Kloster Adelberg

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  • Jürgen Hild

    The extensive monastery area also includes a pizzeria and a museum, which informs about the monastery. Through the terrain leads a bike path.
    More about the monastery: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kloster_Adelberg

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    • 8 aprile 2017

  • Jürgen Hild

    Kloster Adelberg was a Premonstratenserstift built in 1178 in Adelberg near Göppingen (Baden-Württemberg). For 300 years, a canon and a choir convent existed side by side, in 1476 the nuns had to move to Lauffen am Neckar.
    The monastery of the Reformed was intensely promoted in its early stages by the Staufer, who initially also provided the governors. Adelberg stood in competition with the neighboring Benedictine monastery Lorch. From 1372 onwards, the convent came under the rule of Württemberg, which brought the Abbey a prosperous period in the 15th century and made Adelberg one of the richest foundations of the old duchy.
    In the Peasants' War, the monastery was badly damaged; in the period of reconstruction fell the Reformation, after its final introduction Adelberg 1565 to 1629/1630 seat of a Protestant convent school. Her most famous pupil was Johannes Kepler. Until 1810 it was the seat of a prelature of the Württemberg regional church. During this time outstanding Protestant theologians officiated there as abbots and prelates, among them Jakob Andreae, Johann Jacob Heinlin, Lucas Osiander the Elder and Johann Wolfgang Jäger.
    Although the complex with its preserved walls is still easy to see, only a few buildings have been preserved from monastic times; The monastery church was demolished after the Reformation. The Ulrichskapelle with its altar from the workshop of Nikolaus Weckmann and the accompanying panel paintings by Bartholomäus Zeitblom artistically stands out from what is preserved.
    Source: Wikipedia

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    • 19 ottobre 2017

  • Ralph Froschauer

    Fisherman's holiday on Corpus Christi, with delicious trout

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    • 31 maggio 2018

  • Radlrutsch

    It is a very beautiful and well-kept monastery complex that you enter through an archway - although the arch reminds me of this film with the harmonica music by Ennio Morricoene.

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    • 17 maggio 2020

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Posizione:Adelberg, Göppingen, Stoccarda, Baden-Württemberg, Germania


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