An der Teufelstreppe

An der Teufelstreppe

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  • Anja

    The legend of the Devil's Stairway Once a stranger came to the Schwarzatal and freed a beautiful fisher girl. The answer had already been given, when the bride at the last moment realized that she had never engaged anyone else but the devil. With horror she fled up the steep hill, but the devil tore stones from the rock and built a huge staircase. At the seventh stage, he caught up with the fugitive and wanted to seize her, but suddenly a violent thunderstorm exploded, a bolt of lightning tore the pursuer in the depths, and the girl was able to save herself for blast disks. At the said seventh stage is now the Devil Steps hut.Source: https: // sid = e84909c037d2af1a2f7549b741ed7f8e & eid = 82?

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    • 6 gennaio 2019

  • Willigipfel

    Another great view into the Schwarzatal you get on the Teufelstreppe.

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    • 8 giugno 2019

  • Dalmatiner Maya & Arya

    A resting place with hut and rock formations whose name comes from a legend. It is said the devil had tried to steal a young girl. When he did not succeed, he jumped in anger down the seven steps of the rock into the Schwarzatal and was not seen again.

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    • 27 febbraio 2018

  • Christian W.

    Great view and a small hut to rest.

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    • 18 dicembre 2020

  • Christian W.

    Great vantage point with a refuge.

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    • 18 dicembre 2020

  • Patrick

    A very nice hiking trail above the Schwarza valley.

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    • 29 marzo 2021

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Posizione:Bad Blankenburg, Saalfeld-Rudolstadt, Turingia, Germania


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An der Teufelstreppe