Honister Pass

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  • emmie c

    Honister Pass is not the hardest climb in the Lakes at 'just' 1-in-4 (a minor 25% at its steepest), but I'd definitely rate it as one of my favourites. It's 1.4 miles (2.2 km) with an average gradient of 10%, maxing out at 22%. So, for the Lakes, it's well within reason!

    In 2013 the Tour of Britain passed Honister with huge crowds lining the whole climb - three or four deep on the steepest sections and at the top. The weather was pretty horrific too, so it was definitely a spectacle, especially with Nairo Quintana and Dan Martin putting the hammer down.

    • 6 novembre 2018

  • la2rad

    Stunning, windy single track road.

    • 28 ottobre 2017

  • David

    Just take care with cars - they also like the windy track

    • 24 aprile 2018

  • David

    Great climb, one of the best in the lakes

    • 3 giugno 2019

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Posizione:Cumbria, Inghilterra, Regno Unito


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