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  • Rainer on Tour - casterℹx

    Since 13.06.2018 the new section of the König-Ludwig-Route has been completed. From Becklem in the east, it connects in the south to the already completed in 2008 section.

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    • 20 giugno 2018

  • Günther

    The new route connects in the south to the already completed section to the old harbor König-Ludwig am Rhein Herne Kanal.
    The KLT Bahntrasse was extended by the new section from the Ortlohstraße in Recklinghausen to the Becklemer Busch (Horneburger Straße in Castrop-Rauxel.
    The new section is completely asphalted and is about 7,0 km long.
    In the final stage, the former mine railway line from the Rhine-Herne Canal to the Halde General Blumenthal in Oer-Erkenschwick lead and there connect to the Haard.
    I drove on to the ship lift Henrichenburg.

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    • 25 giugno 2018

  • Thorsten G

    Former Bahraße of the coal mine King Ludwig. Currently the last part of the track is not finished yet.

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    • 20 aprile 2018

  • schluender

    Section two was completed 6/2018. Great to drive!

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    • 22 luglio 2018

  • Manni.Sch.

    Really very nice bike path, the entry of which in Castrop or from Datteln is unfortunately not very well signposted. In general, a lot more signposts should point to this cycle path.
    I drove the bike path from the boat lift towards the Rhine-Herne Canal where you can then turn left towards the boat lift. If you start from the ship lift you can drive a very nice circuit. The KLT entry is from the Hebewerk west on Provinzialstr./Dortmunder Str, after the bridge left to the Höfen (keep left at the intersection), then left on Horneburger Str., Past Peacock's Manor, then left up the ramp to the KLT . Drive through the KLT route to the canal, then left towards Henrichenburg. The construction site on the canal is finally over, so that you can now drive through again directly. Have fun

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    • 19 ottobre 2018

  • Webby

    The King Ludwig Route (KLT) connects the Rhine-Herne Canal and Becklem on a former railway line. She is consistently good to drive.

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    • 18 maggio 2019

  • Thorsten G

    Nice straight and leads directly to the canal. Hopefully the other direction will be finished soon.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 15 aprile 2018

  • Derkomahnda

    Asphalted, little slope or incline.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 15 luglio 2018

  • schluender

    Part 2 of the KLT is open. Really nice to drive !!

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    • 22 luglio 2018

  • WaMu54

    Road is mostly tarred and is fast and easy to drive.

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    • 22 ottobre 2018

  • DiDo Schropa
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    • 22 settembre 2018

  • Yuppie54

    Road to the extension even more beautiful. Very good to drive. There is also much to see. Benches are available in sufficient numbers, so that you can sometimes enjoy the old industrial landscape.

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    • 24 aprile 2019

  • Atze (Roland H.)

    Wonderful road, there is a lot to see.
    At the point with the really great graffiti you can well take a break and let your mind wander.
    When I was there, I had not seen any garbage or graffiti. (I hope that stays that way for a long time)

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    • 6 aprile 2019

  • Thomas08

    The King Ludwig Trasse is an earlier railway route which connected the individual locations of the mine of the same name with the coal port on the Rhine-Herne Canal.

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    • 30 giugno 2019

  • Radlerarno

    Nicely done 👍

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 4 agosto 2019

  • Cichi

    The track can be used very well. Low traffic, so good for speed junkies.

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    • 3 settembre 2019

  • PWL

    Former. Locomotive hall König Ludwig 4/5 - Suderwichstraße 66:
    From spring to autumn, an insight into the beekeeping BIENENHORT SUDERWICH with information about beekeeping including honey tasting for bicycle groups by prior appointment (bienenhort.de).
    Honey from Recklinghausen-Suderwich (early and summer costumes) at any time.
    Tour of the garden property with the over 100-year-old locomotive hall of King Ludwig 4/5 at the beginning of June and end of August for the "Open Garden Gate Recklinghausen".
    Exact dates on the Internet (offene-gartenpforte-recklinghausen.de).

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    • 1 gennaio 2020

  • Manni.Sch.

    Today I am again from the Henrichenburger the Horneburgerstr. Headed south from KLT - boarding and was horrified by the state of the "road". A thick layer of gravel makes driving and walking very difficult. Therefore from Henrichenburger Str. Through Becklem (Becklemer Str. Then keep left on Bredenbrauck. So you can avoid the torture route.

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    • 28 marzo 2020

  • Hi 🙋🏼‍♂️👀

    The expansion arches provide a clear example of an underground route expansion - Glückauf! 👍

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    • 3 settembre 2020

  • Martin

    The KLT - König-Ludwig-Trasse! A great piece of a colliery railway line with an old diesel mine locomotive and lots of graffiti to remember the old colliery!

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    • 1 ottobre 2020

  • Manni.Sch.

    This does not directly affect the KLT, unfortunately there are some detours on the canal and on the Emscher cycle path due to the work on the Emscher, which are not so nice. If you come to the canal from the north and want to go in the direction of the ship lift, the end of the Kanalstrasse bridge is over and you have to follow the detour. If you then want to drive along the Emscher Cycle Path you will also come across a construction site that will take you a short distance along the Suderwicher Strasse. The bike path is not very long, but very narrow due to the oncoming traffic. Alternatively via the canal road towards Castrop, then left towards Henrichenburg. Not as nice as on the Emscher but also not as busy. As of May 17th, 2020

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    • 21 maggio 2020

  • Bogi

    Ideal for a rest

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    • 4 marzo 2021

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