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  • Scout Jens

    Beginning of 2021: The weir was renewed and the Alb below the weir was renatured.
    The story of the weir can be read on a board there:
    The last of the 50 mills on the Alb before the mouth of the Rhine was the Appenmühle. High and low water, but also severe frost, led to the mill failing. Many people then had to starve because they were "banned" to the mill.
    Karl Friedrich then had a windmill built. At the Ettlinger lines. the project was a flop: lack of wind and too great a distance to consumers.
    In 1817 it was therefore decided to demolish the windmill and build this weir from the stones.
    The miller Ludwig Schmitt then strengthened the weir in 1880. A memorial stone indicates this. The gag was that ice could now be harvested in winter. The ice was created by controlled flooding of the meadow below the weir. The ice cream was stored in large cellars next to the inn at the Appenmühle.
    The Appenmühle is used today by the voluntary fire brigade. And electricity is produced.Worth a visit!

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    • 2 marzo 2019

  • Markus

    If you have been cycling for a while or are on your way home after a hard day's work, the weir invites you for a short break. Far away from street noise and traffic, you can breathe a bit in this idyll and "come down". A bit of birdsong and the sound of the Alb, before you dive back into the world of hustle and bustle. A very nice place!

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    • 4 giugno 2019

  • Uwe.Reiter

    along the Alb there is sometimes a weir

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    • 25 luglio 2018

  • Manfred Wagner


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    • 4 agosto 2020

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