’t stop here we are looking for a passionate quality assurance specialist to join our team.

ReactJS Developer

To help us make komoot.com the place to go for people around the world to plan their outdoor adventures, we’re looking for an ambitious ReactJS developer.

Senior Backend Developer

We are looking for a senior backend developer to join komoot with strong experience in building scalable applications.

Senior Backend Developer / Data Scientist

We are looking for an experienced backend developer with knowledge in data science

Senior Data Scientist

To help us continue to grow, we are looking for an experienced data scientist dedicated to coding and building production-ready services.

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Working At Komoot

Work Wherever You Thrive

While our headquarters sits in Potsdam, Germany, right on the shores of a beautiful lake, our team is spread out all over Europe. The big city? The mountains? A little house at the lake? You are grown up! We don't feel the need to babysit anybody, and we believe that only you know best which environments let you thrive. That's why we will support you 100% to work fully remotely, be that in one of our offices, a co-working space or from home — anywhere that's located between the timezones UTC-01:00 to UTC+03:00. All of our tools are in the cloud and weekly video catch up calls come naturally to us.

You will have freedom to define when, how and where to work, and that’s one of many reasons that will make you happy here.


iOS Developer

Grow Together

To stay close as a team, we all travel to amazing outdoor places several times a year. We exchange ideas, learnings and go for hikes and rides. Kicking off spring in Mallorca? Winter in the Alps? That’s where we grow together.

Work With People You Actually Want To Work With

Komoot hires the best folks to do what they love. That means selecting inspiring people who are experts in what they do, and who you will actually want to go on a hike or grab a beer with. Work alongside passionate outdoor folks from all over the globe, who are as enthusiastic about the outdoors as they are about creating.

You are working with experts in their individual fields. I never experienced such an interest and trust for the work of team mates.


Sales Manager

The Komoot Manifesto

Some values we live by every day. Here’s how we make outdoor exploration a reality.


We are builders & makers. We measure our own success by how impactful our work is. We put the user first. Always. We don’t do things just to do them, we do the right things to deliver maximum impact.


We hire people who are experts at what they do, and we give them the freedom to do it. With great freedom comes great responsibility. We consider the long view and effects on company and colleagues. Who’s the boss? You. Everybody. Our users.


Communication is all about understanding each other and talking is just the beginning. We share our ideas and learn from one another each and everyday. We listen to our users and each other to solve problems that matter. We share ideas, learnings and feedback with openness and clarity.


We love to learn. And we champion curiosity. No matter what our field of expertise, we’re always asking questions. Data scientists, copywriters and developers work alongside each other to solve problems for real outdoor fans.


We’re constantly improving. Some of us are real optimization nerds. We take nothing for granted and constantly strive for the best. We don’t believe in repetitive work, that’s why we don’t have a structure for it. Repetitive work is for machines ... and we’re not robots.

Your Future Partners In Crime

Product Manager

A proud Yorkshireman now dwelling in rural Devon, city-dodging Adrian joined Komoot following 10 years working in technical project management and optimisation roles across multiple sectors. Always happier outdoors than in, Adrian takes part in a variety of endurance events including cycling, running and triathlon. As a cycling and running coach, Adrian is keen to share his passion with the wider community and is always the first to champion the benefits of the outdoors to everyone he can.

Community Manager

Raised in the city of Milan, Andrea is always searching for great outdoors activities to escape the city bustle, most of the time on his bike. Cycling is an essential part of Andrea’s life - from commuting to training and travel. With his strong passion for mountains, he loves to explore the Alps, no matter the season.

Finance Manager

Andrew was born, grew up and studied in the UK, but has lived in Germany for over 30 years now. An accountant by training and trade, he has worked for various German, UK, American, and Chinese companies… but tries to remain pragmatic, despite the pen-pushing image of accountants.


Annika is originally from Berlin but used to live in Sweden for four years and then moved to Portugal, where she lives currently. She is a lover of nature and all kinds of outdoor sports, especially climbing, cycling, sailing, surfing, hiking, inline skating or kite surfing. Annika has a mini - van and dreams about living on a sailboat. Maybe one day!

Android Developer

Arne was born and raised in Berlin. He studied applied informatics at HTW Berlin and FU Berlin. Early on, Arne was fascinated with Android development and fell in love immediately. He joined komoot in 2012.

iOS Developer

Barbara was born in Argentina, in a small city in the middle of this big country. As a kid she spent her childhood playing with his brothers in different cities, while the family moved. She likes new challenges and learning new things, sometimes these things seems to be completely unrelated, but she finds the communication segue between them somehow. After studying 3 years of BS. in Psychology, she completely switched her focus and moved to another city to study Computer Sciences, a field that turned out to be her passion and that went better with her pragmatic personality. Barbara likes writing, a new discovered passion, reading and playing field hockey in her free time. She also loves cooking and travelling. Up to now she has discovered 16 countries. From 2014 she lives in the poor sexy amazing Berlin.

Web Developer

Born in a small town in Oregon, Ben grew up in a valley where he would fish, hike, ski, and mountain bike. An adventurous nerd, he itched for travel and left his town to explore the world and learn languages. When he’s not building things with code, Ben enjoys video games, cooking, learning about nature, or biking around southern France on his folding bike.

Partnership Manager

Ben was born and raised in the UK. After completing his MEng at University in Nanotechnology, he moved to the French Alps to start a mountain bike guiding company. He currently resides in the quintessential British countryside of Somerset UK with his wife and daughter. In his spare time he loves to ride (any bike will do), trail run and climb.


Born and raised in the Tyrolean Alps, Betty pretty much did every sport one can do on, around and even under a mountain. She used to work as a graphic designer for several years - mostly in publishing - before she started her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Communication Management. Betty came to Berlin to gain some new work experiences in the Startup scene and now joined komoot. To cope with the missing mountains, she started to train mixed martial arts at MMA Berlin and got into road biking.


Catherine was lucky to grow up in Cape Town, South Africa, surrounded by mountains and the sea. As beautiful as the city is though, it’s small. After studying a media & writing degree she decided she wanted to see a little more of the world, so she set off for South America where she backpacked, hitchhiked and worked her way around for nearly two years. Finally she made her way to London where she likes seeking out good coffee, strolling along the canals and planning her next wild-camping trip.

Co-founder, Backend

Though an Austrian at heart, Christoph also feels comfortable in the international and diverse city of Berlin. He studied physics and has a great passion for coding and tech innovations. Christoph loves to crack the hardest nuts as much as getting endorphins going by running in Grunewald.

English Copywriter

A native of the South Wales valleys, Craig grew up walking up hill - and he hasn’t stopped yet. A graduate of History, he has lived in three countries, before settling in Berlin in 2012. Craig’s two life passions are pretty simple pleasures: the outdoors and some well-written prose. As komoot’s English copywriter, he gets to experiment with both every day.

Co-founder, Mobile

Daniel is a tech and nature enthusiast who wrote his first computer program in the 90s. After studying computer science and working in the south of Germany, he came to Berlin to start working at komoot. During weekends and vacations, Daniel is conquering the world on bicycle and likes to go on hiking tours.


Born in beautiful but small Bamberg, Daniela was intent on discovering new places from an early age. An English and dramatics graduate, she loves using her language skills by traveling, watching the Doctor save the world (yet again) and diving into books. A water rat at heart, lakes, rivers and the seaside magically have always fascinated her. Biking to work come rain or shine, she indulges her inner couch potato by cooking, drawing, pleasing her neighbors with music or enjoying the region’s cultural offers. Her job at komoot perfectly combines her love for communication, creativity and exploration.

Sales Manager

Daniela was born in Vienna and grew up on the outskirts of the Austrian capital. Despite being from a flat part of Austria, she learnt skiing with 4 and loves wintersports since. She loves travelling and trying new sports while abroad, as well as exploring new foods from all over the world. Daniela has experience in Online Marketing and Sales / Business Development in AdTech, having lived in London and Berlin and is passionate about tech and how it can improve to world.

Android Developer

Dmitry is passionate about nature and tech. When he was 14, he got tired of playing Ultima Online himself, and started to write scripts that would play for him to compensate for his laziness. He can also tell you how to make mining scripts that talk to the game master so that the script appears to be a real person. He loves contributing to free software projects in his free time as he travels around the world as a Digital Nomad. He also spending time flying around the Alps on a paraglider.


Dmytro grew up in an industrial Ukrainian city, dreaming of mountains. Back in the days when the Internet was wild, he started experimenting with web design and development. After graduating electrical engineering he dived deep into interface design for all kinds of electronic devices—from video game consoles to smartphones. Since joining komoot he got involved into various outdoor activities, falling in love with cycling. When not working, Dima explores different places on a bike shooting videos abut his new adventures.

Community Manager

El is from the Welsh hills and now lives in Bristol, UK. She inherited a love of exploring from her parents and has hasn’t stopped. After a few years of working in science and engineering El has come back to her first love, the outdoors. Before she started working here El was an early adopter of komoot and among the first UK Pioneers. Her favourite highlights include secret cake stops, bothies and wild swimming spots. She mostly rides long distance so sugary snacks, dry places to sleep and somewhere for a quick wash are high on the priority list!

Customer Support

Eleonora grew up in the Swiss mountains where her passion for the outdoors evolved. When she reached adulthood, she decided to chase the winter seasons for a few years, moving between the northern and southern hemisphere and spending days upon days on her snowboard. After some more serious years at university, she strapped her belongings on a bike and travelled around the world with it for 10 months. As she returned to Europe, she decided to move to France, from where she is now helping people to explore the outdoors - as a part of our customer support team.

Backend Engineer

Emil comes from Baia Mare, a small, picturesque town in northern Romania. He loves both outdoors and technology and that is what brought him to komoot. His first programming experience was with a ZX Spectrum clone. Emil is a down to earth guy, but in his spare time you will find him flying over the mountains of Maramures.


Enrico grew up in Milan, moved to London to study Human-Computer Interaction and eventually settled in Berlin. Once a psychologist, he found his true calling in user experience design after observing the ever-growing influence of technology on human behaviour. Once a city kid, Enrico first got into outdoor sports on a 300km cycling trip from Berlin to Poland. Despite sucking at it and injuring his left knee in the process, he fell in love with cycling. These days, he’s on his bicycle as much as he can be, on long rides in nature, either solo or with his cycling buddies.

Javascript Engineer

Evan was raised in Thuringia, the green heart of Germany. While studying communication electronics he started experimenting with web programming. Besides programming, Evan loves hardware engineering especially when it comes to custom bike parts. Designed CAD stuff, just gets real via cnc-milling and 3d-printing. Passionate about hard work, Evan travels around the world exploring new routes on his bike.

SEO Manager

Felix lives in Bucharest, Romania. Whenever he is not at the computer, you’ll probably find him on a tennis court, where he’ll hit the ball as hard as he can, imagining he is Roger Federer :). He loves traveling, the outdoors and also enjoys hiking and biking.

Director Media Relations

Irish-born Welt-bummler who, after an 8 year stint in Switzerland took the plunge to return to Ireland. Fiola has worked as a communications professional in the bike industry for over 5 years, before that, in computer software and luxury consumer goods. She was a professional athlete (rowing) before taking up surfing, then cycling and then skiing...but most of all just loves to be out in nature and the great outdoors. She is also a huge music fan, dabbles in a bit of painting and loves to read.

iOS Developer

Originally from the Belgian countryside, then Liège, Florent spent a year in Montreal before deciding he was missing cheese, trains, and old cities too much. He moved back to Europe to finally land in Paris where he’s living now. He’s been trying to stay in touch with nature by hiking and camping whenever possible. When he’s not struggling to start a campfire he loves creating amazing iOS apps, cooking, reading, meditating, photography and watching a ton of TV shows (have you seen Fleabag season 2? It’s amazing!).

Backend Engineer

Originally from New York Francis now finds himself enjoying living from Vienna, Austria. As graduate from RIT in upstate New York he loves working with new technologies and discussing the intricacies of the new hot programming language of the moment. Offline, Francis can be found biking and hiking through the hills outside of Vienna. Once winter comes he tries to spend as much time skiing as humanly possible.

Community Manager

Gaby is based in rural Somerset in the UK. She’s an ex professional road rider who now looks for adventure where the tarmac ends. Gaby spent 6 years living high in the French mountains running fitness holidays in the summer & ski operations in the winter. This is where she fell in love with cycling but also climbing, snowboarding & hiking. When having a rest day Gaby enjoys to cook, sew and drink coffee with friends. She’s motivated by getting more people outside, exploring their local area as well as further afield which is why she has joined Komoot.

Marketing Director (Community)

Ian spent his youth exploring Kent by bike and tried most sports at least once. He now cycles as a way to escape London and find some headspace. Having found his calling, Ian has worked in the cycling industry for 5 years and in sports marketing for nearly 10. He is a believer in the power of sport and is motivated to bring people together to share their adventures, wherever they are.

Sales Manager

An upper austrian girl living in Germany since the end of 2007. Iris grew up in a pretty flat part of Austria but got pretty obsessed about the mountains when she was studying international business in Innsbruck. Iris is a fan of trying any sports, so you can find her windsurfing on Wannsee, hiking in the Alps, playing squash in Friedrichshain and when she is not exhausted… so on.

Community Manager DACH

Growing up in the urban jungle of Frankfurt, Isabel always had a passion for movement. Once a Parkour addict, she eventually swapped urban landscapes and her sneakers for rocks, a harness and climbing shoes. Having transitioned to working in the outdoor industry, she’s become passionate about rock-climbing, trail-running and hiking, but has found her true calling with road cycling. Spending every spare minute on the bike, she especially enjoys sharing long rides with friends or going on multi-day gravel adventures. Isabel has lived in various places across Germany, Latvia, the Netherlands and Vietnam, but now settled in the mountains close to Innsbruck.

Android Developer

Iwo grew up in a Polish village located half an hour by bike from the local airfield. That made him addicted to paragliding and an eager cyclist. After graduating in computer science, Iwo moved to London where he met inspiring people from all around the world. Iwo is into gadgets, no matter if it’s a new phone, SUP board or paraglider. He wrote his first Android app simply because there was a feature missing on his phone. He has recently moved back to Poland but still enjoys a multinational workplace, thanks to working remotely.

Android Developer

James lives in the UK, and has a fascination of all things Android. From a young age he has always been interested in electronical equipment - destroying his father’s radios and elevator parts (he was a lift engineer) by taking them apart to see how they were made - with the intent of putting them together again that never seemed to work out quite right. Nowadays he spends most of his free time exploring nature with his wife and 4 children.

Co-founder, Backend

Our nordic geo ambassador joined komoot with long hair, a linux thinkpad and encryption keys in his hand. Scaling his love for penguins, he is now orchestrating a fluid system of servers and resources in the cloud. From solid java patterns to api functions, he is one of the most wanted persons in the company. When its windy you will find him racing with his longboard and surf sail over the tempelhof airfield.

Brand Manager

Jim is all about design, bikes and family. Originating out of the UK, his extensive career in the sports and outdoor industries has allowed him to see the world, learn from the best and understand the value in life experiences.

Data Analyst

Product of Scotland and raised on a healthy amount of hiking, sailing and golf. John also lived for a number of years in the Alps to indulge in a deep love of skiing, fresh air and clean water. Originally studied as an Engineer, then went to Art School to study Design then synthesised the learnings and experience into a love of Analytics and Data Science. Now living in Berlin and when not biking around or running, can be found playing around with data, predictions, simulations, probabilities and pretty visualisations.


Jonas left grey Germany to live and work in beautiful Barcelona. He is a graphical Swiss Army Knife and tries to be a modern renaissance man. Like most hip designers, he rides his single speed and road bikes everywhere. He’s always on the lookout for interesting letters and typography on bike frames to collect.

Co-founder, Product

Raised in the Alps and obsessed with programming since his teenage years, Jonas loves the outdoors. While studying in Berlin, he teamed up with some friends and developed the idea for komoot and its early versions. When he’s not at the computer he’s out exploring on his bike or catamaran.


Growing up in Finland gave Johanna a taste for the outdoors life from an early age, with summers spent swimming in the lakes or hunting for blueberries in the forest, and winters filled with cross-country skiing. Fascinated by all things design related, Johanna set off to study at Leeds University in the sunny north of England, picking up a love of Yorkshire pudding and a serious tea habit in the process. A love of traveling eventually led Johanna to her current home in Berlin where she is still obsessed with design and lives to plan her next hiking trip.

Backend Engineer

Jørgen lives in rural Norway about 1.5 hours northeast of Oslo. With a background in computer and systems engineering, he is passionate about understanding how a solution can generate value and then dive in to implementing it. In his spare time, he is an active trail runner and enjoys exploring new locations.

PR Manager DACH

Kerstin was born and raised in southern Germany and has moved around Europe quite a bit - from Spain to England and now Austria. She has a degree in foreign languages, in marketing and also interior design. Kerstin loves the mountains and being outdoors, but her biggest passion is mountain biking. She enjoys sharing her passion and helping more people to get out for new adventures, exploring the great outdoors.


Julia was born in Berlin and lived in Turin for 5 years. She speaks German, Italian and English and has been working in customer support for 10 years now.

Backend Engineer

Raised in a small village with more horses than inhabitants, Lukas moved to Munich to study computer science. Whenever he is not typing on his keyboard, you can find him playing handball, listening to podcasts and hiking the alps.

Managing Editor

Originally from Austria, growing up in the foothills of the Alps, Magdalena has always been an outdoor lover. But after studying Design, she found herself blinded by the city lights, moving to the UK in 2008. When trying to avoid having to pay for public transport in London, she picked up a cheap commuter bike which kick-started her love affair with cycling. As an antidote to an active lifestyle, Magdalena loves to relax drawing and spending time with her partner and their baby son at home in Sussex.

iOS Developer

Marco grew up in the middle of the Northern Italian Alps. Possessing a curious mind, he always tries to find something new to learn and do. Growing up doing Stop Motion with Legos, he ended up studying Cinema and Media Engineering, a path that lead him to France and Australia, while exploring new amazing things, from Web Engineering, Network and Application Security to iOS Development. A sport junky, Marco likes trying every possible outdoor and indoor experience, but his heart stays in the ocean, surfing the waves.


Small by height, big by heart - that’s Maria (or Maya for friends) in a nutshell. Born and raised in a small town in Slovakia, she has become a global citizen having worked, lived and studied in 8 countries on 3 continents. A former gymnast, Maya is now an untreated travel addict, over the board chocolate indulger and subsequently a proud morning runner. She loves nature, her family, friends and talking to interesting people in general which is probably why she became an HR ninja. In her free time you can find her discovering yet another new place/country, writing in her journal or upcycling fabrics into eco - friendly backpacks.


Marius is a designer from the south of Germany. When he’s not resizing browser windows, you’ll most probably find him outside (on a bike).

Backend Engineer

Born and living in beautiful but small Maribor, Marko studied computer science at FERI. At a young age, he fell in love with Linux and OSM and has been hooked ever since. A committed cyclist, Marko uses his bike as his primary mode of transportation, no matter the weather. He enjoys mountain cycling near Pohorje or long distance cycling on his recumbent bicycle, but during winter you’ll also find him on cross-country or alpine skis.

Co-founder, CEO

Markus might have spent more time on skis, his road bike and his mountain bike crossing the Alps, than he spent at school. At university, he shifted his ambition to physics, materials science and data analysis. When his passion for outdoor activities and love for data-driven solutions resulted in komoot’s founding, he abandoned his PhD to start the company with his friends. Markus focuses on komoot’s strategy, legal and financial concerns. When he’s not at the office, you can find Markus hiking with his kids and girlfriend in the Bavarian Alps.

Community Manager

Born and raised in the countryside, Mathias only learned to ride a bike at the late age of 10. Now he is a dedicated lover of long-distance rides. A former music journalist living in Paris, he works as a freight bike courier in his spare time. He’s a runner, a video game player, a sci-fi lover, a dreamer and an outside lover.

iOS Developer

Matthias grew up in Potsdam and wrote his first programs in BASIC in the ’90s. After studying in Brandenburg/Havel he started working in the field of geo-informatics in Potsdam. During this time he also picked up Java, groovy and iOS development skills. He joined komoot in 2012.

Customer Support Lead

Nouran moved from London to Germany at the tender age of 18 for love and studies. Passionate about online communities, she contributed to several non-profit orgs and projects before moving into the corporate world, where her focus was in support and management. A big fan of hiking and travelling, she is currently planning the transition to full-time vanlife starting mid-2020.

Quality Assurance Specialist

Born and raised in Coimbra, Pedro was always looking for activities to do outdoors and connect with nature. He’s a big fan of football and he was also a football player in his youth. On a visit to the Azores, Pedro fell in love with nature and hiking, and hiking has become his favorite free-time activity ever since. His mission at komoot is to ensure everything works and delights users!

Product Manager

Philipp was born in Nuremberg and grew up together with three siblings. He completed his M. Sc. in International Management whilst completing a project at Deutsche Telekom. Later, he moved to Hamburg and started working as a project manager for different product development departments within the TV & video business, where he honed his skills in product management. He is keen to archive a deep understanding of problems of any kind and loves to find the right solution together with his team. Philipp spends his spare time climbing, skiing, running and cycling — or basically doing any sports that make him sweat.

Product Manager

From Amsterdam to Istanbul, Ushuaia to Santiago & Georgia to Sydney. Rob is a fanatic bikepacker who is always in for an adventure. Originally trained in business and finance, Rob made the switch to digital product management early in his career. In the past he has worked on many different products ranging from personal development tools to public transport apps and airport wayfinding maps. At Komoot Rob works on the Map, Routing & Navigation making sure our users have the best outdoor experience in the world without getting lost.

Media Relations Manager UK

Rob comes from Bristol in the UK and, for as long as he can remember, has been riding bikes. After years (and years) of working in the Hospitality industry, his passion for two wheels brought him into the cycling media world, where he’s previously worked across some of the key UK titles. When not working (and sometimes for work) you’ll most likely find him seeking mini bikepacking adventures or looking for any opportunity to disappear into the hills.

Community Manager

Roebijn was born in the Netherlands and grew up in an adventurous family of five kids. They travelled the world and lived in Singapore, Curacao and Australia before settling in New Zealand. Eventually returning to her home country, she studied brand management in Amsterdam and worked for a few years in fashion and theatre. Wanting a life with more freedom, she quit her office job, started cycling, and discovered her calling. She and her partner live in a small house in Amersfoort and own the bouldering gym around the corner. They love to rock climb and cycle and try to spend as much time as they can outdoors.

Community Manager

Sami grew up in Barcelona, but since her adolescence has lived in Italy, France and Berlin. She’s always excited about new adventures and challenges, from riding her bike to work to discovering new things. In her free time, she takes care of herself best by doing sports, activities, reading or meeting friends.

People and Organization Manager

Sara was born and raised in NYC but caught an outdoorsy bug when she went to university in the Green Mountains of Vermont. She moved to Colorado to teach skiing and quickly became a powder hound while also discovering all the things you can do outside when the snow melts, especially mountain biking and camping. A city kid at heart, she moved to Berlin to experience urban life again and to be closer to her family here.

Community Manager DACH

Saskia’s passion for adventure and the outdoors first became visible at the age of 18, when she joined an international youth expedition to the Magnetic North Pole. Since then she has been involved in a variety of different environmental activities and projects in places like South Africa, Uganda, Serbia and her home: the famous Black Forest in Germany. Saskia doesn’t only love spending time outside cycling and hiking with friends, but also, she really enjoys taking newbies along and showing them the beauty of nature. What she loves about hiking is the time for great conversations in stunning landscapes and she is excited to live such moments with the Komoot community.

Backend Engineer

Sebastian studied physics and moved to Berlin to pursue a PhD. He fell in love with the city and discovered his passion for all topics Data Science and Machine Learning related. Sebastian loves climbing and can be found in one of the climbing gyms of Berlin if he’s not building some data product.

Managing Editor

After growing up in the urban area of the Ruhr and studying media technology in Cologne, Sebastian moved to Berlin. Exploring the hustle and bustle of the German capital for a few years, he rediscovered his nature-loving heart. Camping and hiking became a growing part of his life and, together with his wife, he walked many trails in Europe, USA and even Japan – his beloved Fuji camera always around his neck. He joined komoot in 2019 to help ensure the highest quality of cycling and hiking collections.


Stephanie’s heart beats for rocks, roots, trails, and the mountains. She explores them on her blue mountain unicycle, black two-wheeled beauty and her green VW camper van. As of now, Stephanie and her unicycle have gone on adventures on six continents, allowing her to be the hopeless nature romantic her parents have made her during long camping trips. When not out exploring you’ll find Stephanie researching and writing stories and words for komoot – which doesn’t mean you won’t find her in a tent somewhere in the woods that night.

Data Analyst

Tamas loves solving problems with data, uncovering insights and experimenting with new technology . Originally from Budapest, he has since lived in Belgium, Canada and the Netherlands. When not working, Tamas often disappears into the Scottish Highlands, where good weather is hard to find, but single malts are plentiful.

Quality Assurance Specialist

Thomas grew up near the fabled Danube river on a forested mountain overlooking the Alps. Curiosity drove him to start a bike ride in front of his home, and after a few months of cycling, he made it all the ways to Dublin, where he now lives. Breaking things to improve software quality is his true profession, beside chasing leprechauns somewhere in the Wicklow Mountains.

Co-founder, Marketing

Raised in the Austrian alps, Tobias loves the mountains, hiking, skiing and climbing. While studying mechanical engineering in Munich, he saw himself as more of an entrepreneur than a gear and motor nerd. Soon he made the move to Berlin and truly enjoys helping people have great outdoor experiences.

Garmin IQ Developer

Software developer from Czech Republic who likes to think about the product from the beginning and to experiment with novel user interfaces (multi touch and gesture input, smart watch apps). Interested in human computer interaction, user experience and UI design. Studied the informatics on Charles University and a Computer Graphics on CTU in Prague. Former C# developer and Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional, now focusing on a Garmin Connect IQ platform. Avid mountain biker (trail, enduro), loves hiking in the mountains on small islands just with a backpack and a tent.

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