Das Felsenmeer

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  • Christof

    The Felsenmeer is accessible year-round. The rocky sea can only be visited via the designated trails, which you must not leave because there are many deep clefts and cracks in the entire area. In addition, you protect the flora and fauna of this sensitive geotope. There are information boards at the entrances to the Felsenmeer. The designated 'Panoramaweg' leads you to the most impressive vantage points.

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    • 23 luglio 2017

  • Bikeroldie

    Sauerland Park is also worth a visit

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    • 23 agosto 2019

  • Rui


    • 14 aprile 2019

  • Karl Vogel

    I like geotopes like the Felsenmeer and the Bruchhauser stones very much because they give us a vivid and interesting look at the history of the earth. The Felsenmeer is an interesting and exciting place for big and small and for me. :-)

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    • 2 giugno 2020

  • Jürgen

    Highly recommended but stay on the trails for your own safety. Day breaks

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    • 12 giugno 2020

  • Johnny Machine

    Can only confirm Jürgen's tip. I remember that from the 1980s. The paths didn't exist then and the barriers were few. The clever ones were still very careful. For the others, the fire brigade occasionally had to move in. Well, and sometimes it was too late :(
    In this respect: A great idea to create this panorama path. You can see everything well, the nature outside the paths has its peace and the rescue teams can devote themselves to other tasks;)

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    • 24 settembre 2020

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Posizione:Hemer, Märkischer Kreis, Arnsberg, Renania Settentrionale-Vestfalia, Germania


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