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  • JR56

    Services have been celebrated in the Marktkirche for more than 750 years!
    It was in the time of the economic prosperity of the Hanseatic city of Hanover in the 14th century: towering high above the roofs of the low, thatched roofs of the old town, the imposing brick Gothic hall church was built. But their history goes back even further. Powerful column foundations of a presumably richly equipped Romanesque predecessor building, which should have been built around 1125, give today's Bödekersaal in the basement of the church its very own charisma. The market church was first mentioned in 1238. It became evangelical in 1536. It received its simple, modern character, which is characterized by the natural tone of the bricks, when it was rebuilt after the destruction in World War II.

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    • 9 dicembre 2019

  • Holger

    History to touch. Just fun.

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    • 2 luglio 2019

  • Frank-Michael

    For more than 750 years, services have been celebrated in the Marktkirche!

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    • 10 dicembre 2019

  • Michael

    The Protestant market church was built in the 14th century.The market church is the highlight of Hanover's old town. In addition to the Old Town Hall, the church is considered the southernmost renown piece of North German brick Gothic.After its destruction in World War II, the market church was rebuilt in 1952. The west portal was designed by sculptor Gerhard Marcks and contains motifs from the saddest chapter in German history.The German Michel is buried in the market church. Johann Michael von Obentraut fought against the general Tilly at the head of a German-Danish army in the Thirty Years' War and was mortally wounded in 1625. Knight Obentraut was nicknamed "The German Michel".

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    • 14 giugno 2020

  • Mirco Dörsam

    Built in the middle of the 14th century, the Marktkirche is still a landmark of the city of Hanover today. It was rebuilt in the early 1950s after being destroyed in the war.
    The old town hall is located in the immediate vicinity of the church.

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    • 21 ottobre 2020

  • nessi69

    A place of rest and reflection!

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    • 8 novembre 2020

  • Rainer


    • 11 febbraio 2021

  • Michael Schütz

    The Marktkirche is probably the most important church in Hanover. It is not only the official church of the city council, but also the preaching church of the respective bishop of the regional church of Hanover. The inauguration took place in 1360. In 1943 two air raids destroyed the church except for parts of the outer walls and the roof structure. It was not fully restored until 1952.

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    • 13 aprile 2021

  • Christopher

    In the Middle of the busiest restaurant streets of Hannover. Lovely corner to stop and have a pint

    • 27 aprile 2021

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