Epping forest

Epping forest

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  • Al

    This section of Epping New Road is the main way to access Essex but it's unpleasant to ride on with 'road' wheels as the surface is chip 'n tar, the 'cycle lane' is very coarse and full of loose stones making it difficult to ride on. But the road, which is single carriageway is usually vey busy with fast moving traffic so it's best to turn off at the Robin Hood Roundabout and deviate through High Beech for a bit or respite; it's much more pleasant.

    • 21 luglio 2019

  • Laura

    Take any of the side roads off this main road, and you will find yourself deep in the Epping woods. There are plenty of hiking trails, and tracks to ride if your on either a CX or mountain bike. It is easy to feel like your a million miles away from London while exploring this area

    • 31 luglio 2017

  • Matthew Davies

    Do not use the pathetic cycle lane, surface is worse than the road. Just suffer it and all the traffic to get to the nice roads. Necessary evil! Essex County Council should be ashamed of the road surface

    • 17 ottobre 2019

  • Tomasz Szarzynski

    Beautiful forest with loads of hills. You can spot some deers too.

    • 12 agosto 2017

  • Andrew Morgan

    Horrible bit of road running through the centre of Epping Forest. Awful surface and worse drivers. Ok in in the safety of a large group but not fun solo. Avoid and take a different route through the forest, all are nicer than this.

    • 1 maggio 2020

  • Constanze

    Agree with the others here, this bit of road is horrible. But the views after are worth it!

    • 17 maggio 2020

  • Adam Chamberlin

    You dont really get to see much when you pass on the Dunwich Dynamo as it is getting dark, but it is definitely worth a visit in daylight

    • 29 luglio 2018

  • Ramiebay

    I love going to epping but the road into it is horrible. Cars fly past, road surface is a nightmare and feels like it goes on forever. My hands, shoulders and back ache after.

    • 27 giugno 2020

  • Rex Bradford

    This is pretty harsh terrain if you're on quite skinny (25mm?) tyres

    • 19 ottobre 2020

  • Josie Lees

    There are much better routes through Epping Forest than the Epping New Road. Unless you’re a fan of close passes and terrible road surfaces?

    • 1 dicembre 2020

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Posizione:Essex, Inghilterra, Regno Unito


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Epping forest