Brücke Elbe- Seitenkanal

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  • Cord

    Great view of the canal and the Elbe.

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    • 28 novembre 2018

  • JR56

    The Elbe side canal was opened after eight years of construction on 15 June 1976 by the then Federal Minister of Transport Kurt Gscheidle, the mayor of the Hanseatic city of Hamburg Hans-Ulrich Klose and the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony Ernst Albrecht. The main purpose of the canal construction was to create a connection between the Elbe and Mittelland Canal within the Federal Republic of Germany, because the original connection - the waterway cross Magdeburg - lay during the German division in the GDR.
    The building was also used as an obstacle for armored troops in east-west direction to build. The channel embankments were created as a barrier for tanks from the east, from the west, the slopes can be traveled east in certain areas. The bridges were or are still partially equipped with explosive shafts, in the underpasses were or there are anti-tank barriers. Since German reunification, the canal has been used not only as a shortcut between the northern Elbe and the western Mittelland Canal, but also on the way between the northern Elbe and the eastern Mittelland Canal, when the Elbe runs low tide between Schnackenburg and Magdeburg. The confluence below the ship lift is blocked by the barrier gate in Artlenburg at km 114.74 against Elbe flood at water levels above sea level + 8.0 m.

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    • 16 novembre 2018

  • Tommy

    An interesting building 🚴♂️

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    • 8 aprile 2019

  • Cord

    For me, this is always a milestone.

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    • 19 agosto 2019

  • Dirk Hofmann

    here the Elbe side channel flows into the Elbe. You can linger and see ships.

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    • 31 luglio 2020

  • Maik Richter

    From the bridge you have a good view of the confluence of the Elbe Lateral Canal into the Elbe. A nice area for cycling.
    It's just a shame that there is no bike path leading directly from the bridge to the dike paths of the Elbe Lateral Canal. There are only steep stairs here, where I then laboriously hauled up my bike with a lot of luggage. Later I saw that a little further there is a path that leads to the banks of the Elbe, but unfortunately it is not signposted.

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    • 16 settembre 2020

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Posizione:Artlenburg, Lüneburg, Bassa Sassonia, Germania


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