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  • Matthias

    The Barbarakapelle is located on the Klausenweg in the Dippoldiswalder Heide, and bears the name of the patron saint of miners. Originally named Klausen Church. The manor owner Sigismund von Maltitz, who owned Dippoldiswalde, had this chapel built around 1500 (he himself died in 1525). It served as a place of destination for the voter drivers from Dippoldiswalde to Altzella. In 1539, the builder's brother, Bishop John VIII of Maltitz, out of concern at secret meetings of the followers of the Reformation, had them destroyed after the last chaplain called miners for the Reformed service. Above the Antonius well next to the chapel, according to a legend, the church servant Antony lived in a cellar. From the latter fountain springs the Barber River, which flows below into the Oelsabach.In 1814, August Schumann reports in his Complete State, Post, and Newspaper Lexicon of Saxony, on the way to the village of Oelsa, in the middle of the forest, 6 cubits high and 1 and a half cubed walls, the ruins of a chapel of St. BarbaraThe chapel ship is 13 meters wide and 16 meters long, which is adjoined to the east of the sanctuary with the dimensions of 6.60 meters. Artillery Lieutenant Otto Rothmaler made a first chapel drawing in 1856, but in 1881 it was partially rebuilt. The altar of the chapel was taken by the Maltitzern in 1539 to Bohemia, which Recent History research found out. As remains of the architectural decoration, the gothic curtain window in the sanctuary has been preserved. Today, in this simple chapel, a divine service is held each year at Ascension Day.Source:

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    • 20 dicembre 2018

  • Kai-Uwe

    The chapels are dedicated to Saint Barbara of Nicomedia, the patron saint of miners.

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    • 5 gennaio 2020

  • Holger

    There is nothing to add to this, except: a mysterious, legendary place.
    A chapel in the middle of the forest!

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    • 13 dicembre 2020

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