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  • Gerhard T

    The Metzelhöhe near Adelhausen is a very symbolic place where the seven wards "Adelhausen, Ottwangen, Haagenbacher, Stetten, Brombach, Inzlingen and Lörrach meet ... The historic stone was set by the seven bannards in 1790. On top of the head area There are a number of lines engraved on the stone indicating the course of the banches, an age-old ban, which not only establishes a borderline, but also a landmark between the Margraviate and the Austrian rule of Rheinfelden It is obvious that it has always been It was difficult to pinpoint a point where these seven wards meet, and land ownership can change through purchase, exchange, or inheritance

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    • 24 maggio 2019

  • René

    Here, 7 communities intersect

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    • 5 settembre 2018

  • Tobi

    Easy to reach. No matter which direction you come from it is well signposted.

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    • 3 ottobre 2018

  • frUnc vEEnAn

    ... you just can not get over it ...

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    • 5 ottobre 2018

  • Strolchi

    Here are 5 paths intersect, you have to look at which one drives out of the intersection. The bank is a typical break bank ...

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    • 7 ottobre 2018

  • Matz

    Basically interesting area, because many possibilities (narrow forest passages, wide paths, etc)

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    • 21 ottobre 2019

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Posizione:Rheinfelden (Baden), Lörrach, Friburgo, Baden-Württemberg, Germania


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