Rotwandhaus am Rotwandkopf

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  • Andreas Platzl

    Here you can not speak of hut anymore. The Rotwandhaus was completely renovated a few years ago, which has certainly improved the stay. On the huge terrace sweeps the panoramic view of the Zugspitze to the Großglockner. At the slightly higher prices one notices that the conversion probably cost a lot. Nevertheless, the food and service is of high quality, which justifies the price again. Peak times should be avoided if possible, because often flocks of hungry tourists want to be fed.

    Opening hours: all year round

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 28 ottobre 2016

  • Thorsten

    The Rotwandhaus is a very popular excursion hut - also for mountain bikers. This is next to the great location certainly also on the homemade treats such as typical Bavarian dishes, even baked bread and cakes, soups and sparrows. A special highlight is certainly an overnight stay on the Rotwandhaus - a sunset and sunrise in the mountains to experience something for yourself. But be sure to book a room first, so you will not be sent away unexpectedly.
    Telephone: 0 80 26/76 83

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 9 dicembre 2016

  • Heiko Cochius

    Very good Kaiserschmarrn + Beautiful view!

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 19 luglio 2016

  • Kristina🤘

    Ansich very nice house, but meanwhile very touristy

    The house itself is very nice and the view topped the whole. You only have to expect a lot of hiking traffic

    Nice cabin with great views. Food is good but you have to expect that this is very busy

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 14 maggio 2017

  • Michael Schneider

    Great food with a great view of the north side of the main Alpine ridge

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 20 maggio 2017

  • Cavipor

    The menu speaks for itself !!! Thumbs up, eaten several times.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 6 settembre 2017

  • Patrick

    Super delicious food. Especially recommended is the beef tongue.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 17 settembre 2017

  • Enrico Peuschel

    Always well attended - self-service

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 14 luglio 2018

  • Jense

    Good food and good espresso

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 13 agosto 2015

  • Sascha

    The cottage is open all year.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 4 ottobre 2017

  • Marcus

    That was good

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 25 ottobre 2017

  • Gustl

    Today by bike I can only recommend great food everything fits

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 3 giugno 2018

  • Peter Fleming

    A Westermeier writes that the kitchen is moderate here. I can not understand that at all. The kitchen is excellent. Of course you should not expect a gourmet restaurant on a mountain hut. What strange views there are. I highly recommend it and where do you get lamb on a hut?

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 14 giugno 2018

  • Suse

    AV hut with excellent kitchen.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 27 giugno 2018

  • Thomas

    I can only recommend the cottage.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 1 ottobre 2018

  • Gunther Arendt

    Wonderful panoramic view of Lake Chiemsee and the southeastern Alps ..

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 12 marzo 2019

  • Gerhard

    evening and hello, allso I was on the red wall very often as a child with my family or even alone as 3 years ago in august, I would always like to walk there, over the taubenstein over to the red wall is a nice day hike just for suitable for families. maybe someone who will do the tour with me again in august, or like in the area like wendelstein or something
    Greetings Gerhard

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 30 maggio 2019

  • Octavio

    Thanks so much

    • 16 novembre 2016

  • Very nice view, but the prices are overpriced and quality of the food is limited.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 9 luglio 2017

  • Westermeier

    Not recommended on weekends with good weather-hopelessly overrun !!!
    Kitchen moderately

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 8 settembre 2017

  • Sascha

    From the Rotwandhaus you have a great view over the Alps

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 4 ottobre 2017

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