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  • Peter

    The landscape you see here emerged around 250 million years ago at the turn of the Lower to the Upper Rotliegend. At that time there was intense volcanic activity in the nearby area. Flammable masses, so-called magmas, rose from the depths of the earth's crust. They penetrated the rocks above or reached the surface of the earth, where they quickly cooled and froze. Chimneys opened from which ashes and tuffs were thrown out. The Protestant church stands on a so-called volcanic vent, a vertical ascent channel of volcanic products from the interior of the earth. The mass has solidified on the surface of the earth and has withstood the subsequent erosion and has prepared hills.
    The extinct volcanoes include the Welschberg 336.3 m asl (transmission mast), the Lemberg 420.8 m asl, the Gangelsberg 340.6 m asl and the Heimberg 302.7 m asl.
    The Heimbergturm is a 29 m high observation tower on the 302.7 m above sea level. NHN high Heimberg between Schloßböckelheim and Waldböckelheim in the Naheland (Rhineland-Palatinate). It was built in spring 2008 in the manner of a wooden scaffold and has a square floor plan. The cornerstones consist of 85-year-old, natural Douglas fir trunks from the Soonwald near Mengerschied and are cross-braced with metal struts. A left-handed wooden staircase serves as a staircase, which leads to the covered observation deck via 144 steps and 15 intermediate platforms.
    The tower is primarily used for tourist purposes to view the Soonwald-Nahe nature park.
    On the roofed platform of the tower you can see the small Feldberg near Königstein im Taunus, the Donnersberg in the Palatinate highlands and the Erbeskopf near Idar Oberstein.

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    • 19 gennaio 2020

  • wolfche

    Absolute highlight with a fantastic all-round view

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    • 2 gennaio 2021

  • Angel2You🐾👠🏖️

    Great view in all directions and great rest area even for larger groups

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    • 5 settembre 2017

  • Wahlium

    Not only the view from the tower is great, also the impressive corner posts - from local firs - are an eye-catcher

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    • 22 aprile 2018

  • Christian

    With its almost 30 meters high, the Heimberg tower offers a magnificent view in all directions. A hike to him and a climb worthwhile in any case.

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    • 3 settembre 2018

  • MarcusBeckelumer

    The Heimberg tower is always worth a visit. In fine weather, a great view, very recommendable.

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    • 27 giugno 2019

  • Bernd Z.

    The almost 30 meter high Heimberg tower offers a great view in all directions. A trip to him and an ascent are definitely worth it.

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    • 3 maggio 2020

  • To no

    Amazing prospect. The path is hardly shaded, caution is advised in summer. The view is an eye catcher.

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    • 1 giugno 2020

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Posizione:Schloßböckelheim, Bad Kreuznach, Naheland, Renania-Palatinato, Germania


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