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  • Carsten (📍FFB)

    Unfortunately, from no side to reach.
    But I discovered a bathing place.
    At the weekend this is very well attended.
    Hardly any parking spaces available.

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    • 25 novembre 2017

  • SaRie

    Pilsensee is the second smallest among the five lakes in the Fünfseenland. It is located northeast of the Ammersee and south of Wörthsee. The lake has a length of 2.5 kilometers and is 0.76 km wide. Its maximum depth is 17.1 meters.The Pilsensee has a water catchment area of ​​about 40 square kilometers. In addition to some smaller streams and the rather insignificant groundwater flow of the Pilsensee is mainly fed by the Aubach, the Widdersberger Bach and the Höllgraben. The lake outlet represents the Weißbach, which later flows into the Ammersee. These outlets and tributaries ensure that Lake Pilsen exchanges its entire amount of water within a year. For this, Lake Starnberg needs 21 years.
    This is one of the reasons why Lake Pilsen has excellent water quality. Large parts of the shore of Lake Pilsen are now designated as nature reserves and not accessible. Nevertheless, the lake is developed for local recreation tourism and can come up with a large campsite at Hechendorf and the bathing areas on the east and west banks.
    The Pilsensee is not only a popular destination for "Sommerfrischler". Even anglers will get their money's worth - the lake is rich in tasty fish.Further information at:

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    • 2 luglio 2017

  • BobbyBiker

    Combine your bike tour (or hike) with a swim stop at the lido La Pineta in Hechendorf. Cozy sunbathing area and cappuccino, pizza & Co. included

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    • 1 luglio 2019

  • Stephan

    Beautiful lake, but difficult to access because mostly private property

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    • 4 luglio 2020

  • Stefan

    The Pilsensee is always worth a trip. Very nice.

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    • 20 febbraio 2021

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Posizione:Regione dei 5 Laghi di Starnberg , Starnberg, Alta Baviera, Baviera, Germania


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