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    The plant is located near Frankfurt and connects the districts Griesheim and Goldstein. The Main has here a mean water supply, which can increase at a hundred-year flood more than tenfold. The barrage Griesheim is a lock with barrage, which is equipped with a Fischtteppe. It was built between 1929 and 1932. From the beginning it was equipped with state-of-the-art technology for the time. An electric lighting system enabled night-time operation if required, all lock gates got an electric drive. In the last days of the war 1945 the barrage was blown up by pioneers of the Wehrmacht and completely rebuilt in the years 1949/50.The weir has two lock chambers and a boat lock:
    • the southern chamber with a usable length of 344.38 m and a useable width of 15.04m
    • the northern chamber, 344.05 meters long and 12.02 meters wide.
    • The boat lock is 21.93 m long and 3.50 m wide.
    In front of the lock chambers, there is a 500 meter long upper and lower prechannel, where ships can wait for the passage. The facility, which drives around 60 ships a day, is in operation around the clock.About the lock system and the Main leads a 3m wide Wehrsteg (with gratings) as a public footpath, which can also be easily crossed by

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    Ascend unfortunately only over stairs

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